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  • A medium-sized dog breed 08-12

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a means Great breed. Medium means to me about (from) 30cm-45cm. I live in a small village, that we have enough dirt roads, meadows or appropriate way to go for a walk. Danke schon msl for all the answers in advance :)

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  • which dog breeds stuck there ....? 10-01

    I have are half a year a dog from the animal welfare and could I not say exactly what breeds in it stuck ... I was at a veterinarian demand of said aufjedenfall Shepherd and Husky ... but I liked everything but'd know a DNA test is too expensive for

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  • comes a shepherd dog from a Rottweiler / Šarplaninac / Kangal? 08-21

    Hello. We are interested in us zuzulegen 2 family dogs. We definitely want a German shepherd dog and then another Rottweiler / Šarplaninac / Kangal. Actually we wanted a husky, but so much time again we have not, he needs to do more exercise than mos

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  • Weis someone what breed of dog is that? 08-06

    but border collie blue merle I thought since it is still in the process a brown color? or that's just grown or is a special kind? I would be happy to answer :) LG --answer-- Border Collies and Aussies may also occur in the coat color "Blue Merle Tan&

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  • What is a breed of dog (hybrid) 05-10

    My girlfriend has a dog and I find the super I niedlich.Da me perhaps so would like to buy a dog, I would like to know on what breeds of dog is because it is a hybrid and my girlfriend itself only knows that he is a haverneser I ask now here Thank yo

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  • What breed of dog is good for me? 11-28

    Hello, I would like to buy me a dog. I grew up with a big dog (shepherd dog-border collie mix) in a house have therefore already experience. , I live now in an apartment with garden, forest and lakes on the doorstep. My question now is which breed is

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  • Which dog would fit into this case? 11-21

    Hello! I want a dog silk years. In love I have in the rough-haired Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier and have to read even a multitude of counselors. Somehow I was very insecure, and by talking with Jack Russell owners, I heard very often how difficult t

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  • What breed of dog is that? I do not find it 11-19

    Hey a question which breed of dog is that? --answer-- Do you know the saying: "There is in every village a dog in it"? This looks like a hybrid. From Fell forth a Spitz could be in there and maybe a terrier. But I think this dog is unique. Kanns

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  • Puppy to assist dog? 08-07

    Hi everyone, Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We have a Doberman males home (neutered) is well behaved in itself but now and already has its defiant phases. The really problem is but his fear. He has animal fear of bicycles, sometimes before inlin

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  • What kind of dog breeds is here? 02-14

    Good evening, maybe can someone tell me what it is in these two dogs for dog breeds? I thank you :) --answer-- In the first two images is a Amstaff / American bulldog mix, much too large for a pit. In addition, the head does not pit typically. The th

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  • to know Czech someone very good with dogs from 01-21

    Hello. I have seen in a girlfriend this dog and asked her about the race, but could I unfortunately not say anything, just that it is a hybrid. Here are perhaps dog experts, perhaps by its appearance have an idea what there might be stuck drinne ????

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  • Need Corgis dogs Patner? 11-05

    Hey I have a Corgie and somehow it looks as if the little bored dead. There are so many breeds that really need a patner. Are corgies happens to be the case? --answer-- perhaps the times just happy doing nothing. if he is traveling outside with other

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  • Hubderassen for beginners? 10-26

    Hi, my family and I would like to soon adopt a dog .Kennt her dog breeds that are family friendly and are suitable for beginners? --answer-- I find it very irritating if you want to assign "family friendly" animals certain properties such as &qu

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  • Dogs need the little spout? 10-25

    Hello. Seeking a dog of little spout needs. Sure, every dog ​​needs 3-4 times a day run but there is a dog which you can leave for a few hours alone, then the day is out there with him 3 times and for 1-2 hours? LG --answer-- Did you mean a total 1-2

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  • Breed wanted! Photo! 10-10

    Does anyone know how the race in the photograph is called? Info about? thank you --answer-- This is a Pomeranian spitz! The claws are terrible !!! In the dog, it is probably something Spitz strength ... or maybe what Nordic ... Maybe a (dwarf) pointe

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  • ask for hunderasse with picture 09-13

    What a breed of dog could that be? --answer-- I would tap either Havanese or Bolonka Zwetna a so-called maltipo, a hybrid between Maltese and poodle ... a hybrid of praise to overpriced resourceful propagators sold under false promises I think it def

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  • Life big dogs shorter than small? 08-11

    Hello, we consider to buy a dog and now the question is should it be a big or a small dog ... I have read live the little dogs longer because they have a gene name's IGF1. Are there breeds that are large and have this gene? Or knows her great races l

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  • Breeder of Taiwan-Dogs in Germany? 07-25

    VDH-Approved or FCI ....... Please only serious breeders .... --answer-- Can still look connected when VDH as an association: Yes, by the VDH, and something else, I would you not recommend it. I think because you have looking outs

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  • Giant vs. Dt. German shepherd 03-27

    Dear dog lover and dog experts, How do the Giant and Dt. Shepherd (in particular the "Old German" So longcoated whether these differ charkterlich, that looks any different). Both are working dogs and need to work (when the main job, however, wou

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  • What breeds or mongrels are they? .. 03-12

    --answer-- ... From the left looks like a pure Aussie, the right is a mix of it, I would say. If both of a union? A little careful when mixing. Check whether phone numbers / email addresses, etc. often show up somewhere. Many claim that a union "acci

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