• Dog and parquet floor? 11-08

    Hello, our daughter wants so much a small dog or a cat. But we have the whole house new parquet floor - waxed oiled! Cats can indeed move their claws, what about the dogs? Scratching the not the parquet? Friends of ours have laminate (but sealed) and

    Tags: scratches, Dog, house, cat, parquet, ground, house + Cats
  • Dog, cats, rabbits 11-03

    Hello, So we have two rabbits in a large barn outside. A female and a male. We also have 4 cats .. who can not come to the rabbit. The cats are half the day out and about and usually sits in my bed or is somehow all the time around me. My little sist

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, Rabbits, cat, dog + cat
  • Can you have a hangover and a dog as a pet along? 10-15

    Hello, I have a hangover, he is persair and I wanted to have a bulldog fetch (Puppy) and now I want to know if I can both together have as a pet? --answer-- persair? this is mal ne creative spelling. what you have there is a Persian. and since you do

    Tags: Pets, Dog, cat, pets cat +
  • Dog or cat for my friend? 10-08

    My friend would like a pet, but can not decide if prefer a dog or a cat. Since he works from home, he would have enough time. What experience do you have with the animals and what can you recommend? As well, they can be educated and what are the resu

    Tags: Pets, Dog, cat, pets cat +
  • Dog and cat stress.! 10-06

    I got a dog today. Unzwar I have 2 cats and the two zoffen itself. Felix, my cat has attacked Capri (dog). Ih'm really afraid that it will be worse. Ask for help! --answer-- Time - time and again time - patience and a raised seat for the cats then do

    Tags: Help, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • Katz & Dog ?! 09-14

    Hi I'm new here and I have an important and urgent question ... So och have at home a 4 year old domestic cat. She is rather shy, but when we come and sit down to cuddle and lie with us. I wish now for 10 years a dog, my family agreed finally. But th

    Tags: Pets, Dog, cat, pets cat +, merge
  • Dog makes in the apartment, help! 09-11

    hi i have a question and a large out the her I might help. and although I have a problem with my little dog. it's a Chihuahua jack russel mix and ca now a half a year old. from the beginning he has given me in the apartment and I have really tried ev

    Tags: Dog, puppy, cat, Dog training, cat + puppies
  • At 2 cats we want to take a dog from a shelter! 09-01

    Hello everyone. We have 2 cats, a Carthusian (7) and a Maincoonmix (2.5), now we have seen a small Havanese (dog) at the shelter, were already walking and want this also be a place in our home. Now the question: How do you bring the three together wi

    Tags: Dog, cat
  • Kater missing dog or at something else? 08-23

    Eve, So my cat is meowing all the time on, I gave him attention and food and water he has enough. But he meows usually only when he goes to the old sleeping place of our dog. My cat has grown up with the dog, and has understood well with him. Only we

    Tags: Dog, cat, miss, cat + cat
  • Cat and dog good friends?!? 08-22

    Hello. The point is that I would like to buy a map because it was more my desire. But the problem is, unfortunately, the fact that we have a bitch (10years old). To my rabbit (no longer alive) she was loving and initially short problems nothing. In c

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Pets, Care, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • persuade mother dog. (Golden retriever) 08-20

    Hi, I would like to now for many years a dog. Unfortunately, my mother is against it. However, I do not understand why. I have a cat, which means that the dog would never alone. I am doing well in school, to'll take care of my cat, so really could no

    Tags: Pets, Dog, mother, cat, persuade, pets cat +
  • Cat ownership and dog ownership 08-16

    I have 2 questions asked - even for dog ownership without other dogs and even cats for entertainment without conspecifics. Not because I want to buy a dog (or two) or cat (or two) to me, but because it was something noticed. Apparently it really seem

    Tags: Cats, Dog, alone, cat, Cat + cats, artgenossen
  • Comical soft part of the body on the belly of the cat? Heart? :( 08-16

    Mir has recently noticed that when you pet my cat on the abdomen, so you can feel a soft part of the body. In my other cat that is not so. It is under the left paw. So where in people's heart is. I know this is not normal is that the body part out ex

    Tags: body, injury, heart, cat, body parts, cat + injury
  • Cat stinks from the Po 06-21

    Good day, have gained a second kitten me months ago 1 1/2. They called Mia and is now about 4-5 months old. Mia can be related to their bowels somehow not behave. She has between some exaggerated time diarrhea and generally stinks her feces properly.

    Tags: Hygiene, Animals, Cats, Grooming, cat, Cat + cats, Kot
  • Who knows good advice against alcohol hangover and reveals she? 05-23

    Having now begins the highlight of the carnival season, I'm looking for advice against alcohol hangover. Do you know which to cure headaches, lassitude and the queasy stomach the day after? --answer-- Before eating a can of sardines. During the binge

    Tags: Health, Help, psychology, cat, Halloween, Carnival, Health Psychology +
  • Dog is old - cat is unclean context? 05-10

    Hello dear ..... I got a question which is close to my amHerzen because a good friend said this is connected I have a dog - born 5/25/02 Shepherd laprador 65cm 55kg now he has a few problems with the hip sleeps a lot eats little drinking but normal b

    Tags: sick, Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, Veterinarian, dog + cat, unclean, context, litter
  • what to do if my hangover not snuggles 05-07

    Hello my hangover was formerly mega cuddly. Meanwhile is ER already 1 year and cuddles now almost extinct. What should I is not yet neutered --answer-- Leave him alone. Cats are obstinate. If he wants to cuddle, he comes to you. may urge you n

    Tags: Animals, Cats, cat, Cat + cats
  • Is a dog a good playmate for a cat? 03-23

    Hello, I have to buy a cat in front of me and have read that it is better than buying two young cats because a want to get bored alone. I own but even a dog (Bernasenen dog female, very tolerant other animals to but somewhat wild) and wanted to know

    Tags: Pets, Dog, cat, pets cat + spielgefaehrte
  • disappeared 13 years cat since 48 hours !? What to do? 02-12

    Hello, our 13 year old cat has disappeared since Saturday I have already informed me and learn the cats it like to do, BUT our cat is sterilized and is in 13 years never longer than 5 hours away gewessen once you got home was always at the door and w

    Tags: Female, cat, way
  • used dog to jatze 01-21

    Hall together, I have a dog and a cat, I think everyone can imagine the problem. My cat is really very shy and my dog ​​would do her never what they would run away nixht. But once they meet barks my dog ​​and the cat runs away which of course the cha

    Tags: Animals, Dog, cat, dog + cat, Pet



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