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  • Which dog would suit me (sporty) 03-12

    Hello, I am 15 years old (male) and am zuzulegen.Jedoch a dog I do not know what breed would suit me. My parents work in a dog refuge and could the dog when I have school nehmen.und with the labor education tips I get from my parents or staff in dogs

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  • Waas is the .. for a breed of dog? 11-30

    Maybe someone can tell what breed of dog that is in the picture me? :) --answer-- Hello, Can you please have a picture to add? There are many breeds, as you can even see if a looks similar otherwise yes: > Lg. Le

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  • which dog breed is the (with kristen stewart) 11-10

    --answer-- Looks to me for a half-breed. Hard to say what's in there. Possibly a kind Sheepdog + still something with gestromtem fur. Phew. But what Kristen Stewart has to do with it? The still looks young. Mongrel I would say Where did you get the p

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  • What is this dog in the picture :)? 11-08

    --answer-- Could be a Chow Flockii he is

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  • What race is jason my dog 10-18

    Hello I'm looking for someone who can tell me what breed is my dog ​​or which breeds in him he stuck is now 7 months and weighs 35 kg --answer-- Could be a Staffordshire mix. Boxer, Stafford, Rich Mix Back ME was once involved a boxer .... Boxer Staf

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  • Illegal dog breed 10-18

    I was this morning a strange man approached, he wanted that my dog ​​(english cocker spaniel) his bitch (also english cocker spaniel) covers. My question: is it illegal of private cover to private? --answer-- The law is clear for you: it is allowed.

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  • urgently need a dog breed 10-12

    Which is actually a good dog breed suitable for young people? I do not want to buy myself nähmlich nHund and white but what take for one race should ;-) LG your FantasyStoryNr1 Ps: I like Angel ^^ --answer-- If you like Angel, get a beagle or golden

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  • Which dog would suit my family? 10-10

    Hello As it looks, I've finally made my parents on a private dog convince. I am 13 years old, have two younger siblings (5 and 8) and we live with both parents in a village with country house and garden. I go in the morning at 6:30 from the house, my

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  • Breed wanted ... bear dog 09-29

    Everything I know myself already with dogs very well but habn our neighbors nen dog ... I can but currently nivh ask .... my mom she asked once but can not leave your more tuned commemorated ... iwas with bears dog but irgentwas before ... I can pict

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  • A dog breed that I have seen before, but the race does not know 09-29

    Hello I wanted to know if you could help me to imagine this breed? A standard poodle or German Wirehaired Pointer can not be .... what do you think? --answer-- Can the size of the image badly estimate ... might be subspecies Strobel a Altdeutscher Sh

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  • Can one tell me what is this breed of dog in the picture me? 09-10

    breed --answer-- looks very much like Lhasa Apso from, or a mix of them! Lhasa Apsos there in different colors. You get an almost floor-length coat that requires a lot of care! Hi, I think that's a shih tzu our neighbors also as an only in black :-D

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  • What a race has the dog? 09-09

    I wanted to buy a dog and would like this race you know as they say ?? --answer-- I guess that he / she is a hybrid (or as a biologist would say a hybrid is I hate it but we were finally in bio) is definitely sweet but not lie down too much on a race

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  • Which race has the dog? 09-09

    Can you help me I want to buy a dog and prefer this breed but as they say ???? --answer-- no picture can help you bad Do not you have a picture? Otherwise one can not help you. You've also described anything or given any information. Without somethin

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  • What do you think of a mali noise (Belgian shepherd dog) 09-02

    We want the next raise a dog and are looking at the mali noise made while there are many good features but also some bad what do you think the of the beautiful dogs and what breed of dog could you recommend me --answer--

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  • Which dog breed? I need your advice :) 08-27

    What do you think: Which breed is right for me? I would like a dog who is quite intelligent, I may wish to then do with him Dogdance He should not be a dual breed ie. no mops or so I sometimes want to do longer walks with him The dog should not be sh

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  • Which dog breed? (Mittlegroßer, white dog) 08-27

    In the appendix you will find a photo of a dog. Can anyone tell me what's in this mongrel me? I just know that there probably should be a beef with it. Shoulder height is 44 / 45cm. And his tail he wears not always "on the back". What do you all

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  • Which breed is the dog? 08-26

    Question is above :) thank you in advance :) --answer-- From the eyes I would say repays Weimaraner and Labrador. A sweet puppy :-) where do you live? :-) Looks like Australian Shepherd - from Labrador mix :) no race, which is a brown labrador poodle

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  • Can someone write what kind of a dog breed me? 08-25

    The question is above already. Thank you in advance! --answer-- on the little pictures I would have told Vesti, in closeup, it looks kind of terrible ._. Definitely again any Mini breeding, the main thing is to aussehn sweet whether the dog is health

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  • Seeking a certain breed of dog. Description: 08-22

    Greyhound type, floor / overturned ears, all color varieties, comes probably from Ireland, hair short or long, 69-75 cm.Schulterhöhe, Gilt well as a hunting dog. --answer-- Can it be that you mean the Lurcher? However, he is not recognized by the FCI

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  • Which dog breed is it and where do you get such a dog from? 08-22

    --answer-- Whether this is a torment breed or not, can be discussed seriously. But one thing is fakt, those veritable designer pooch distort the last bit of natural treatment of animals. He was just waiting bred to look as teddybärchensüß. The animal

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