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  • My dog ​​does not tolerate Treats 11-28

    My dog ​​6 years (Shepherd) always gets in treats diarrhea and I have really been many different ways tried but at the slightest bit where he he eats the next day diarrhea What can I do here or treats to make you know any recipes themselves ? Thanks

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  • can rabbit dog treats eating .--? 03-04

    Not that I would ever make (really now, I do not do) but can rabbit dog treats to eat ...? So op which is toxic or not .....? if so, what .. if not why ... ?? I would be interested simply times and what you think;) ?? Thanks in advance ;) --answer--

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  • My dog ​​can take the treat .. 10-18 question is, will change something sometimes in a dog's life ?? Did he then recognized me as the pack leader ?? It is otherwise a very nice, careful dog and "apologized" Also, if he has caught me times while playing. --answer-- My brother h

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