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  • Guinea pigs have eaten dog food! Help! 01-12

    My guinea pig apparently likes the dog food (kibble) .always if we let him go in the living room, we therefore ask the dog food but weg.Eben we forgot it and were all up and when we realized it, he smelled from the mouth even after the Hundefutter.Ic

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  • Kidney Gentle Dog Food 12-24

    Hello, someone knows kidney gentle wet foods for dogs between 6-8 kg? Our dog has increased at the moment kidney function, so we the vet has recommended to switch to another feed. I would about any review course very grateful. --answer-- Hello, I hav

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  • dog whistle and another question 12-16

    Hello, good evening I bought the hochrezuenz-dog whistle of Karlie. exactly these: :ClkAsKraX9BOABuYFUZhtC8BIMfx-yHupwNh9uSNzChKiq0YJBPTXHoJNZr8QsaP2JCPqXhw_EV4P5WQgP

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  • Pug Dog Guides. 12-14

    Hi, I get in about 1.5 months a puppy (pug) .Therefore I would know just everything there is to know about the breed, perhaps you have yourself a pug and can give me recommendations. I get a black pug. Is that who less under fur and therefore tend to

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  • Good or bad dog food? 12-08

    Hello dog lovers, what you think of the ingredients of this chuck, everything is in there what a 13-year-old dog needs, is there not something else? Composition 70% beef (lungs, udders, livers, tripe, lean meat, kidney) Additives per kg Vitamin D3: 2

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  • dog eats too fast. 11-11

    Hi, Since new my dog ​​is very greedy geworde. You no longer chew their food, but eats as quickly as if someone wanted to take away their food. Unfortunately you do not get that as well. She gets diarrhea. Trockenfuter then außgekotzt easy. Competito

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  • Dog eats ducks failed ....! 11-03

    Hello to all dog owners / dog trainer I have since about one months and a dog that eats constantly ducks failed .... and hard pellets. This may already be a pain while walking because they Wen you through a meadow is where failed .... is it all the t

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  • Does anyone know Italian dog food? 09-13

    Find an Italian dog food must be nothing special but if goes the best Greetings your Boeseee --answer-- Hello, Here is a manufacturer from Italy, there you can also order them online! The crop should be in Germany it soon. What k

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  • What feeding her your dog? (Dog Food) 09-13

    Hello community :) I'm looking for a good dog food because you know what? canis alpha is very good that like my dog ​​but not I just real nature in the eye there is now in the new varieties (Wilderniss) no more sugar in it So could you please recomme

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  • Fond or water with meat flavor for dog 09-08

    Hello everybody, Unfortunately my dog ​​have to do diet because it has a hip dysplasia and tendonitis on the front legs. Now the doctor has advised him 300g wet food per day to mix with vegetables. The proportion of vegetables daily in two portions,

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  • My dog ​​only eats wet food & treats 08-25

    Hello my dog ​​is 1 year and 6 months old and fras previously like dried fodder but since short no more, he had diarrhea and was given by veterinarian Kohletabletten but now he eats only wet feed and treats and kibble no longer what can I do ?? ? --a

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  • My dog ​​eats only Servelat and ham, no geckochtes no raw no bushings 08-23

    if she does not get that she eats 3 - 4 days nothing. she is not sick .Rasse lasha apso --answer-- Put it another food stand before the nose and let the cup always there. Sometime is obvious to her that there is nothing else, and then they will eat i

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  • Vegetables for my dog? 08-21

    Have changed in my four year old Boarder Collie barf feeding because I simply not the right dry food, which he then also tasted, he is very selective about found. He gets off and cottage cheese, sometimes an egg yolk with bowl, potatoes, pasta, rice

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  • My dog ​​does not eat dry / wet food more. What to do? 08-07

    It is an 8-months young Yorkshire terrier. He always readily eaten his dry food (Premiere junior), with wet food he was always picky and it has quite spurned after a while. For some time he even stops eating his kibble. Also other dry food he does no

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  • Dog meat in dog biscuits 08-07

    Is it really just a tasteless rumor or it corresponds to the facts, that the ingredients of dog biscuits and other pet food partly comes from the rendering? --answer-- Hello Armin Schmitz, just because there "dog" it says, dog meat be :)) does n

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  • How much food should get daily my dog? 07-21

    He is 7kg hard and about 1 1/2 years old. The food that he gets, has very good quality, because we always buy it fresh from the market and freeze. Therefore are also no precise information on the amount of feed per kg. We give him always a 200-250 ti

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  • Dog Food for all 07-21

    So I'm looking for a dog food, which actually every dog ​​likes. I thought knows that every dog ​​needs individual feed, but maybe one of you know whether there is a variety that eats every dog ​​in principle. thank you lg --answer-- What a nice idea

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  • Council concerning. Dogs purchase 07-10

    Hello! We make it our time thinking about a buying a dog and there are still a few points that need to be clarified. Perhaps you have even a few suggestions for us. The dog should if it is suitable to be formed later times for a therapy dog. Therefor

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  • Can a dog Rohe Ribderquerripe eat? 02-14

    The Turkish invite around the corner has percentage bid this meat in and I wonder if I can feed it without problems. Of course, raw and unseasoned ;-) --answer-- If your dog bones uist used is that clear. Otherwise start slowly andf watching the fece

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  • My dog ​​licking constantly 02-13

    My Border Collie (8 months old) always wants something lick matter what a carpet, the floor or just humans. Did she have any problem or missing what? LG Paul --answer-- He has a mental problem, he is busy as a working dog neither mentally nor physica

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