• Dog vomits roundworm what to do now? 12-12

    Hello, in the night from Monday to Tuesday was me with my dog ​​(Rauhaardackel, 2 years) on which he had extreme Bauchgluckern. On Tuesday morning he got up and vomited. In his vomit was a roundworm. I called directly to the vet, who prescribed a wor

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  • How tup my dog ​​her name to? : / 12-12

    Hey my dog's Medicare and I do not want them hot so (private union reasons) how do I do that? Does the name with an M or start? Help me --answer-- Hello yesterday was a question whether the dog ma simply can rename. I copy it simply again purely Of c

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  • which name fits this cuddly dog? :)) 12-11

    Must be a story about the writing which name suits him? --answer-- Odin .... or any Germanic gods name If it's a girl, I would call them Emily Looks of sweet Or Louis :) or something old as Erwin: D perhaps schnuffel rico or Big boy Fritz so is my pe

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  • Why it is called in dogs of 1 year = 7 dog years? 12-11

    --answer-- Because that has sometime devised a. Applying therefore does not do it for a long time. which is approximate ratio of age - human to dog Hi, It is always said that a dog year equals seven human years. But the formula does not go on. So it

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  • Dog whines constantly 12-11

    Hello My Dog is a Yorkshire Terrier. And he whines since 2 days almost only when we are away BUT when we are in him. Soger sometimes when I have him Aufm arm or even if it is simply in a basket. Does anyone know what could be there, or should I rathe

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  • Dog Accessories Puppies 12-11

    Hello everybody! I get nöchstens a dog so a puppy (about half a year old). I'd never have a dog, so I wanted to ask what I was must buy everything so from toys to dog leashes and all (which can be bought in a pet store). Perhaps a few more details to

    Tags: Dog, accessories
  • Someone tried to break in well with us (?) What can I do? Is dog in danger? 12-11

    Good day, we have a house in a relatively normal area, where, however, roam also some figures, it was, for example, already tried in 2 neighboring houses to break. Since a few days pass night strange things, the latch for the garden verschwinded, dog

    Tags: police, Dog, psychology, legal, house, illegal, Protection, burglary, house + Psychology
  • Does one need a proficiency examination to dog manners 12-11

    I live in Bavaria and wanted flyer hang to dog manners but does not know whether I need a proficiency examination need to dog-sit for. --answer-- but do not know if I need a proficiency examination need to dog-sit for if you are pursuing the gwerblic

    Tags: Dog, morals
  • Sweetness and, or useful tricks for dog 12-11

    Hello my dog ​​and I practice like a tricks it is only about 20 cm tall, can already check seating and paw --answer-- In Facebook there is a group that calls itself "trickdogging". As I would daily times. There there every week to practice a new

    Tags: Dog, Tricks, sweet, helpful, sweet + Tricks
  • Dog barks in Rage 12-11

    My Yesco (2), Jack Russel mix barks constantly lately. When I go for a walk and he has to wait on the road, he begins immediately. I try to calm him down, but it does not work. Ignore did not work. Now I was at the vet with him. He barked incessantly

    Tags: Education, fear, Dog, panic, Dog training, desperation, Angst + Education, dog school, barking
  • K9 harness for my dog? What suits one? 12-10

    I want my dog ​​to buy a k9 dishes but I do not know what size would be suitable you can help me, he is a Jack Russel Dachshund Mix and is 1 year old. He has a chest circumference of 48cm and I see the Internet one with 40-53cm and one of 51-67cm.wel

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  • How long to run with an older dog? 12-10

    Hello, I am in contact with an animal shelter with me on the spot and am a 13 year old female dog with me to take guardianship. Does anyone know how much time an older dog still wants to spend outside, so walks. I want you neither overextend nor unte

    Tags: Animals, Dog, shelter, seniors, dog shelter + walk
  • Dog shagging and is afraid 12-10

    Hello, it comes to a great Poodle Australian Shepherd mix, male, 8 Monste, neutered, 55cm high. I have two problems and need help, what can I do about it. Problem 1: When I'm alone with him for a walk and no one is far and wide to see it running with

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  • Can you take in the university with a dog? 12-10

    I would like to take my dog ​​to the lecture, but I worry Other angering .. Do not know if this is allowed at all. Can someone help? --answer-- Hello, in some universities for Vetmed, dogs are allowed, but they make an exception. e sauf definitely no

    Tags: Dog, university
  • Demi Lovato Dog Art 12-10

    Hi :) I have with ner girlfriend Demi Lovato pictures of dog Buddy seen & we wondered what kind of a 'type'. So Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel, .... something: D Thank you xx --answer-- You mean the race according to Google has not it announced the purpos

    Tags: Music, Dog, pop stars, Demi Lovato
  • Dog control Pug 12-10

    Hey dear, I'm already are many years a pug to buy ... soon it will be so far :) As would be a question for dog control ... I've read in Google in my city for 1 dog would the 95 € but then to read again it also comes from time to time on the race at !

    Tags: Dog, pug, dog tax
  • My dog ​​should remain with yourself 12-09

    Have been a few days a Rauhhardackel mix from a shelter. He's about 15 years old. He is very affectionate and already fixed on me. Actually, I am very satisfied with this little guy. But he barks and whines as soon as I times longer than 20min. 'm go

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  • Since we have a small dog (3 weeks), our cats ind the apartment ge *** issen. 12-09

    We have since last august 2 cats are now 8 months old and a puppy since 3 weeks. Since cats have 3 times made in the apartment. Is that because the cat "pissed off" that they are not 100% momentam get any attention? The first 2 weeks was nothing

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • My Dog Has Diabetes 12-09

    Hello my dears ! Since Friday I know, my dog ​​eight years has diabetes. I was partly genuine facilitated since only it was suspected that he had kidney failure. Now we were set 4 x the vet to him insulin on Monday. His values ​​were incredibly high.

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  • If my dog ​​is alone, he ruins everything 12-09

    My dog ​​is actually very well behaved. He hears every word. And has its regular time to go for a walk. Once or twice a week we go to the dog meadow for auspowern. But as soon as he extended time, eg. B. If I am to work, alone, he makes things broken

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