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  • unlearn biting dog 06-02

    Hi, I have a question about my dog ​​(German Shepherd). We have now, since June 2014, and on April 11 they will be a year old. There is only one problem, and that it looks pretty everyone as playmates and when she wants to play again, they would do s

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  • Dog and children or certain people 05-13

    Hello, I wanted to ask what you can do if the dog is aggressive to children (partially) or visitors who do not like them apparently. My 1 year aussi bitch. constantly barks at our neighbors or friends of the family and has recently even snapped. exac

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  • Dog (still small) sometimes biting like crazy los 04-14

    Hey first :) So I have only time yesterday a dog get (5 months) and it is really very loving, cuddly and very sweet, but sometimes he just starts to bite like crazy without you touched him (before the television for example, he then bite your legs).

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  • Was bitten by own dog. Who pays the medical expenses? 11-28

    When playing me has the own dog gebissen.Wer now pays the medical expenses? --answer-- bit me of your own dog. before 2 hrs. was your question Your dog bit your mother. https://www./frage/mein-hund-hat-meine-mutter-in-den-arm-gebissenhu...\_overview

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  • been bitten dog what to do 09-23

    hi I worde today of my dog ​​I bitten wanted to wear it but I liked it anscheind not bite me in the little finger, it has not bled my dog ​​is just 9 months old, it burned just like a little scratch no more and be the doing the hand vibrate so --answ

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  • Our dog bit me already mermals 08-26

    Hello, from my parents the dog bit me even more, not for fun! She showed me the teeth, while I wanted to sit down only 1m beside her. My mom accused me that I had hurt her !! My dad has the dog now bitten the first time ...... Our dog bites also our

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  • unangleinter dog beist unangeleinten dog on private property 10-30

    Hello everybody. I was with my Jack Russel dog on the way to my Garage.Dieser way private land is, and runs across a courtyard, which also belongs to the private base. (12 families house) When I came to the said court with my Jack Russel bitch ran th

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  • What kind of a greenish tint to the veins? 11-12

    I was tweaked 4 days by a dog, not really bitten. At the squeeze of the teeth is slightly bled. Today I found my pulse arteries discoloration. It looks like a abheilener bruise, but is clearly no! Does anyone know what could be the?

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  • Puppy biting ever! 01-08

    Hello! I am to despair .. my dog ​​(4months old) bites constantly. There is no real bite, but rather a knapsen. Of course it's normal that when they are still wild and are busy playing, starting to bite and. However, if you normally caressing him (no

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  • Why it itches on the scars? 09-12

    The dog bite on the hand healed quite well, at least it seems oberflaechlich.Narben always bleiben.warum it itches but so beneath the scars and why does it in his hand still hurt? The bite's been 3 weeks. --answer-- When an injury healed then the ski

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  • How much money would be available to me? 08-05

    I was attacked before longer time by a dog, and well with is indeed hurting money to only unfortunately I have no idea about something ... so I have 3 bite scars and 3 big long scratch scars on my upper arms above my eye had the wound stitched be and

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  • How long does an insurance to pay for pain and suffering? 06-29

    The dog bite was on Tuesday the insurance gemeldet.Es I heist bekomm what sent to the I ausfuellen.Wenn I need the insurance agency for Schmerzensgeld.Wie long can this go pay to the? Do I have to turn on a lawyer? The dog owner herself provides not

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  • Bitch is extremely bitchy, but why? 11-11

    I have a vest dog, 3 years old, which has become very touchy lately. She first caught only in the air or my second dog just do not get caught when she tried to bite him. My 2 dogs is only 1.5 and a Rottweiler shepherd mixed breed. He is something clu

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  • Our Maltese was bitten and is seriously injured -. Who is eligible for cancellation of our trip on in a few days? 08-11

    perform the journey is impossible --answer-- If the Maltese bitten by another dog? If so, then the other dog handler is responsible for all costs incurred by you. Even the cancellation of their stay. Was this the other dog owners, when it happened? T

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  • Can I get tetanus still? 07-10

    Was the doctor and have to be treated my dog ​​bite and get a Iimpfung against tetanus. Can I get it anyway still? --answer-- It is improbable but is rare The Warscheinlichkeit is ziehmlich low

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