• Good Gaming Headset with microphone good 05-24

    Hey guys. My headset (Turtle Beach PX21) Is probably gone to the home path of a buddy broken. (I think there is a cable break in the microphone) I mostly Counter Strike - Global Offensive play, I need a microphone and a good headset to communicate wi

    Tags: CSGO, Counter-Strike, gaming headset +, cable break, 100 euros, Counter-Strike + CSGO
  • CSGO laggt extremely 12-27

    since latest update CSGO laggt the game extremely with me. my computer from hp has windows 8.1 64bit, inter core i7-4790 cpu, 3.8GHz. 12 gb ram, AMD Radeon R9 290 Need urgent help have the computer already relaunched. --answer-- Besides playing - 11.

    Tags: Games, computer, CSGO, CSGO + Games
  • Esl katowice Cs: Go 12-26

    Hello people I have. But with the ESL katowice bet and receive a silver medaile are when I get this --answer-- Very soon and completely automatic. Just be patient, it could be today or tomorrow ;-)

    Tags: Steam, CSGO, Betting, CSGO + Steam
  • CSGO Skins with PSC but buy where? 07-06

    Hey guys, Want me 100 € CSGO Skins buy've 4x € 25 codes. Now wanted questions where I can open up ne display or the like so that people with me ... Log Ebay will take too long for me and besides I have the code already .. ^^ --answer-- you want the m

    Tags: Games, Skin, buy, CSGO, CSGO + buy
  • Steam fraudsters question! 07-05

    Today I once again get a friend request to Steam where such an idiot I will write will be with you trading here my link: blablabla. Can one then only be gescamt when as it suppressed or even if one assumes the FA? --answer-- simply ignore such reques

    Tags: Steam, CSGO, scam, Scam CSGO +
  • CS GO which state is better? 03-26

    Hey guys, have ne simple question about CS GO. And which is better Skinzustand: Well-proven or drawn from the fight? Thanks in advance :) --answer-- Well-proven is worth more. Hey, You must you imagine follows. Well-proven: You've used a Five-Seven f

    Tags: CSGO, Counter-Strike
  • Cs go which Knife you will find the most beautiful? 01-16

    I just wanted to ask what knife you find beautiful --answer-- For knife there's also a perfectly normal German word. Photos ??

    Tags: beautiful, CSGO, knife
  • CS: GO Kneivvvv - Tips? 03-16

    Hey, do you have any tips on how the chance that my pulling a knife, rises? PS: The Tip: Do not open crate waste of money ... unfortunately comes too late :)) --answer-- This is pure gambling. can win the chance in the lottery can not increase as you

    Tags: Games, Internet, Internet games, Computers, CSGO, Counter-Strike, Knives, knife, global offensive
  • Steam new Acc. because cs go, help. 03-16

    Hello, I was on my main ACC. in cs go geannt, which also has a basic but also I do not want to talk. I have now a new ACC. made and have to this Acc. the games of my main acc. in it, if I now again cs go get me I'm still banned? And it's normal that

    Tags: Steam, CSGO, CSGO + Steam
  • CS GO Pro Match settings 03-15

    Hello, I have asked that turn me what settings in the leagues, as for example that the bomb goes off after 35 seconds Is there dictate standing somewhere, or is this a esl plugin? --answer-- mp_c4timer sets the Bomb timer) Returns for virtually all n

    Tags: CSGO, ESL
  • Cs: GO where you can buy cases? 03-15

    Hello I am a newbie in CS: GO and would like a few crates buy but where can I buy the boxes ?? I've seen where you can buy the keys but the boxes I do not ask for help --answer-- You can buy them in the market community! You go to Steam on Community

    Tags: keys, boxes, CSGO, crates + key
  • CS: GO Trade scammer? 03-15

    So here the thing, a guy offered me I him my complete inventory give (value approx 8-9 Euro) darfür but he has me in a trade stickers capsule left is from the Trade window following: Steam Guard: Your account will be credited the amount of € 24.58 St

    Tags: CSGO, trade
  • Counter Strike Go, Shooter Skill lost]? 03-15

    been Hey, I've been playing very many years shooter in Crossfire and Counter Strike Source, Esl consistently successful after my clan has dissolved and I had a long break went over to the MMORPG's. Now I play CS GO but now good 600 game time'm just b

    Tags: Games, Gaming, Tips, CSS, CSGO, Counter-Strike, shooter, ESL, please help, skill, Loser, Gaming + Tips, why is it
  • CSGO Which Pc Case Hardened is worth more? 03-15

    I want my Awp Lightning Strike against Ak47 Case hardened Minimal wear exchange, now my question which ak is worth more? Below are two screenshots --answer-- 1st glaubich

    Tags: Skin, CSGO, Case Hardened, ak47
  • Increase stickers the value of a weapon in CSGO? 03-15

    I have a Fiveseven Candy Apple in MW with an iBuyPower Katowice 2014 and LexityComp stickers. If thevalue of the weapon now higher? :O --answer-- Essentially, yes but if someone goes to the community market, he is determined not looking forever for a

    Tags: Steam, computer games, CSGO, CSGO + Steam
  • CS: GO headset Settings / steps Listen 03-15

    Hello, I have a few days to be already the headset Logitech G35 and I'm still not entirely happy with it, since I can not hear so well the Steps of opponents. Now I wanted to ask what you so have the Extended equalizer (the one with the 32; 64; 1k; 4

    Tags: headset, CSGO, hear, step
  • Steam VAC BAN possible for 175 days CS GO skins vk? 03-14

    Hi I got a acc and there is that I can use to market on 11/07 Well but my question is I can the CS GO skins also sell then? I read very often that one is excluded from the market and not vk must there now someone said that it still goes on 11/07 halt

    Tags: Steam, CSGO
  • PC for CS: GO? 03-14

    ? Where the PC for CSGO on average 60-70 FPS (suggestions welcome) https: //m.mindfactory.de/shopping_cart.php/basket_action/load_basket_extern/id/2 ... --answer-- I5 is better and should 8GB RAM you have to gamble already. 4 are already very scarce

    Tags: CSGO
  • Where can I get a Cs Go key for less than 10 euros from? 03-14

    Just find anything hope you can help me thank you --answer-- Hello A7651C, I believe I have the right one for you found. Check out times this page, and search for your desired. https://www.g2a.com/?___store=german MfG Felix. If you helped my answer,

    Tags: key, CSGO
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive - Seeking Account 03-13

    hey I'm looking for an account for Counterstrike Global Offensive! If someone has an account for me, please please tell me about. Thanks in advance --answer-- Simply a new Steam account Create and buy the game in the Steam Store, costs actually even

    Tags: CSGO, search account



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