• Dog sleeps with us Help: (((((((((( 03-14

    So my girlfriend for few days on holiday and while their dog is with us my problem he is missing you very much and is always in front of the balcony windows in hope that she comes, he does not eat much and is sad have no experience with dogs my imagi

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  • u torrent help for me 03-08

    have u downloaded torrent me and I know not what to do because --answer-- For no reason you will you certainly have not downloaded the program. If so, this program will allow you to load torrents and / or seeding. with u torrent you can doe torrents

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  • Love and so what ... ._. 02-22

    So I would like to eig.voll a friend (relationship) but actually I'm not really ready to start a relationship ..?! I am 13 & well my friends had her first boyfriend with 11/12 but I find my friends were never really together ... Although they had a f

    Tags: Love, Friends, blah, blah + Friends
  • Search cake boxes .... 02-09

    So I've been looking all the time to Pie boxes, boxes, boxes blablabla ... knows you a page where you could that in the sense of buying approximately 35x35x15cm? clearly I have found them but unfortunately were too expensive. : / Need namely best ove

    Tags: Ebay, buy, blah
  • Hab for days headache 01-13

    I have for days headache, a headache tablete I've already taken but that does not go away. What could I still tuhen? --answer-- Hey :) You have to drink a lot and to rest when you sit in front of the PC or TV, which is even worse! Go sometimes to fre

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  • Bin 13 and would like to color / tint my hair 12-31

    Hii, I am 13 and my hair would be red-brown of brunette or copper tones / color. I would like to what you say because I'm not quite sure if I should drown or dye my hair at all and if to reddish brown or copper? Thanks in advance. LG. Jana --answer--

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  • Hey I'm looking for some nice English words with the T Start best with meaning! ;)? 12-21

    --answer-- Time ~ Time Talisman ~ a good luck charm Tintinnabulation ~ Tinkle Hello, I like: titbit, titmouse, thingamabob, thingamajig, triangle, tantamount, tantalizing, tongue, trout, tambourine :-) AstridDerPu tenacious; tautology; technology; te

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  • Mir fählt it damn hard to find a girlfriend 11-22

    I'm never there where pretty girls are, I do not trust myself to strangers reach out man I am 19 and I have never had contact 0 to girls in my neighborhood !! That hurts somehow in the heart, I do not know why but somehow I need it. This shit needs .

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  • --Bläh-Bauch-- 11-20

    I have often. Steady state abdomen a flatulent and have already tested if I react to something alergisch because everything was negative. What can be the blah belly? --answer-- Wrong diet? You eat too fast? Have you been to the doctor, except for all

    Tags: belly, blah
  • PS 3 where you get them the cheapest new 11-04

    --answer-- In any case in an online shop! In charging electronics will cost considerably more money. In business how much the price is Look at as are the cheapest prices When second-hand shop.

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  • Kik Messenger does not want to join ?! 08-26

    Go kik with you not ?? --answer-- For me it works flawlessly: -0

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  • Sparkasse banking online login? 08-18

    I got me a online banking done, but I can not see my account balance? How does the what should I do? As it stands there are no accounts exist? How does it work --answer-- I think the computer system needs a day for processing. That could be the reaso

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  • Bloating why is it? 07-03

    Hi I'm on despair, I unzwar've been single pair months meteorism although I am quite thin, I'm feeling simply uncomfortable with it and do not know why that is always when I eat: whatever it is I get a bloating as I get that away? --answer-- Is it be

    Tags: belly, blah
  • How do you find the shoes LeutzZ ..? 06-12

    ^ --answer-- Not nice. I'd not buy it to me I do not say anything more. But is your taste, as others see it better. I love the not so hot, but everyone has their own taste. LG what's that hahahaahah

    Tags: Shoes, blah
  • irgentwelche photo studios in berlin? 05-12

    Hi! I find a good photo studio in berlin where I can do my internship? it must not be umbedingt fashion photos, but I do not want to just learn from my internship how passbild photos makes ... irgentwelche ideas? btw. I am 14 and my internship is 2 w

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  • Which of the films mentioned here excites most provoking and 04-06

    do you think is best? Schindlers List Forrest Gump American History X I can not decide which one to watch xD --answer-- Gump I would also underline and choose one of the other two. I like forrest gump only much there was not thinking :)

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  • Why look at me girl always on? 03-20

    So I have often noticed that I look at girls. I will not say that I am the top hot guy, am an ordinary boy ^^ now. Eg in the subway I board it, sat down later rises few stops a girl a (14-16 years) sitting a little further back and looked at from tim

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  • What is this plastic tape that the police use to arrest? 02-21

    Standing on top. : D --answer-- You will not believe it, but the take for years simply "cable tie". Is cheap, shut quickly and not to open easily, except with a sharp knife. lg Lilo The call cable ties and they are also available as reusable get

    Tags: police, handcuffs, blah
  • Up to what time work with 15? 01-28

    Hello, until which one must work with 15? (Time of day) in internship thanks for reply --answer-- That you can read in youth employment law: What time I do not know but the maximum working time is 8 hours i

    Tags: work, Time, Internship, Youth Protection Act, blah, internship + time



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