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  • labrador shepherd dog mix and a cat? 04-23

    Hey guys and although I have a small cat so she's been 1 1/2 years old but it is small and I was asked if I can take a labrador shepherd dog mix ... So now the problem is that I do not like it at this mixture looks with the hunting operation and whet

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  • Watch Dog and cat together? 04-13

    Hello first I want to buy a cat but already have a dog and wanted to know if that fits together? --answer-- With a lot of patience and understanding for the animals it is quite possible that understand dog and cat. Our Border Collie mixed breed and t

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  • I want a dog (mini zwergspitz) 03-25

    Hi I want to have a dog, and although a Mini but zwergspitz my mom says she does not see it a she always goes in the walk early and we do not have a cat they get along? What should I do ?? Because I have told you just need to go in the morning and in

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  • Cat ownership and dog ownership 08-16

    I have 2 questions asked - even for dog ownership without other dogs and even cats for entertainment without conspecifics. Not because I want to buy a dog (or two) or cat (or two) to me, but because it was something noticed. Apparently it really seem

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  • Cat stinks from the Po 06-21

    Good day, have gained a second kitten me months ago 1 1/2. They called Mia and is now about 4-5 months old. Mia can be related to their bowels somehow not behave. She has between some exaggerated time diarrhea and generally stinks her feces properly.

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  • what to do if my hangover not snuggles 05-07

    Hello my hangover was formerly mega cuddly. Meanwhile is ER already 1 year and cuddles now almost extinct. What should I is not yet neutered --answer-- Leave him alone. Cats are obstinate. If he wants to cuddle, he comes to you. may urge you n

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  • Cat meow and I do not know why / or "cat language"? 01-08

    My 1 1/2 year old cat has now settled in well and is obviously quite happy with his new surroundings and me. He eats, drinks, plays rages around and cuddles like. I do not understand only sometimes Gemaunze. Bowls are filled, the water is ready, toys

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  • My hangover is more like a guard dog? 12-30

    Alsoo we have 2 hangover both 7y.o. and a cat 6 years old of a hangover is a bkh and follows me everywhere even with the bad when I bathe or go to loo ... if I'm in the bathtub, he lies down on relaxed the toilet lid but when he hears a noise he is t

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  • Cat growls and hisses "no" reason why? 11-08

    Hey guys The hangover from my friend's 3 years old, can get in and out as he pleases, caressed, gets any food, get love and affection, but two snakes has no "competition" .. So as I see it, he should be happy and satisfied. For about 2 months it

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  • Familiarization of cats 02-18

    Hey guys I have a 12 week old cats placed me baby, now eat my 5 year old cat no longer, does not go to the toilet and avoid / running away from the small path .... Need urgent advice ... or is the normal? ... Is now since 2 days so ... --answer-- Eve

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  • Order online deworming for dog and cat 11-08

    Hello, have about 2 years ago in Holland online very cheap deworming - ordered prescription broadband for dogs and cats. Unfortunately I can not find the Internet address. White also means that it was not because betellt check quantities and packed u

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  • hauskatze kauskater 03-15

    My hangover scrapes tend to be at the head and is often in the sink. --answer-- Suspect you there any connection? Den I may not recognize. When a cat is strikingly often scratched, I would tap as most likely for parasites, fleas. Since it does not co

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  • Kater dead-when a new? 03-15

    Hey, as you can read in one of my other questions, my ︝Katerchen got run over ... until they said I should never get a cat, but now something my parents did umgestimmt.Meine question is, at what point you again to a set it kann.Ist better only over i

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  • Breed wanted! 03-15

    --answer-- This is a Thai ..Siamesen have her head ... Please make sure if you want such a hollen you that she is from Reputable breeders! you ernlennst fact that the kitten always papers / have pedigree and parents have been examined for hereditary

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  • Katzee urine 03-14

    Hello I have a cat and she is 6 months old and I are yesterday noticed horrible enough, they always urinated into the outlet: O I find this super dangerous electricity throughout the home goes out. I have now made this Sprsy what the cats hate but th

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  • My cat scratched my precious bed - what should I do? 03-14

    My precious bed suffering from the violence of my scratch-addicted cat. So what should I do? --answer-- If you do it with water spray as blumenzerstäuber .. Otherwise deal you much with it because cats quickly look for something if they're bored Did

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  • How strong is the smell of a cat? 03-13

    For example, if a cat would sniff everything outside the house (also front door mat, etc.) and then a few kilometers would be removed, if necessary, a few days would be gone, how long they could keep the smell in Memory and could immediately the way

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  • strange discovered supplement 03-13

    complement --answer-- Could a tick or a tumor be

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  • Which cereal is in 03-13

    Aldi-Süd-dry cat food Senior High Premium? Please just answer the question ... no further ado, I know myself well. Thank you ;-)) --answer-- if not exactly on the package on the outside, which is cereal contained, but only in general crop is on it, t

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  • Cat on the belly furminieren? 03-12

    Since my cat very haart, I treat them 1 time per month with the FURminator on the back and tail. Also on the stomach is very bristly and I wonder if you can treat them at this point? Or is the belly too sensitive for the treatment and there is this p

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