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  • A medium-sized dog breed 08-12

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a means Great breed. Medium means to me about (from) 30cm-45cm. I live in a small village, that we have enough dirt roads, meadows or appropriate way to go for a walk. Danke schon msl for all the answers in advance :)

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  • Black Forest Horse blaze 06-26

    Hey, I about the breed Black Forest Kaltblüter / foxes. I know that there are mostly foxes or dark foxes with light mane and on Wikipedia, I have also seen, but if you look at the pictures, there all have a blaze. Does a Black Forest have or is not m

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  • as is the breed, knows a? 06-12

    --answer-- I tap also au German Jagdterrier ... maybe not rasserein .... Connect with a hunter on who is familiar with the breed and can give you a few tips which ... you'll need them to ... this breed really belongs only in experienced hands. I woul

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