• as I feed in march best to for carp? 04-13

    go fishing Ichwill next week and do not know how to bait up and what bait should I use. Please help me! --answer-- So if you wish to bait up properly, then you drive every day to the same spot as long at least 2-3 days and will some handful of corn i

    Tags: fishing, bait
  • Shads with slot 03-07

    Why do some rubber fish at the bottom of a slot? What is in there for a hook? (Baltic Sea) --answer-- Firstly, here attached a fear Drilling, secondly, the lure can be pimped even where the angler uses a glow stick or a rattle here to additional opti

    Tags: bait, shad, Saltwater fishing
  • Dogs bait in the bushes, what can I do? 02-06

    Our dog sniffed earlier in the bushes and ate something there .. I went and saw dog food lying there with sawdust and any liquid? Flies were .. it Is perhaps a dog bait? What shall we do now ? --answer-- Let's hope for your dog, it was not a toxic ba

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, bait, Dogs, pets + dog poisoning, poisoned bait, bait dogs
  • Catch any fish! 11-07

    Hey guys, I'm 15 years old and have since Üner half a year a fishing license. My problem is that I'm starting any fish. I go to the Ruhr (My home waters), I go to Sorpe, I'm going to Möhne, I even go to the trout pond, but I've never had contact with

    Tags: fishing, Fish, Tips, assembly, bait, fishing + fish
  • Does anyone at a three week trekking holiday in Sweden a fishing this had? 10-24

    Hello I Mans next year for 3 weeks after Sweden down only with backpack and a friend. And bag noodles eventually no longer tasty, I would like to go fishing suburb did anyone ever experience made something? --answer-- Hi, We did this in Norway. I thi

    Tags: fishing, Sweden, Backpack, bait, trout, reel, wilderness, backpack + Sweden
  • catch Sly mouse 09-09

    We are slow to despair. Have since Christmas ne mouse in the kitchen which begin with, there is nothing (Nutella, cheese, bacon) covered the good Mouse trap function not really in the mouse. Perhaps someone has ne secret weapon? Thanks for any tip --

    Tags: Mouse, trap, bait, trap bait +
  • Trout Bait? Advice! 08-10

    Hello I go tomorrow trout fishing. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Sunday and I do not know where I get maggots. I have at home a little meat, corn, ham unsw. What would you take me maggots recommend? --answer-- Record maize but tasting small spinners wit

    Tags: fishing, bait
  • Boilies make himself: Better Distrust of Specialists? 07-07

    If you make boilies themselves, more balls come out actually, as in many a package from the Specialists. But the geauso good or I would rather soltle the boilies from the Specialists trust? --answer-- What you sell it, you can even produce and much a

    Tags: bait, fishing boilies, boilies + bait
  • What bait do I nhemen? 06-22

    I un my girlfriend want to later go with us fishing top water pond in a near and I do not know what I should take as nöder because we have no real lure here I could only corn or so take a few ideas would be really great :) Thanks in ahead! --answer--

    Tags: fishing, bait, angling, fishing bait
  • Farcry 4 bait throw-which key 06-08

    HI! with which key you can take a bait? --answer-- suppressive T, before you need but first collect bait ..... if it was not going to t, then MMT ... go to the key assignment (on pc), or on the console or digital instructions psysische man .... go yo

    Tags: bait, farcry 4
  • How could mount a bait fish? 05-12

    Hello everyone pike angler, I would soon go fishing on pike and indeed with bait fish, there are 2 methods either pose or because what would you recommend? (There is a small lake) I would pose like better, but I see this evening yes nichz more and kn

    Tags: fishing, lead, night, Lake, bait, Posen, predator, roach, pike, angling, fishing + sea, baitfish
  • How to best lures a AAL? 04-24

    --answer-- Eels are omnivores and scavengers, If you film the Blechtrommel know because you see a possibility which is however a bit exaggerated I guess most eels are caught with worm worm bundles or Tauwürmern, but also fish. Every angler swears by

    Tags: Fish, bait
  • Which homemade fishing lures is best? 03-04

    Hey, so we are planning again to go fishing, but want to go fishing not only on Wobber but also again on bait. which can make the so themselves, which are really good? Or the classic earthworm? Thanks in advance ;-) --answer-- If you want to go for c

    Tags: fishing, homemade, bait
  • How to get rid of mice attic? 02-08

    Recently scurrying at our mice in the attic around. Lots of noise, tappelt and scrapes often up there. Two mice has already received the mousetrap, but unfortunately there are still some. What could populate the mousetrap? (Except cheese) What drive

    Tags: Mouse, trap, Budget, bait, trap + mouse
  • catch mouse quickly? 01-04

    Hello. Hab are 1 or 2 days a little mouse in the apartment. Exterminator has 3 black drop to put. Had watched earlier. The bait was out and still fall on. Can not sleep already. Please for immediate help. As there have Peanuts reingepackt. Now I had

    Tags: Leisure, Animals, Mouse, bait, mouse + Animals
  • What Fishhook / bait should I use? 08-30

    I go tomorrow Angelb unf'm a total Lys. In the water flatfish, cod and herring live. Which hook (by what bait) should I use it? Thank you :) --answer-- Worms! But which have yet to live

    Tags: fishing, hook, bait, explorers, herring, flatfish, fish hooks, hook bait +
  • Surface bait or not 07-24

    Hello I'm fishing for pike tomorrow, I'll use almost only wobbler are mornings from 10-14 pm surfaces wobbler or normal better? --answer-- Hello, if you again soon want angel pike, then try the next time with these wobblers: http://www.angel-domaene.

    Tags: fishing, Fish, bait, catch, wobbler, fishing + fishing, pike
  • If the fish in the mediterranean allowed? 07-02

    Hi I am 13 and want to keep on menorcar (island in the Mediterranean) out my angel to water from this water is that allowed? And if so what bait I need to what to go fishing? --answer-- Hello :) I angel all my life in Croatia: D without any permissio

    Tags: Mediterranean, Fish, bait
  • Can I use wasps for bait? 06-15

    If so, how (for example: to kill only) and for which species --answer-- This question forces itself on a currently formally ;-) Unfortunately, wasps my knowledge are just in the larval stage as bait for fishing. But proboer yet access from. A wasp on

    Tags: fishing, bait
  • Cat brings into the house mouse - what to do? 12-15

    Hello everybody! My cat brought me a live mouse home, which is something normal to me and basically does not hurt much. Normally I start a mouse and dismiss them into the open again. Now is this time, unfortunately, a bit different: the mouse has the

    Tags: cat, Mouse, bait, persecution, elicit



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