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  • Cool ideas: 18ter Birthday 12-06

    Hey guys, My buddy celebrating his 18th birthday in early April. It's all planned, (space, drinks, etc.) Just him and me it seems somewhat standard moderately, just to drink and "only" to celebrate. are expected about 50 people who are 16-20 yea

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  • Gift for birthday (18) 08-24

    Gee girls what would you wish you for the 18th birthday of your brother --answer-- So most of all that they spend the birthday with me and simply there are. It would give me a gift already rich when planning the celebration and organize everything or

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  • 18ter Birthday Bumper 09-29

    Hello everyone out there, I will soon be 18 and wanted to ask you how you would you decide. So my parents think that I have to decide between car and Party. What would you take? --answer-- With a car to get to any party, take the car! You can also na

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