• Pig ears or cattle ears (dog) 03-13

    Hello, What's better than Kaumaterial, cattle ears or pig ears for a puppy? I know one should feed pork because since anything is harmful for the dog inside, but that also applies to the ear?

    Tags: Dog, puppy, unhealthy, pig ears, cattle ears
  • ! Dog pulls on the leash! 03-13

    So my grandma has a middle-sized dog and if I go with him walking then he pulls on the leash !!!! This is a so slow on the laces! He is endweder 2 or 3 thus still young. In the dog school he was and you could not help us. Since my grandmother lives i

    Tags: Dog, leash pulling, leash + drag
  • dog has shaggy fur 03-13

    Hei I have a small pointed and usually have the yes "falling" smooth hide my but has dried up shaggy hide what can I do? Pinkypink123 --answer-- I can only agree with the opinion of the other. I have my Pomeranian since he is 1.2 years old, he r

    Tags: Dog, Top
  • dog puberty 03-13

    Hi for a few days is my dog ​​(10 months) very funny. Sometimes he is stormy, it is again only around. Will eat anything, eats like a bull. I wonder if he sick or is he just in puberty. For several days he also lifts the leg when piddle. --answer-- I

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Puberty, dog behavior, dog + puberty
  • How can I find my dog? 03-13

    Haii people my father einfachso gave my dog ​​away but he does not tell me what city and where but the dog is registered to my mother as I can find him, and if I have a right to keep it, please help me ..: ( --answer-- If the dog officially belongs t

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Mourn a dog? 03-12

    Hello, on Sunday our Leonberger (4) died, his brother (7) is since Monday completely verändert.Er is just still there, is no longer in the evening with the house, it seems to me as if he wartet.Fressen him and drunkenness he does noch.Gassi going for

    Tags: Dog, Grief
  • Dog attacks Grundstücksbetreter 03-12

    Hello, what happens if my dog ​​attacking someone enters my land? Recently constantly enters someone my property and I told him that I the next time my dogs run let. What happens if my dog ​​attacking him? Do I pay for it? Does my dog ​​then wear a m

    Tags: land, Dog, attack
  • neighbor dog stuck in our fence, we should vet bill carry 03-12

    Hi folks, had yesterday a confrontation with the neighbors. We (granny, 2 children and I) did yesterday spring finished our terrace. The neighbor dog as always barked continuously bitten in our wooden fence. When I swept the driveway she even has the

    Tags: Insurance, Dog, law, dog + Insurance, neighbor dispute
  • My dog ​​does in the apartment when he is alone. 03-12

    Hello, I have a Maltese it is now almost 2 years old, he always does in the apartment when he is alone but I can not always have to be there. I go with him every day out in the morning, noon and night in between in the yard. Hope you me can help Mfg

    Tags: Dog, alone, Dog training, housebroken, dog behavior, housebreaking, alone + dog training, in apartment
  • If a guard dog mitgemischt? 03-12

    Hi, I have noticed for a week that my mixed breed puppy (4 1/2 months), behaves a bit like a guard dog. When he sleeps, for example, and I mean proper deep sleep, then he hears outside someone passes. He then barks this deep adult barking, we think w

    Tags: Animals, Dog, puppy, mixed breed, guard dog, dog puppy +
  • Which dog would suit me (sporty) 03-12

    Hello, I am 15 years old (male) and am zuzulegen.Jedoch a dog I do not know what breed would suit me. My parents work in a dog refuge and could the dog when I have school nehmen.und with the labor education tips I get from my parents or staff in dogs

    Tags: Education, Dog, walkies, Dog breed, Education + Breed
  • Dog vomiting! HELP 03-12

    Hello, I have 2 boys, one 6 months and the other 1.5 years. Then a female which is 2 years old and scored puppies are now 8 weeks old. Now the problem, it began with the 6-month dog. He has little eaten and was only in his basket and has not moved fo

    Tags: Help, Animals, Dog, Vomiting, Veterinarian, diarrhea, dog + Animals, puppies
  • Which brush for a Norwich Terrier (dog)? 03-11

    Hello, Which is not too expensive, but good, can you brush for a Norwich Terrier (medium length, Rauhaarfell) recommend? The brush is not somehow thought of as special before trimming or so, sondrn only to normal by brush. Lg. And thank you for your

    Tags: Animals, Dog, brush, Norwich Terrier, brush + dog
  • Dog barks at something where nothing is 03-09

    The dog of my cousin is often to visit and when he runs to the attic, he barks like crazy a particular peer around at although there is nothing and is very nervous. What can this mean? --answer-- Maybe he can see ghosts ... Or he hears voices from be

    Tags: Dog, behavior
  • Go walkies - Employ 02-08

    Hello, because my dog ​​is quite active and always want to learn something, I would generally involve a bit of fun and employment into Gassigehen with. Do you have ideas that could make their fun? Thinking and movement exercises are my favorite :) --

    Tags: Dog, fun, movement, walkies, walking, movement fun +
  • you have a pitbull in Germany login? 02-04

    I heard something that pitbulls are allegedly dangerous and they sign so somewhere specially one muss.stimmt that? and they must wear muzzles? --answer-- Hello, a Pit Bull Terrier is in each state and in each reportable except Niedersachsen, permit.

    Tags: Germany, Dog, pitbull, attack dog, dogs list, danger sign, login + Germany, muzzle stafford
  • had experience with dogs from the Internet? 01-09

    Hello. Our dog is recently deceased now we want to buy a new dog. Of course, none of the growers, but the best one from a shelter or from Spain, Romania or so. What should be most aware? Has anyone had experience with it? And someone knows internetse

    Tags: Dog, shelter
  • DDR Kinderfilmfest searched with dog 12-23

    There was an old black and white film from the 60's by DEFA. Can still remember because we went to a boy of a train with his father on a village, the father was in the NVA and the boy then found there in the village in the forest a shepherd with whom

    Tags: Film, Dog, DDR, DEFA, DDR + dog
  • Dog has scalded 12-16

    Hello, I've just something terrible happened: I wanted to make a cup of tea and as I have taken down the pot I tripped over a ball of our puppies (dachshund). I'm like, the water rumgespritzt everywhere and the dog got something on his head. I immedi

    Tags: Dog, injury
  • Dog obsessed with a teddy 12-06

    Seeking advice because my dog ​​is obsessed with her Teddy. It brings everywhere, even if I lead a walk. I can not take away the Teddy and if I do that actually, they weep and howl. What should I do? It's a bit annoying, especially because I can not

    Tags: Pets, Dog



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