Depression alone

  • Alone live, no longer bearable :( 10-07

    Hi, I have a problem and ask for help. :( I study at a technical university away from home. I live here alone and on my college are just guys with whom I can as girls do not include proper friendships. My family and friends are as I said get out of h

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  • I feel lonely and sad help .. 07-12

    Hey I do not know where to start .. So I am full of sad I laugh just as soon as I have no friends at school I find it is funny and it just hurts to be alone in the breaks my first year at the school I was full popular at my other school had friends b

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  • How do I recognize a panic attack? / Fear 07-04

    There are for me lately often occurring situations where I question what I wrong with me. Often when I find with alone in open places captures my heart much faster beat. I get total panic and do not know before what. Seeking me then always a wall so

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  • Bin severely depressed want to die ... 06-20

    Hey ... my name is Jamie, I'm 15 and I just want to die. I was until now 3 times in psychiatry, somehow brings me all this but nothing ... I do have a few friends, but no one else wants anything to do with me ... Eigendlich I just want to be like all

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  • School without best friend 08-31

    I like going to school, but only if my best friend also goes, because without them I feel abandoned and alone, even though I have that I also regularly take something and a lot of time to spend with them class friends only always with her. If it is n

    Tags: Friends, depression, loneliness, social phobia, Depression alone
  • I am a living being? 03-26

    What can I do that I'm someone worth something because I know people and as always I have to report me and so and never even my f ... B-day wurd with me expect something but nine I'm nobody's worth am Ps: misspellings matter --answer-- think about yo

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  • Alone and loneliness 08-16

    What can I do against feelings of loneliness. I lost faith in humanity. Bin shy, draw me back and have real problems to friends finden.Kann trust anyone. --answer-- Oh, how I tus. if you believe the have lost in the Meschheit, then it may be you coul

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