• Gibts the Gumpert Apollo yet? 12-28

    Hi, I wanted to ask if any jemend know if the Gumpert Apollo is still under construction? I only heard that the company now is insolvent and has 2014 presented the explosives. D: I think the Apollo just awesome and would be glad if someone knew wheth

    Tags: Sports, Car
  • Boxes for Fiat Panda Yr. From 2004 12-23

    Moin, because I want to buy a new radio for my Panda (sony mex-n5000bt), I also want the same buy new boxes. Wanted to install only forward new. What would you recommend and which fit all. Have you already times inquired on Amazon and actually I woul

    Tags: Music, Car, Radio, boxes, speakers, chassis, Fiat, Auto Radio, Panda
  • Road Trip 4 weeks WITH or WITHOUT dog 12-22

    Hello you, I plan back in August a European tour through Italy, Greece, Albania, Croatia and then to Switzerland. I have my little since 2 years and I would not miss him. He likes to drive a car and has no problem for a long time to stay in his box.

    Tags: Car, travel, Dog, dog travel +
  • dog-auto-box 12-15

    needs a dog specially a box or you can also harness fastened to the seat belt, if you want to take the dog car? --answer-- This goes both. Both are possible - is important that the dog is secured. One can also have a dog in the trunk without Box acco

    Tags: Car, Dog, dishes, Box, box + dog
  • Car mercedes clk 10-18

    hello I do not know exactly what to buy me for a clk. 200 Koppressor or rather a 6zylinder ?? Greeting norbert3830 --answer-- Hello Norbert, I personally find all well and preserved, it depends on the on what you expect. In everyday life, the 200 eas

    Tags: Car, Car Buying
  • Dog Belt or Grid? 08-25

    Hei love mean. I would even take a question regarding dog in the car. Is there any regulation from when the dog is no longer allowed to ride on the seat belt? But in the trunk with grid? Thanks in advance --answer-- The dog must be easily secured in

    Tags: Car, Dog, Control, dog control
  • Dog is afraid to Silvester! 08-16

    My dog ​​has huge fear of Büller. Dueses year we go to a different place and I want and will bleiden with him in the car! Now my question knows her tips as I can calm him down? Thanks in advance LG Acaro2003 --answer-- Hello Acaro why you want to jus

    Tags: Car, Animals, fear, Dog, New Year, Emotions, Dog + animals pop
  • run with alongside motoring and the dog .... 07-20

    Dear Community, Today I went for a walk at night at dusk a while with my dog, on a dirt road. I saw an SUV is gebrettert at high speed and with full engine running on the Opposite way, it sounded as if he would start a car race. Afterwards Rennend an

    Tags: Car, Dog, walkies, responsibility, dog + responsibility
  • 35kw remove motorcycle throttle, itself possible or not? 03-07

    Hi, I have a Kawasaki Er6n 2009 Bj. And so I jetz a 35 kW reactor in it, I want this but next season again remove because I no longer have to drive throttled. now my question I must then again to typify or reichts when I rausbaue themselves and the a

    Tags: Leisure, Car, Motorcycle, Kawasaki, Car + Motorcycle
  • Accident bike did everything right 03-06

    I had an accident with a cyclist. I gave him not seen when turning. Where is flown through it on my hood. I stopped immediately and I've asked. Have asked if everything is io with him and his bike. He said all good. Wodrauf I asked him if he need any

    Tags: Car, accident, traffic accident, accident + accident
  • Is this ad from this VW 1.9 Tdi well? 01-15

    Hello, I know, unfortunately, with cars not so good, phoned him and the car is achtfachbereift, with according to him still good profile. I have arranged a visit to the morning, the price of this car is ok? http: //

    Tags: Car, Car Buying, Cars, car buying car +
  • Laterally flashed? 12-11

    Dear friends, I have a question. My uncle has a car for sale and about 2 weeks ago came a man who wanted the car test drive, since my uncle has to stay in his shop he let this person alone test drive. Then today I received a letter to my uncle where

    Tags: police, Car, Phone, taxes, Driver's license, Blitzer, flashed license + tax
  • Hey :) anyone knows whether the hoonigan store shipped to Germany? 12-11

    Whether standing in America Store shipped to Germany --answer-- Yes, in any case, have been many times what ordered jadoch is depending on the shipping more costly to Germany how much you order at once, and there are several shipping specials, depend

    Tags: Sports, Car
  • seat leon year built 2002 12-10

    hi in my seat must be excluded from the passenger door ... anyone knows how I can get this done, that car just like any other must draw only 1 time times the handle pull at each other door 2 before it opens? : D mfg deltarrr --answer-- check the door

    Tags: Car, vehicle, Door, vehicle + door
  • but driving test were problems with highway / motor roads 11-27

    Hello, I have today my driving test (normal car) passed. My problem is that I drive on the highway or on the B (dual carriageway), when a slow car or truck with only 70/80 km / h in front of me, which like as slow after driving (of course with a suit

    Tags: Car, driving license, driving school, driving school license +, highway
  • Label license plate 11-19

    Hello, wanted to know if it has something to say that the license plate lettering looks different in two vehicles of the same model year and the same type. I mean the two plaques that indicate where the vehicle comes and when the next inspection is d

    Tags: Car, vehicle, different, license plate, vehicle license plate +
  • Which car can you recommend me as a dog car? 11-15

    We are mom, dad, child and two German Shepherds. We want to establish ourselves in the next year a new used vehicle! The dogs should ride in a cage with. we are still undecided about the budget. There should be a dog car, I think that it should not b

    Tags: Car, Dog, family, Cars, family + dog
  • Seeking ride located posts for a dog 10-20

    Hello I'm looking for a car sharing for a dog of schwerin to Koblenz or neuwied Thanks in advance --answer-- which is negotiating thing. you are giving too little info -soll the dog ride alone or are you doing? the dog has a a transport cart or ewerd

    Tags: Car, Dog
  • As the dog jumps into the trunk? 10-17

    I think an SUV is too high for a dog, he may as bad jump in, but a combination is deeper. Can you put a blanket in the cargo area of ​​a station wagon, so he strikes jumps or he could slip on it? --answer-- If the dog wants (and you know him for:. B

    Tags: Car, Dog, kombi, dog + kombi, stow
  • What are called these traffic signs? 03-16

    Hello people I am to despair. In my case the following traffic signs on the road and I would like to know the exact definition because I find nothing in Google. Next photo: I always park betwee

    Tags: Car, Sign, street, Traffic Sign, shield + street



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