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  • Employment for my dog? Help 01-12

    Hello :) I would like to deal with my dog ​​anymore because I have a feeling that it sometimes is totally boring. My dog ​​is unfortunately fodder jealous or happy defends his toys and food Does anyone know a game that you can play to employment in t

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  • My dog ​​does not play; ( 11-29

    hello my dog ​​is soon 2 years old and he plays garnichtmehr we really try jedentag but he just looks to me to like the motto go it yourself and get the toy what should I do so that it again plays he does mega sorry; ( earlier he really enjoyed playi

    Tags: Animals, Dog, play, dog + play
  • I want to play with my dog, but he does nothing ._. 08-15

    Huhu, I have a dog and want something to play with him, but he just does not matter: / used to be able to play really well with him, since he has enjoyed doing, now he is seven years old and does nothing more. The is the whole beautiful day around so

    Tags: Animals, Dog, play, dog + play
  • Where you can play with "foreign" dogs? 10-03

    Hi folks, I would like to play with dogs, walking the dog, etc .. But since I myself do not have a dog and must not have any, I'm looking for a way with dogs to play. Well I called the shelter and there asked if it would be possible there. The employ

    Tags: dog + play
  • Puppy brings children cry, what to do? 02-14

    My now 15 weeks old puppy is every day in a large meadow where dogs must wear no linen. Since he never runs away and is always close to me, it was never a problem. However, there were two incidents today. On this meadow children play. So far he had a

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