• Dog ate chocolate! 10 grams questionable? 08-13

    Hi, our Dachshund Puppy (15 weeks 3 kg) has just a few Puffreisstücken which are coated with chocolate eaten. Have a maximum of 10 grams, the puffed rice withdrawn maybe. 8 On the Internet is that 15 grams in such a tissue layer to vomiting and diarr

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  • Dog ate 100g of chocolate! 06-01

    Hello. My Great Pyrenees (45kg) has just about 100g "noble cream chocolate almond" eaten. Is this dangerous? --answer-- Hi Faby do not drive yourself crazy ... even if it were 100 grams, your dog will not happen much. It was Rahmschokolade. Dang

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  • Does chocolate dog blind? 03-21

    Hello, the girlfriend of my father thought that dogs of chocolate would be blind. Is that correct? And if so, why? --answer-- No, chocolate makes dogs possibly dead. Then they look but also nothing more. Dogs respond to the theobromine in chocolate w

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, blind, blind + chocolate
  • Dog is not chocolate, why? 10-18

    Hello, I wanted to ask why chocolate actually so toxic for dogs and they can die from it even ??? Lg aryalastana --answer-- The chocolate is not poisonous, only the proportion of genuine cocoa contained in it. A dog has already eaten so it is poor, w

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, toxic, toxic + chocolate
  • my friend The dog chocolate gegessn, bad? 09-14

    Hello! Last night we left my friend the dog just an hour alone, the return it has a whole bar 400g chocolate gegessn with 40% cocoa. A few hours later she vomited and was up all night psyched, my friend do not want animal rescue, I have given her onl

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, poison, animal rescue, Gift + chocolate
  • Dog has eaten chocolate help! 08-14

    Hello. My dog ​​has about 3 pieces merci eaten .. She is 11 years old and weighs about 5 kg. Gotta have anxiety about it? (Ps: she behaves normal!) --answer-- I grad times "googled" as I know only for cats, it is toxic and can have little cause

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  • Valentine's Day? : O: '3 05-17

    Aalso. As you all know, is yes soon Valentine ^ - ^ and I just do not know what to give my friend .. I have already considered simple chocolate, but I find not so special, because you can always give it. I hope you understand me .. perhaps something

    Tags: homemade, chocolate, Valentine's Day, homemade Valentine +
  • How much chocolate for dog? 03-14

    My dog ​​has chosen 3 piece of chocolate eaten although that is toxic for him .. Have you considered how much chocolate he may eat until he is bad ??? --answer-- Unfortunately, you write not how big or heavy your dog is and how many grams of chocolat

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, toxic, toxic + chocolate
  • My dog ​​ate cake and further 01-17

    Unfortunately Hello, My 10 year old Bobtail has the ability to open a door to foods. I have seen that he has 500g marble cake and a half-full box of the "nougat bits" eaten. Is this harmful? Lg --answer-- Unfortunately Bobtail has the ability to

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  • Dog drinks half a glass of cocoa 12-30

    Our dog, about 14 kg, has just drunk half a glass of cocoa. The cocoa but has already dropped a little in the glass. What should we do? To the veterinarian? --answer-- No problem, pass the next time simply better hi, Annalovesta, half a glass of coco

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, chocolate, poisoning, cocoa, dog + veterinarian
  • Dog has eaten chocolate cake: / 11-18

    Hello my 1 year old Newfoundland dog has eaten a chocolate cake. Should I to the vet? thank you --answer-- It depends on the quantity. And where are still many other ingredients in it. I now do not believe that at this size what makes it a dog. Would

    Tags: Dog, chocolate
  • What could happen to my dog ​​yet 07-27

    Hi folks I have before about 1 hour or so written that has my dog ​​semisweet chocolate with noble-cocoa eaten from Papua New Guinea. This time the values ​​of cocoa at least 50% Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass (of which 16% fine cocoa), cocoa butter,

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, chocolate, dog + Vet
  • What happens if my dog ​​eats chocolate? 02-26

    My dog ​​has eaten chocolate and I want to know if this is bad bad and if so what to do? I say now ma thank you !! --answer-- What do you have for a dog and he has eaten as much chocolate? This can be fatal. Best directly to the vet. Watch out for po

    Tags: Dog, chocolate
  • Dog of girlfriend has eaten chocolate! 02-14

    The dog of my friend ate 35 grams of chocolate. She has left it quite accidentally :( what they must now tuen ?? --answer-- Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Be careful how he behaves. Emergency vet. The dog ate the chocolate is not so bad, it was not very

    Tags: Dog, chocolate
  • My dog ​​has eaten schockolade! 01-14

    My Dog is a westi of 2 years and he has just one piece of a panel milka eaten. Is that dangerous ??? what should I do ??? I am very concerned because I know the dog from a chocolate poisoning can die. Please answer quickly --answer-- how big the dog

    Tags: Dog, chocolate
  • My dog ​​has gefrssen chocolate 01-08

    Hello, When I came home today I saw that my dog ​​(18kg) ca. 65g Milka chocolate must have eaten with biscuits. It behaves as normal until now. Do I have to the vet or first wait? Lg --answer-- Reputation best in to your veterinarian and ask for. If

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, vet, chocolate + Vet
  • Help! My dog ​​has eaten chocolate! 10-27

    So my / our dog has just eaten accidentally 2 bits of this Ritter Sport marzipan chocolate. So the outside dark chocolate, marzipan inside. All always say that this is totally bad. Is that so? What should I do? What can happen? That was about 2 hours

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  • Taste rice milk chocolate? 03-15

    As rice milk chocolate tastes? Can you compare it to "normal" chocolate? I am talking mainly about how cute she is. I hope you can help me --answer-- I've only eaten rice milk chocolate which was less sweet. Otherwise normal chocolate comparable

    Tags: sugar, chocolate, rice milk
  • Can as the yo-yo effect occur? 03-14

    When morning rolls single pair and 1 table white chocolate, roasted at noon beef with potatoes and evening 7:00 drives 1.5 hours liner, then comes the yo-yo effect? Because in the morning you take then yes the chocolate calories, to get used to the b

    Tags: lose weight, calories, effects, chocolate, jojo, calories chocolate +
  • hey people I have a simple question for you :) how long does chocolate? 03-13

    Have just discovered my Osterschokis who were still completely packed. But Easter's been a while and I do not know whether those cheap chocolate from the Lidl is still edible. Ever grateful for the answer :) --answer-- With us standing on the packagi

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