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  • Dog whines constantly .. What to do? 04-14

    I have a dog brought animal shelter from the first to a day to see how he deals with the cat he understands has not become aggressive does not growl or so ... I left my cat katzenbox only in and the dog on a leash so that they can sniff you first for

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  • build Cat / dog kennel itself 11-09

    Can I build a cat or dog house from wood itself? What do I need this? Should be out for. Lg --answer-- From an old Isolierkiste of Styrofoam (which are for example used in fish shipping frozen food delivery), you can build a wonderful cat cottage. Ju

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  • Dog, cats, rabbits 11-03

    Hello, So we have two rabbits in a large barn outside. A female and a male. We also have 4 cats .. who can not come to the rabbit. The cats are half the day out and about and usually sits in my bed or is somehow all the time around me. My little sist

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  • What is better? Dog or cat? :) 10-30

    What do you think is better? I am considering what I get. Know me out with dogs and I know that they seeeeehr much need. Cats are indeed easier to hold, but wanted to know what you find better or what you have for animals :) --answer-- Imagine the qu

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  • buy dog ​​or cat 10-14

    Hi, I wanted to ask you whether I should buy a cat or a dog on my birthday and I want a sale. I wanted eig. Only ask to take what ih because I need a everyday helpers but the cats are so irresistible 0.0, I do not need entertainment. Danke schon mal

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  • Dog and cat stress.! 10-06

    I got a dog today. Unzwar I have 2 cats and the two zoffen itself. Felix, my cat has attacked Capri (dog). Ih'm really afraid that it will be worse. Ask for help! --answer-- Time - time and again time - patience and a raised seat for the cats then do

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  • Cat on dog used to each other? 08-25

    I now have a hangover and have now received a 6-month-old golden retriever puppy for 9 years. But every time my cat sees the dog, she hisses and jumping on items such as the table. Now I am aware that time is needed, but is this still what, since the

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  • Cat and dog good friends?!? 08-22

    Hello. The point is that I would like to buy a map because it was more my desire. But the problem is, unfortunately, the fact that we have a bitch (10years old). To my rabbit (no longer alive) she was loving and initially short problems nothing. In c

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  • Cat hates dog 08-21

    We have three months a bitch and since longer a cat ...... But our cat not akteptiert our dog ..... The cat always hits the dog, at first we thought that it soon ceases but the cat is becoming aggressive , Does anyone know what to do about it ???? --

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  • Dog is old - cat is unclean context? 05-10

    Hello dear ..... I got a question which is close to my amHerzen because a good friend said this is connected I have a dog - born 5/25/02 Shepherd laprador 65cm 55kg now he has a few problems with the hip sleeps a lot eats little drinking but normal b

    Tags: sick, Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, Veterinarian, dog + cat, unclean, context, litter
  • used dog to jatze 01-21

    Hall together, I have a dog and a cat, I think everyone can imagine the problem. My cat is really very shy and my dog ​​would do her never what they would run away nixht. But once they meet barks my dog ​​and the cat runs away which of course the cha

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  • Dog makes small and large not Housebroken 01-06

    I got a dog recently. Have plus 2 cats 1 guinea pigs and 1 rabbit. My dog ​​is 2 years old and was beaten at the time they have since brought out and she is doing great. My problem is it is not actually Housebroken and makes large and small in the ap

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  • Urgent help needed! How the dog and cat adopt from a deceased friend? 12-31

    Hello! We had to sleep before 2h our beloved cat: '' (- Rest in peace, my heart - Since we have 2 dogs and 3 cats, they must also adopt. They were a pack. The own brother of our Spatz has angeschnuffelt extensively about him and then ran away. Two ha

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat, goodbye
  • Should I set a dog or a cat I prefer? 12-22

    And if, what breed? --answer-- so a cat as the Wiskas advertising that are not too large and with which one can sometimes cuddling on the couch, or simply sitting on lap Hehe Rubi03 What do you prefer? What do you expect from the animal? How much tim

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  • Kater grew up with dogs, dog died ... Get New cat that? 12-19

    Hello, the end of November we had our dog put to sleep (13 years old Akita mixed breed) ... Not only we but also our cat (10 years old) still mourns and can hardly be alleime ... As Katzenbaby he came to us and grew up with the dog ... Now we wonder

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  • Since we have a small dog (3 weeks), our cats ind the apartment ge *** issen. 12-09

    We have since last august 2 cats are now 8 months old and a puppy since 3 weeks. Since cats have 3 times made in the apartment. Is that because the cat "pissed off" that they are not 100% momentam get any attention? The first 2 weeks was nothing

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  • Cat & Dog Fleas Help 12-09

    Hello my dog ​​and my cat have fleas the dog brought from the shelter where he was 4 days a cat she has from the. We gave front line but it is simply nich better my cat has a lot of sore around your neck !!! Should I again for doc with them gen or vi

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  • How reacts a free-roaming cat on new dog in their area? 09-06

    On the plot of land on which I live, cavort occasionally roaming cats of other owners. That's my landlord very welcome, because he believes that this minimize our voles problem. I have occasionally a dog to visit, then pee sometimes on the plot goes.

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  • !HELP! My cat does not come clear with our new dog 08-28

    Hi, I have a 1 year old cat and she is a real cuddly cat. I bought a mongrel dogs (10 months) and it is also really nice my 2 (5 years) cat comes great with her. But our little Wendy is not with her clear she snarls and growls and is really tense whe

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  • Dog food, cat food. Bad if both eat the other? 08-23

    Hey guys. Is it for the dog is not good when he eats cat food? And it is not good if it is dog food for the cat? I mean dried fodder. Because we have a dog and two cats. And dene ists no matter what they eat. Where they are faster turn. That is our c

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