• Chihuahua lady wanted - not suitable for breeding 10-13

    Hello. Search füre our Chihuahua Louis a bitch as a friend so he would not so alone is but one with whom he can have children sometimes. In internet is in most bitches but: not suitable for breeding. Now my question: why is that? Who decides that? He

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  • Is my puppy a Labrador? 09-25

    Hello everybody, for a few months, we have a new family member. because the mother is deceased early we got our puppies at 5 weeks to us. I always thought I had as a hybrid Labrador, but slowly come to me because of doubt, because it is not as mature

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, Labrador, dog + puppies
  • Are dogs eat Gouda? 09-14

    --answer-- @Cocoraji, Yes, dogs can eat cheese. Cheese should just not be the main meal. One of my acquaintance Rhodesian Ridgeback eating also like a farmer's breakfast. I was just eating when the doorbell rang at the door. When I came to the table

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  • How do I convince my parents to buy a dog? Suggestions? 09-06

    standing on top --answer-- You may now be of the opinion, to be able to take care of the dog. But what about when you start a training or study in a few years? Even now you will probably still go to school, that is someone else in your household most

    Tags: Help, Dog, family, family dog ​​+ dog
  • Eye drops / ointment give the dog - tricks ?! 09-05

    Hey guys, I was today with my dog ​​at the vet because I thought you would have conjunctivitis, but as I have learned that my mouse a slight inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye has. Of course, I now 1x eye drops and eye ointments 2x each 4x Pcs i

    Tags: Health, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Dog has a small share Snickers eaten 09-05

    Hi my friends, before I came to my room and saw a small mini-Snickers on the floor to my Chihuahua-Jack Russell bitch (4kg) had nibbled, it is not much away from the chocolate, but so much, that I myself somehow'm worried. Would be very glad of any q

    Tags: Dog, chocolate, snickers, chocolate + snickers
  • my dog ​​barks at everyone and everything .. what to do? : / 09-04

    Hello. My dog ​​is a 'Biewer Yorkshire Terrier' & '4 year old. Bin but once someone runs a lot with him outside in the garden by he starts running and barking like crazy and also hears often when I call him back. He also never comes to play, he is al

    Tags: Education, Dog, barking, barking + Education
  • What is Schutzvertrag- and fee when buying a dog? 09-04

    Above you see my question :) Have classifieds for dogs looked through while these terms came on. What can I mean? Thanks for answers :) --answer-- You mean protection contract and nominal charge. I assume? So, animal protection groups - and only thos

    Tags: Animals, Dog, purchase, agreement, dog + contract
  • Should I buy a second dog? 09-04

    But I have a dog who is now 1 1/2 years old and I would be interested in a second youngest white nochnit quite Communication ... My current dog is neutered and total gambled, and he chases after cars which I think is really bad ... We have a workshop

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  • dog clickers 09-04

    Hi I wanted to ask whether dogs also himself invent things at Klicker, I train my while (make Ex. Male or ne roll on the floor) even with the clicker and it will simply help many still say that they come up with even what the really so? --answer-- Wh

    Tags: Dog
  • Dog with Cushing's syndrome 09-03

    with my dog's Cushing's syndrome has been found. He is set for some time with Vetoryl what he gets very good. Dar he still wear a tick collar? Here opinions differ. Who has experience here? --answer-- I would a dog that is already organ charged anywa

    Tags: Animals, Dog, ticks, dog diseases, dog ticks, tick protection
  • Parents give dog back after a day? 09-03

    Hello, yesterday we bought us rude a 1 year old Husky, which is just extremely Knuffig and active, it makes me and my siblings and my mother extreme fun, bike rides etc. to do with him, an ideal dog for us, but unfortunately has he indeed a passionat

    Tags: Animals, Dog, family, Husky, family + dog
  • Dog hair cut! 09-03

    Hey people I once again a question! We want our little dog (Maltese) haircut but he considers himself just not quiet? What can we do ?? --answer-- This must be a dog learn to hold still. to let Similarly, like the brush for grooming. Power "be still&

    Tags: Dog, Hair cut, dog + cut
  • How much does it cost a small fraction of the ashes of the dead dog to work in a stone 09-03

    How much it would cost if you incorporate a kleien of the ash in a stone / diamond or a jewel --answer-- There are very few companies that offer something. Why do not you just write to that? Can imagine that it is better for a dog. In humans, specifi

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Beauty, dog + Animals, jewelery
  • Dog can not be alone! 09-03

    My dog ​​Lina (is this month one year old) we have since it is 4 months from then on we started immediately to practice, we always of very little time so getting higher, we have to nibble her always something out down there has also really worked wel

    Tags: Dog, stay alone
  • Dog licking sore! 09-03

    Hello! My dog ​​(11monate) licks his last few weeks the testicles and lower abdomen and paws (or paw between rooms) sore. Although I was at the vet (which meant it could be an allergy go the food and then he gave a drug) but that has not helped. Then

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  • How can I bring a small dog to urinate? 09-03

    My dog ​​can not move since Friday and run his haunches he can therefore no longer also. He feels the paws yet. But the problem is he not peeing and when attempts as the vet says the bubble massage yodeling it and nothing comes. Does anyone know anyt

    Tags: Animals, Dog, pets + dog, housebroken
  • Dog names male puppy 09-02

    Hello I get a dog and need a name he is male would be happy to come when many names to collect --answer-- What is it because of a race, height, you weßt something about the nature? Want to get a name with an "important" or rather a human name? T

    Tags: Name, Dog, male, male + Name
  • Dog tattoo, but no feet? 09-02

    Hi, does anyone have an idea how to represent the love of dogs with a tattoo without feet or portrais the animal? Thanks in advance, please spare me the "you have yet to know" or "be creative yourself" :) --answer-- How about an indica

    Tags: Tattoo, Dog
  • help what should I do with my dog? 09-02

    I have a 2 year old wild french bulldog mix. is this it happens has a cruciate ligament tear zugelegt.war the vet who said because she has osteoarthritis (which I did not) and the kneeling not have the right angle it needs a TPLO at both beinen.jedes

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