Dog barking

  • As I get used from my dog ​​to bark at every sound? 06-01

    My dog ​​is seven years old and anxious in character and nervous. This is also reflected in it again, I think that she snarls due to any noise and barking, which penetrates from the outside to her ear. Night z. B. enough slamming of a car door in est

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  • Tips that my dog ​​does not always barks at other dogs 04-29

    I have a 1! / 2 year-old bitch. Unfortunately, she barks at our Spatziergängen to always other dogs. It does so from uncertainty. She is not aggressive when the dog gets closer she pulls a tail and wants to flee. In humans, they do not bark and dogs

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  • How do I get my dog ​​to bark from to accustom people and dogs? 04-14

    Hi I have a Chihuahua he has always been very fearful of strangers and barked them (trembling and hiding behind me) to when they entered our apartment. Now I moved to my friend in a different city. Since he barks not only at the people who come to ou

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  • Dog night growl-bark 10-12

    Hello, does anyone know why or what it means when a dog growls and barks at night suddenly. Yesterday some middle of the night I took my dog ​​with his growl he awakened was hiding under my bed and got in my room light angemacht..und the next room wa

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  • Dog barks at foreign 08-27

    My Pomeranian (7 months) barks and growls at times strange that meet us on a walk or walking past our garden. Sometimes she barks sometimes growls and sometimes it is very friendly and does not care for them. I fully bind the barking or growling imme

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  • Dog barks suddenly when he is alone! Before, it was no problem! 12-21

    Hello, we have a 7-month-old Labrador mixed breed Weimaraner and he was getting accustomed to being alone, it was never a problem, he was always calm (clear initially had a pair of shoes but turn Faith also has settled) He remained without problems 2

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  • my dog ​​whines and barks when I'm not there 08-23

    Hello, I urgently need a few tips! We are a large family, and live in a "multigenerational", ie in a house with 3 flats. Most of the time is always jmd. Home, a dog must rarely alone stay with us. So our idea was before purchase our bitch. Then

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  • Dog always barks at other dogs 08-06

    Hello, we acquired a Labrador mix colli a known 4 months ago. She is 4 years old and very well educated, she knows generally tends to behave. The only problem is that they are constantly barking out when she sees dogs. then pulls so strongly on the l

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  • The dog barks 08-01

    Hello people, our neighbors have NEN dog I given to the night to take care of him my father is asleep and I'm tired but the dog will not stop barking or whining he wants nirnoch play I do not want that my father is awake ... what I can do please me h

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  • Neighbor's dog barks often! 07-29

    Hey, so the way first. I myself have a dog so I have no problems with other dogs. To my problem. I live with my partner in a house with 8 apartments in total. On the other side of us lives a super nice neighbor with NEM yapping dog. Every time I or m

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  • get dog under control? 07-23

    Hi :) I have a huge problem! I have 2 dogs (Golden Retriever, Labrador mix, both 6) and on the whole, the two real dream dog, however, are a problem, the two: when the 2 see another dog freak total and they can hardly be stopped and calm. They bark l

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  • Two problems with dog! 02-20

    Hello ! I run regularly from a dog! Actually everything runs well (she runs free and listen well to me) but there are two problems yet! The first is that they obviously do not always come but sometimes has better found, for example, what to eat or so

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  • My dog ​​does not listen when other dogs are near 08-22

    I have a 3 year old poodle The problem is when he sees other dogs he rotates through he barks, moves and reacts zero now I am so annoyed them that I consider him simply high take and to eye when I eyes not to think then he scratches .. I tried to dis

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  • Dog, offensive, outdoors. 08-22

    Hi, We have made a pfelgestelle a 3 year old dachshund mixed breed adopted .. Our problem is barking other dogs from quite far to pulling on the leash, we a crazy, he's out another dog! If I then go with him to the dog and it's a bitch is all good ..

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  • Cairn Terrier barking at the fence 01-16

    Opposite our GRUNDSTUECKS 2 York is moved in. Our dog running like crazy to the fence and barks. Currently, we are talking to him. If no action is to be brought into the back of the garden. Has anyone experience. I would like to use no water and comm

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  • My shepherd loving 07-02

    Hello my German Aryan shepherd named Teddy fuckin crazy he is in my garden and barks constantly even though there is none ?? --answer-- The dog spins certainly not. He wants to work and affection. Just a shepherd need a lot of physical and mental act

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  • dogs barking when leaving the apartment 09-10

    Hello, my dog ​​is 2 years and I have him for about 2 weeks. At night and when we are at home, everything is ok and he is no sound. However, when I go to work or evening 3h am in a meeting, told my neighbors that he yelps and barks scratching at derA

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  • Apply Throw Disc 07-06

    Hello, my dog ​​has lately the bay in many situations habit and this I now want to work off again using the throw disc! My questions are how I konditioniere my dog ​​on this disc? And when it rings and comes in the visit and she starts to bark at thi

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  • Jack Russel Terrier barking wean? 06-08

    --answer-- Highly detailed question something I love, how can you give advice. First applies out to find why the dog barks? Fearing insecurity, frustration? Stress? If he wants to call attention to what? That has to be found out, and then you have to

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  • What suggestions you have against dogs barking? 03-20

    Hi Maybe you can help me, I have a HsH and living outdoors has previously barked a lot from 22:00 he went out and from 7am resist out into the garden and on day 2 times gassi he s still for each ..... barked and dan I've following is likely that he o

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