• Cat goes to with a bushy tail on dog, what does this mean? 06-04

    The dog is still new in the house and my cat I have from an early age had he has become very bold in recent times and dares recently completely to the dog ran today the two first sniffs times correctly (of course I was there and had everything under

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  • What a pet except dog or cat? 06-01

    Hey, so I have long will have a pet, but do not know which. I once had budgies, but I found it boring. I would also like to have a cat, but my mother does not like the dogs and before I'm afraid. So you maybe would have proposals which are fun and in

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Pets, Dog, turtles, cat, dog + cat, creatures
  • Dog buy three cats 05-27

    Hello my mom and I want us adopt a dog and it all fits but I can have a dog when we have three cats --answer-- I do not qualify for your cat, how are we to tell you on this issue something? I have two dogs and a long time two cats, now is only one. T

    Tags: Cats, Dog, purchase, cats + buy
  • Winking Cat? 05-02

    I am currently in my godparents aunt and two cats. I observed this time and have MCCH asked if cats actually blink, because I have not actually seen it in two. Thank you in advance now Thanks for your answers. --answer-- Quote of this website> Maybe

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Eyes, cat, eyes + cat, Winking
  • socialize from dog & cat? 04-30

    I get to a puppy shi (9 months) soon f. 3 where to care. frauchen was yesterday because sniff with him for mutual, because my cat (6 years) yes would get along with him. first meet was so-so ... dog has never had a cat seen u. my cat never had a dog.

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, socialize, dog + cat
  • labrador shepherd dog mix and a cat? 04-23

    Hey guys and although I have a small cat so she's been 1 1/2 years old but it is small and I was asked if I can take a labrador shepherd dog mix ... So now the problem is that I do not like it at this mixture looks with the hunting operation and whet

    Tags: Cats, Dog, cat, Cat + cats, Shepherd
  • Dog whines constantly .. What to do? 04-14

    I have a dog brought animal shelter from the first to a day to see how he deals with the cat he understands has not become aggressive does not growl or so ... I left my cat katzenbox only in and the dog on a leash so that they can sniff you first for

    Tags: habituation, Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat, animal shelter, whine, hound
  • Watch Dog and cat together? 04-13

    Hello first I want to buy a cat but already have a dog and wanted to know if that fits together? --answer-- With a lot of patience and understanding for the animals it is quite possible that understand dog and cat. Our Border Collie mixed breed and t

    Tags: Cats, Dog, cat, Cat + cats
  • accustom new cat to dog 04-02

    We have brought us yesterday a 4-year castrated cat from the shelter. The cat is terribly shy and just hiding from us. At the shelter itself, he was really sweet, but with us he proposes in advance of its claws and tried to bite. I think this is so b

    Tags: Education, Problems, Animals, Cats, Pets, Dog, cat, Nature, animal shelter, dog + Problems
  • takes a long time to get along hangover? 02-15

    Hello my hangover was're losing his girlfriend pretty sad so I an 8-month-old hangover from the animal shelter brought ... now he's here and he screams my hangover only, but really heavy scream ... I made a mistake and have little taken for a ride an

    Tags: Cats, cat, new cat + cat
  • Cats the musical / film? / Costumes? / General information? 02-01

    Is there of the musical movie ??? In addition, you know something about the costumes or masks? Were they very expensive? Or else did you important information about the item? Thank you for your answers --answer-- Yes there's a movie, go look in the l

    Tags: Cats, Film, information, Musical, Information + Musical
  • Cat limp, sleeps a lot and eats little 01-27

    Hello everybody, my old cat 11monate Isr since Friday something funny. Friday she has eaten normally. It was evening before she was very lazy. On Saturday she even overslept and did not 7 gemauzt POINT after lining. The Saturday has rather little eat

    Tags: Cats, Disease
  • Kater makes me not sleep at night 01-06

    Hi, I have the following problem: I have a young cat, he is about nine months old. However, since a few months he has developed macke me at night to wake up just yet. When I go to bed he lies down next to me at first, and sleep peacefully and after a

    Tags: Cats, Pets
  • Breed dog at Katz Mouse 11-22

    Who is looking at dog katz mouse and can tell me what that was for a breed (which at the Kitten Shooting) Thank you!! --answer-- Either Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cats.

    Tags: Cats, television, Cat food, cat + TV
  • Dog, cats, rabbits 11-03

    Hello, So we have two rabbits in a large barn outside. A female and a male. We also have 4 cats .. who can not come to the rabbit. The cats are half the day out and about and usually sits in my bed or is somehow all the time around me. My little sist

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, Rabbits, cat, dog + cat
  • Dog and cat stress.! 10-06

    I got a dog today. Unzwar I have 2 cats and the two zoffen itself. Felix, my cat has attacked Capri (dog). Ih'm really afraid that it will be worse. Ask for help! --answer-- Time - time and again time - patience and a raised seat for the cats then do

    Tags: Help, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • Cat and dog good friends?!? 08-22

    Hello. The point is that I would like to buy a map because it was more my desire. But the problem is, unfortunately, the fact that we have a bitch (10years old). To my rabbit (no longer alive) she was loving and initially short problems nothing. In c

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Pets, Care, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • Cat ownership and dog ownership 08-16

    I have 2 questions asked - even for dog ownership without other dogs and even cats for entertainment without conspecifics. Not because I want to buy a dog (or two) or cat (or two) to me, but because it was something noticed. Apparently it really seem

    Tags: Cats, Dog, alone, cat, Cat + cats, artgenossen
  • Help! Cats mark throughout the house! 07-04

    We have 2 cats: Leo male and spayed female Jenny and not yet neutered

    Tags: Cats, mark
  • Cat stinks from the Po 06-21

    Good day, have gained a second kitten me months ago 1 1/2. They called Mia and is now about 4-5 months old. Mia can be related to their bowels somehow not behave. She has between some exaggerated time diarrhea and generally stinks her feces properly.

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