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  • Which manufacturer is behind Winston cat and dog food? 08-07

    Moin, does anyone know which manufacturers currently hides respectively behind the brands? The dog food is precisely test winner Warentest, with the cat food we are also satisfied (the no grains and sugars). Can someone help? Thank you. --answer-- Fo

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  • -As tasted dog meat? 08-06

    have fully bock dog but you can buy here in Germany? if not why not --answer-- As far as I am aware you have to DDR - times allegedly "dog" around Suhl gegessen.Wie it tastes I do not know .... I do not want to know and I am very sure that there

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  • Rinti dog food good? 06-04

    What do you think of Rinti dog wet food? --answer-- Composition Rinti with calf: Veal (25%), lean meat, liver, pork rinds, lung, flax oil, beet fiber (0.2%). Nutritional additives / kg: Vitamin D3 200 IU, vitamin E 20 mg, zinc (as zinc oxide) 13 mg.

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  • is this normal in dog food cans? 06-03

    So I bought dog food in cans and not dirket paid to the ausseheb. Now I have a looked at in the above or on the lower lid / soil such spots (photo). I would be interested now if I can still feed yet, or it is better to throw away? --answer-- This can

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  • Dog food question 05-19

    In dog food often is "with improved taste". Who has tested it? --answer-- They have since simply reingepackt more attractants and flavor enhancers. Tested is something ala Mars Corp in any laboratory dogs. = ( The food that is eaten the most, is

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  • Dog food, husky 05-16

    What should a dog eat to be well fed (zb.calzium etc) and what is not likely? --answer-- Barf or Prey. Importantly, this is all raw. at least 70% meat offal + + + bone rumen it should 15 to 25% fat be contained 30% pureed vegetables and fruits qualit

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  • Dry dog ​​food for Maltese 05-13

    Hey guys! We will soon get a Maltese puppy and I wanted to ask what the best dry food is ... Or is it on the dog and how he can withstand it? --answer-- We will soon get a Maltese puppy and I wanted to ask what the best dry food is first time the pup

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  • Dog food "with improved taste"? 04-15

    Why me there are dog food "with improved taste"? Who out the test? --answer-- Simple advertising strategy to the people to suggest that it is going to taste the dog better. Most are in such a feed Ortene asy even more attractants inside, which n

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  • influenced growth of the dog by too little food? 03-25

    Hello everybody, since 2 weeks I have an Akita puppy and have a feeling that he is eating too little and therefore hardly grows. He is now 10 weeks young. Was not "outside" but at the vet to first check, everything OK, one testicle a week ago. T

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  • How much raw meat needs a 11 months old dog per day? 03-16

    It weighs 42kg and at the moment is still growing. Is a rottweiler dogo argentino mix. --answer-- After Prey (prey principle) is calculated as follows :, if you do not give all the prey: 2-3% of the final weight of what he will have time. The amount

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  • My dog ​​feces on time! 12-05

    My dog ​​is now 2 year old. Unfortunately, he did several months ago started to eat his own excrement. I had read this cheap food from Edeka. can I just then time computer store for assistance and was told that he gets well enough calcium through the

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  • Dog feeding What and Why? 11-08

    Hello , I would be interested what you feed your dogs (Barf, wet food or dry food) and why? What do you think of the other types of feed? If you wet food or dry food feeding, I would be glad if you write the mark it! Thank you and best regards !:) --

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  • my dog ​​(pug) swallows always eat 10-20

    Hello, I wanted to ask it is harmful or bad whom the dog swallows eat the swallows always sausage whom I swallows cut-cheese they never even bites it. it is not good? can the ihrgendwie prevent a workout? --answer-- Dogs are Schlingfresser which is t

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  • Dog food to cook yourself? 10-17

    Hello, dear community. I have a seven year old Jack Russel Terrier and feed him dry food from Frohlic. Meanwhile he gets diarrhea and I have read that it is healthy for the dog, the food to cook. Barfen I really wanted to not because my friend ETWS h

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  • Dog Food Alternatives 10-17

    We are actually Barfer and feed occasionally Platinum and White Fang. Are there better prepared feed for dogs (NaFu + TroFu)? I want to keep the Barfen and just need treats and artificial foods, just in case no longer there is meat etc. The price doe

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  • Which dog food I take now only? Bzgl. Stiftung Warentest 10-09

    I Warentest specially bought the latest edition of the Foundation for the dog food and am now totally confused ... Because just lost the feed for our Luna cut with DEFICIENT :-( And all I believed: knowing my over dog food ... Is now away. And just t

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  • Good dog food for Shih Tzus 10-08

    Can anyone recommend a good dog food for Shih Tzus me? I've read that dog food are often stretched with cheap fillers and should probably not be as healthy for dogs. What should I do to give my dog ​​a good feed? Thank you in advance:) --answer-- Wha

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  • How can we remove our dog's chew bones - It does not exist here! 09-30

    Hello, we have a complicated concern here. Our Jack Russell puppy now has a big chew bone from my husband and holed up in order under the kitchen bench. Actually my husband wanted a little play with the animals, and to the bone "fight", but my h

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  • Dog chews no meaty bones etc. -.- 09-28

    Our dog is ne Diva ..... ordered the trial pack of Plauen trade BARF. There are also delicious with bloody larynges. I am full of enthusiasm with the thawed thing in the garden. Well .... After the flop with the femur now also again. It sits a bloody

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  • Which Dry dog ​​food is best? 09-27

    Which dry dog ​​food of the brands is best? What is not so good and why? What you feed your dogs? --answer-- Dry food is neither good, nor does it have anything to do with appropriate nutrition. This is due to the nature. It swells in the stomach. It

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