• Self-motivation in the dog-what is it, how it works u. As used in training? 07-14

    Hi, my question: What is self-motivation in the dog? How does it work? How do I use them specifically when training a and how do I promote it? I'm curious and grateful for your answers. :) LG --answer-- Self-motivation (fachsprachlich intrinsic motiv

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  • About a dog breed! 07-14

    Hi first . And although I have to buy me before a dog is watching already in the picture. Well I have to racial searched but found nothing .. Maybe you already know "Boo" :) Just that I want. Most told me that's a Pomeranian. But if I "Pome

    Tags: Help, Dog, Pomeranian, bo + dog
  • dog house-purity time 07-12

    let's take a working woman creates a puppy and takes the jaherurlaub au once the adjustment period after 4 weeks should they go to work, but resist. is the dog in the 4 weeks housebroken? and if not what they do then? --answer-- Possible, but unlikel

    Tags: Dog, housebroken
  • HELP, my dog ​​is scared and wants nothing more do not even he wants to go walkies eigendlich! 07-12

    What should I do? please answer quickly . What could be the reason ? The question can be found in the heading! I hope nothing bad! Wish me and the dog thumbs !!!!! thank you --answer-- This is difficult! Can it be that he is in pain? he eats? Key tim

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Dies my dog ​​or how long you let him suffer? 07-12

    Hello, our 15 year old German Shepherd has a herniated disc. The second is that he no longer wants to eat for a week and completely apathetic lying around. I was just the resident Ta and is not really discussed it. Has a couple of cortisone injection

    Tags: sick, Dog
  • Dog will not swim 07-12

    Hello, we're four years a Swiss Mountain Dog. He (male) lives with us and has been from the beginning is the water gewöhnt.Es nothing happened which he could have made fear etc. but he still does not dare to go swimming. He always goes just a little

    Tags: Animals, Dog, swimming, Water, dog + Water
  • teach tricks the dog 07-12

    Hi I have a little dog and would like to teach you some tricks to him. He can "shake hands" already "space" and although I'm not sure whether he, paying attention to my voice or my gestures or now simply knows what he must do if he wan

    Tags: Education, Animals, Pets, Dog, Tricks, Pets + dog tricks
  • My dog ​​does not want to play ball go under gassi? 07-12

    Hello, I'm mara and have an Italian windspiel called ruby;) Ruby is 11 months old and can all basic commands and listens super on your name but if I gassi go with her then she has zero interests :( at balls or treats while she listens super but will

    Tags: Dog, dogs go walkies
  • Dog aggressive and foaming at the mouth 07-12

    Hey guys. I'll try it now then another. My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs. (Both females) Our large is scarce 4 years and the small 4 months. So far, there were no problems. Both are super even if they have very different characters. Are some time, it i

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Dog and rabbit together 07-11

    Yesterday bought a zwergkaninchen and have been around for 5 years, a small white dog (not much bigger than a cat). I wanted to ask how I can get used to the two together. There have been overtures where a hatt held the dog and the rabbit. Since the

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Rabbits, hares, rabbits Dog +
  • Transponder number of the dog 07-11

    Hi, I'm from Hamburg and own a West Highland Terrier. Now I want to register my dog ​​at TASSO EV and would just ask where the chip is no.? Is it also in dogs pass? --answer-- If your dog is microchipped, then is the number in the vaccination card or

    Tags: Dog
  • Puppy and 4 j. female dog 07-10

    We have since today a puppy (dog) in our family and our dog (4 1/2 years old) growls it mean only when he approaches her. It is open to him not too, and when he got his extra dose of puppy food tonight I have a moment not paying attention when I was

    Tags: Dog, puppy match
  • What dog breed in video? 07-10

    Hello! The question is indeed already above: Which dog breed is this avalanche search dog Kaya? lg --answer-- Labrador, black from working breed line also called field trial A Labrador ... you can read it i

    Tags: Dog, Breed, avalanche
  • exposed to dog what to do? 07-10

    Have just seen a video that will be exposed annually to highway rest stops about dogs. Even sad something like that, I can not understand what is going on in the people before him totally, because I myself am owner of 2 cats and a dog. Well to my que

    Tags: police, Animals, Dog, law, cat, Protection, highway, shelter, Law + dog
  • Dog vomits! What to do 07-10

    My dog ​​has passed two minutes before ate at 8am what should I do? --answer-- Wait and then it is best not physically straining. If it does not get better after a few days you should then but make a doctor appointment. I would now wait and see a few

    Tags: Dog, puppy, wet food, wet food + puppies
  • Which dog breed is pictured here?

    Which dog breed is pictured here? 07-10

    Can anyone tell me what breeds were crossed here me? Sure, I'm only the shepherd, which is indeed tens are there races .... Is it perhaps a Belgian Sheepdog Boxer Mix? What do you all mean? Thank you so much! --answer-- I would strongly tap Labrador.

    Tags: Dog, Dog breed
  • Does my dog ​​Astmah? 07-10

    My dog ​​pants so funny, is that bad, and if so what can be done about it. Is this wheezing Astmah? --answer-- not judge can iwr. It is possibly a kennel cough or do you have a very kurzschnauzige hunderasse? google please animal clinics and -tierkli

    Tags: Health, Animals, Dog, dog + Animals
  • What can I do if my dog ​​does, despite long walk walking into the apartment? 07-10

    Hello, I have brought my now four year old female from a stall almost a year ago, she was so accustomed to any apartment. This, she throws herself under rapidly, which has become much better. The problem is that they gave me every now and then pees i

    Tags: Animals, Dog, housebreaking, dog + housebreaking
  • How do I get housebroken my 2 year old dog? 07-09

    Hello my dog ​​lady is still not Housebroken :( The TA said because she has a bowel disease and special food needs, the costs just unfortunately 15, -.. 3 kg I suspect she has still but my parents are not ready to pay that . and if they do not will H

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • How and by whom was Bismarck dog Tyras get its name? 07-09

    Hello, I am interested, where Otto von Bismarck dog Tyras had his name. Who gave him this, and why? Unfortunately, I can find on the Internet, only the Greek colony on the Black Sea Tyras, as well as an old children's novel about a dog with the same

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