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  • How long does my dog ​​in pain? 03-14

    My dog ​​had a tumor on the neck under the skin, which has been away 3 weeks ago. The wound has healed, the threads already drawn. But how well the body has healed where the tumor in the flesh had grown fixed? I avoid even my dog ​​at the point to st

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  • Mouth soft egg after surgery ?! 01-08

    Well folks, my dog ​​was operated 4 days ago and it was a foreign body removed. The seam is super clean and not infected. Was yesterday to control ultrasound in the clinic, so far also all good. Today he has a shot to get into the neck. Have just str

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  • dalmatian op state 02-03

    Hello, anticipate ever - I is the vet phoned a country vet the degree, however, is a farmer who operates on the phone sounded very old and could not help me except one date for today late afternoon .... Our Dog Dalmatian was last Tuesday ca 1 kg lipo

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