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  • What I have for a dog? 09-04

    Hi folks, I have a dog get the worde sold to us as Shi Tzu Mongrel. He has a gentle, playful, sweet nature, but I'm always asked what I have for a dog and I can answer never, because he does not like the abovementioned dog: D watch you please times t

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  • Which dog breed is it? 09-04

    Hey, I've just seen a big dog and I would be interested what it is for a race. Features: - very large (the back IS almost waist-high) - Head: gray, with many small lockchen - floppy ears (ie their unrelated but just hanging) - Build actually normal (

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  • What is the cute dog? 08-13

    heey, how is the dog breed? Thanks in advance :-) --answer-- Beagle mix ... The normal beagel puppies have very long ears this I think this is a puppy beagel For NEN pure Beagle is very petite, but would be possible. Could also be Jack Russel pure mi

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  • I want to lay me a dog 08-10

    a know a little dog can learn quietly attentive playful bischien cuddly and not snappy and no hunting fever has --answer-- We have a Havanese mixed breed, which corresponds your descriptions. Each dog (also from a specific breed of dog) is different,

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  • Can anyone tell me what is my dog ​​for a race me? 08-08

    I got me a new dog gained and no one can tell me what a race it ist.Kann someone help me? --answer-- This is definitely a hybrid, looks a bit like a mix of Labrador and German Shepherd from, Google is a picture of puppies by the looks the same does n

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  • Which race has the dog? Avc 08-06

    --answer-- Hello dear / r GFNutzerRS, This dog looks to me like a Howavart if you know how old the dog is then I could probably find it out better. But it could also be a shepherd be a mongrel I think is possible. LG lissysdogs Because the shepherd i

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  • Which dog breed is pictured here?

    Which dog breed is pictured here? 07-10

    Can anyone tell me what breeds were crossed here me? Sure, I'm only the shepherd, which is indeed tens are there races .... Is it perhaps a Belgian Sheepdog Boxer Mix? What do you all mean? Thank you so much! --answer-- I would strongly tap Labrador.

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  • What dog breed we have? 07-09

    Hey Dear people, we purchased junior us a few weeks ago. Our two dogs ARE BROTHERS. However, we wonder, are made of what our sweetening everything. And at a sheepdog share we are quite safe. Just to be clear, we love our dogs, but are just curious. :

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  • Beautiful dog from the shelter what breed is it? 07-08

    Here again looks very interesting a dog and of course the question of race imposes itself again !!!!!!! --answer-- Can also be a half-breed for generations .... I knew a saw the dog in the photo very similar, as were Malinois, Bleu de Gascogne, Appen

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  • Breed / Spain dog 05-31

    Does anyone know about what is in this dog breeds on it? He is from spain --answer-- Hi, so I have a well ... The breed is called Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz. There were probably crossed Fox / and Toy Terrier in the original Spanish dog. Purebred dogs

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  • Breed wanted! Which breed of dog this dog belongs? 05-31

    Hey, I think one of the dogs from the Simfinity advertising so cute and would now like to know what breed it is ... (see picture) Thanks in advance! MfG Coco :) --answer-- This is probably either a very pretty half-caste or maybe a Kooikerhoondje. De

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  • What is the breed of dog? (From video) 05-20

    I in a youtube video this dog seen and I find the full sweet. 'D like to know how the race is --answer-- Pomeranian although the dogs aussehn way. The dog was taken cope Like a doll. That's not sweet but sad. This is a zwergspitz in which the hair is

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  • What breed is the dog in the middle in the picture below? 05-20

    Hello, I wanted to ask what breed the dog is in the center of the image. He used earlier roads dog in Greece. I Währe pleased with helpful answers. Thanks in advance LG --answer-- In the photo sits Wunderhübsche between a black Labrador and a blue un

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  • What are there splashing around for races in the dog? 05-19

    We've brought a dog and at races is only half-breed. None of us knew what might be in our small breeds for splashing around, their wist since vlt what? --answer-- Can you even a photo booth late filing? Might help to confirm my suspicions, or even to

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  • Dog breeds raise one good high kan but still not too small 05-18

    Seeking a breed of dog that you can lift well but they may not yet be too small! I also like'd know if you have an idea how I meien father persuasive again a dog to buy? --answer-- Jeck rattle (sorry, do not know how that is written), or perhaps a Pi

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  • Hey guys what breed of dog is that? 05-16

    I'm in love with this but just do not get it what breed is White Pug came into my mind or a kind Dane Only I'm just no green branch Maybe someone knows of you notice :) --answer-- Anyway it is a torment breed, whether or pug Bullddogge. Fall in love

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  • What exactly is a breed of dog? ? 05-16

    Hey, and although I would like to ask you what kind of a totally sweet dog breed? is

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  • Which dog breed is that? It is very important (PICTURE) 05-15

    So my father saw the dog in a magazine and when I find out what breed is siehts good for me out so I shall get Vlt as a dog and I think it is n hybrid of a poodle and ... Yes no idea

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  • Search for second dog for my dog! 05-11

    Hello, I moved out of home with my little dog (Yorkshire Terrier Biewer). At home we had other animals (dogs and cats). He has very good terms with each animal and since then we have gone forth, he grieves very. He sleeps almost exclusively and would

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  • Which dog is that? * ~ * Ö_ö 04-14

    Hi :) Do you know which dog breed that is? And please give now mor no hints or instructions, I had 5 dogs in 18 years. 2 dachshunds for about for 16 years, then 2 Chihuahuas, one sadly passed away because he had water in his lungs, and that's why we

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