• uninstall CM Security 08-21

    I CM Security on my phone, it but can not remove it. Would be nice if you could tell me how. thank you --answer-- If you do not get "clean" uninstall it helps without root privilages servant probably only a reset to factory settings. Then, howev

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  • crossie road 06-09

    In the beginning, since this hipster choice and makes even a picture. Is that such a type stores behind all of the images or is that just as a fake Flash? --answer-- you nothing happens :) keep playing, the game is addictive! That's just fake, which

    Tags: Games, Apps
  • No more Apps for Spotify? 02-08

    Hi everyone! I've been using for a long time Spotify, in the premium version, also had many apps and now I'm on Spotify and the tab "My Apps" just disappeared. I have absolutely no chance of accessing the apps, yet they look somewhere and reinst

    Tags: Problems, Apps, Spotify, Spotify Apps +
  • Cool app iphone 02-07

    Heii Seeking an app when you can change the design. The gibts only for Apple. I do not mean Cocoppa! In the app I mean, you can for example change the color of the bars above and specify that you do something special to unlock. Thanks in advance ?? -

    Tags: iPhone, Apps
  • (Commercially) use IMDb data 12-17

    Hi, I am developing an app that needs to access a movie database. would be Offer of course, at best, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), but I'm not very smart from what is now legally allowed and what is not. From the FAQs from IMDb to the question:

    Tags: Apps, Film, law, software, website, copyright, right + Software
  • Problemeee with my phone ..... 08-31

    I have been almost half a year Huuuawei phone. It's great to get along well with clear and everything is top. There is however a problem. I can download any apps. Every time comes then "not enough space". Here I have a lot of disk space. And the

    Tags: Music, Help, Problems, Apps, mobile + Help, Handy
  • Apps install itself ?! 07-23

    Hello, Since 2 weeks I have now the Alcatel onetouch Hero and am actually very happy. However, a few days ago I got the following message: "Android is updated" and including then was something of applications are launched. When I went Manage Set

    Tags: Android, Mobile, Apps, Smartphone, Android Smartphone +, Alcatel, jelly bean
  • 2 Activate temple run hat 06-04

    hey people in temple run 2, there is the task to activate a hat, but how do you do that? I hope you can help me. --answer-- You have for a complete set of artifacts have together ^ - ^

    Tags: Games, Apps, temple run 2, temple run, Apps + temple run
  • Shows on the phone 04-01

    Does anyone know an app for Android where you can look series? So cool series like PLL or so. In German, if possible even versionem in English with German subtitles, that would not be but so important. So far I have only found as Comic Scheiss ... --

    Tags: App, Apps, Series, App + Apps
  • there are few apps? 01-05

    Hello, there are apps where man can scan his arm and his real looks poor? --answer-- Huh? For your real arm enough stinknormale eyes. Do you think an X app? Called eyes.

    Tags: Apps, Play Store
  • Hearthstone Smartphone 01-04

    I wanted to ask when the smartphone release is from the Game Hearthstone --answer-- the developer my start of 2015 but not accurate

    Tags: Gaming, Apps, Smartphone, hearthstone, Apps + Smartphone
  • Apps with packs like fifa 01-02

    Is there in any app packs that you can open like fifa or so? --answer-- What is it now please ask for ne stupid? Of course, not while there are perhaps other games in the fut but format most include ea and all others are cheap and Schei * e. There fi

    Tags: Gaming, Apps
  • Can download any apps, although 32 GB memory card is available. 03-18

    Hello. I have a question. Whenever I want to download my apps appear "There is not enough space on the device available", although I have a 32GB memory card and it is still as good as empty. I have also all apps that are on the phone memory to t

    Tags: Apps, memory
  • Is younow not a good app or rather? 03-16

    Is that good, so in terms of content? How are there people like that? --answer-- The people there want to make money, the content is a matter of taste YouNow is actually a very funny app! The is I think from 14, many say that there are Pedos it, this

    Tags: Apps, YouNow
  • See other apps which I downloaded? 03-16

    Only respond if you are unsure So PlayStore's tied to the Google Account. And Google Plus I have some friends or family members on my list. This can see, if I review apps or as I review, conversely. But they can also see what apps I invite all down i

    Tags: Apps, Google, Play Store, Google Play Store
  • Whatsapp Online Status for 1 person hide? 03-16

    Hello everybody Can you at Whatsapp on Android adjust so that 1 person's online status can no longer see? because since yesterday I see from a contact only ONLINE or anything. On my business phone but everything works without problems ..... ?? --answ

    Tags: WhatsApp, App, Android, Android + app, Apps, Smartphone
  • Do you have some good games Apps for mobile phones? 03-16

    Find new games apps for my phone I hope you can give me a few good apps :) --answer-- pou, banana kong, bounce ball, trollface quest, subway surfers, temple run .. undso: 'D Have you ever Clash of clans, is in fact a very good app and is in Play Goal

    Tags: Games, Mobile, Apps, Tips, Games + Tips
  • Create a new Apple ID, retain old data 03-16

    Hello everybody. I would like to create a new Apple ID. Since my old, that was not with the security issues and now I can not buy anything more with my new Iphone because I can not description Complete the security issues. Now for my question: if I m

    Tags: Music, iPhone, Apps, Download, buy, AppStore, iTunes, security question, AppleID, buy iPhone +
  • I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 and can download me any Apps 03-16

    I want to load a local app have no more space. Link2sd I can not load also because it always stops at half load. How do I get it to move toward the card apps on SD? --answer-- Manage Applications - - Setting - Applications click an app - Move to SD c

    Tags: Apps, sd card
  • How can you find out if an app works in a mobile phone? 03-15

    Hi I want to buy myself a new phone, but I do not know which. So I try to find out whether there is a mobile phone with which I can use different apps. The APPs would Kickerstar (Soccer Star), World of Tanks Blitz, PokerStars, TeamSpeak and Skype. Is

    Tags: App, Mobile, Apps, App + Apps



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