• Thicker belly despite weight loss: o 10-11

    Hello! I have taken lately 2kg with sport. However, I noticed that has become somewhat plumper my belly, anstat to be flat? What's happening? Since I am very small (for my age) are 2 kg quite a lot. I do not understand. --answer-- Your abdominal musc

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  • I'm sick ... help 09-05

    As I got out of the pool today I had atemnot.dann I saw only white and could not hoeren.nach single pair min burned my body. He who very hot. What I had .. --answer-- Chlorine allergy?

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  • Comical soft part of the body on the belly of the cat? Heart? :( 08-16

    Mir has recently noticed that when you pet my cat on the abdomen, so you can feel a soft part of the body. In my other cat that is not so. It is under the left paw. So where in people's heart is. I know this is not normal is that the body part out ex

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  • Big belly despite healthy diet & tägichen Sport 03-04

    Hi, I want to lose weight and do for 3 weeks regularly 30-40 minutes Sport (situps, crunches, ...). I eat about 1400 kcal and healthy and varied. I drink 1.5 liters of water. I am 172 cm tall and weigh 57 kg. But I simply do not buy! My arms look lik

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  • weighing error 02-28

    Hello people you can help me please reply i am 12 and 1.52m tall and weighing only 36 kg, is that bad --answer-- No that is fully normal. Especially in the developmental phase. I myself am slightly larger and weigh just 2-3 kg more: D You're lying, a

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  • figure more left than right 02-08

    So I left more "bacon" as a right. Law are clearly visible hip bones & left only dimly. One girlfriend goes the same way. Why is it and what can you do? Thank you in advance :) --answer-- Hi Suse! The growth is genetically controlled and wil

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  • Voice goes away again ... what to do? 01-20

    It is already jetz SSIT several months so that my voice simply goes away, although I have not caught a cold or am like that. When I caught a cold it's even worse. I've also often listed as a scratchy voice and my throat feels completely dry, so I no

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  • Strange noise in joints 01-11

    Hello, I have in my shoulder joint sometimes when moving a strange noise so a squeeze of water as if saliva moving in mouth. What lies that? If the ground is dangerous? --answer-- So basically one at joints: as long as you do not have pain or joint s

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  • Joint bags broken or bruised? 11-10

    Have boxed not even 5 minutes before a wall. Did they probably caught wrong because I now have a spongy bump on the middle finger joint have on the other side I have something like a slight numbness. Light blue under the skin. what could that be ? Th

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  • I have now eaten average or too much for my size? 10-09

    Dear Community.Ich wanted to ask you if that is too much what I ate (I'm male, am 14 years old, am about 170 cm tall and weigh 52Kg.Also my question is whether I have eaten too much today (esse otherwise never so much) .Today morning 2 loaves covered

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  • want to start work with, but how? 10-04

    Hi, I am 14 years old and 1.62 tall. I would like to get shoulders broad and überhauptein little train (but not only torso) .What is reasonable with 14 years? What exercises (without device) can I do? Have a nice jogging track and 2 dumbbells for dis

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  • Does the normal for you from? 10-03

    Hello CM, because I had a question, and may look for you my belly normal from? Short information: I have begun to decrease last year since April and have now 34 kilos lost weighed at the beginning of 113 and now I weigh 79 kilos. I also feel well, bu

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  • Ask the Fitness Body goal achievable as hardgainer? 09-27

    Namely, my idol Aamir Khan, as in Dhoom is my dream body. Only I do not know because I start soon with training - if I can reach it at all. I think I'm hardgainer because I'm rather thin and barely increasing. From the height I'm just like him. Can y

    Tags: training, body, fitness, fitness + Training, Aamir Khan
  • tinker complicated body 09-27

    Hello everyone. One can build a cube made of paper. Does the Internet also instructions difficult bodies. This should be no animals or that. It should be mathematical body. thank you --answer-- look at times the internet for Platonic solids. There is

    Tags: Leisure, body, Paper, crafts, tinker + Body
  • I stink after "dog" ?! 08-11

    Hi, So first to me. Bin 18, Female & shower every day. Whenever I'm out, I'm starting to stink. But not by welding or so, but as if I had not showered for weeks. So when I was living on the street. (I can not describe so well) So quite disgusting. If

    Tags: Hygiene, Health, Girl, body, women, medicine, depression, girls + Medicine
  • why do you let water 07-17

    Hello dear community, I have a eigtl meaningless question, although it interests me: D you know the phenomenon? you sit on the couch, still does not have to go pee, you go to the kitchen, to give something to drink, or just turning the faucet on and

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  • Figured be until summer 03-19

    I does not get around the weight .... I (15, j) will simply return a normal body: D Lg ImAskingHere --answer-- Go jogging makes it thin legs and you burn fat. Dan I was advise you not so Spot dvd to make because you have to build up and your body loo

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  • stabbing headaches at various head areas 12-18

    Hey, I've long been such a strange headache, usually in skull cap portion at the back or closer to the end, often times at the sides. I've long wondered what it is but as it was quite bearable and my parents anyway but I thought should I remove a lit

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  • As the kidney controls the water and salt balance? 11-27

    does anyone know how the kidney controls the water and salt balance? It's been a Bio Homework :(

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  • Asumate 20 and antibiotics 11-27

    Hello. Does anyone of you, .OB the anti-baby-pill asumate 20 of antibiotics is influenced (in my case Cotrim forte)? I searched in the SPC of TWO but NOTHING found ...; ( --answer-- It's best to ask the doctor who has prescribed the antibiotic you. A

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