• had experience with dogs from the Internet? 01-09

    Hello. Our dog is recently deceased now we want to buy a new dog. Of course, none of the growers, but the best one from a shelter or from Spain, Romania or so. What should be most aware? Has anyone had experience with it? And someone knows internetse

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  • DDR Kinderfilmfest searched with dog 12-23

    There was an old black and white film from the 60's by DEFA. Can still remember because we went to a boy of a train with his father on a village, the father was in the NVA and the boy then found there in the village in the forest a shepherd with whom

    Tags: Film, Dog, DDR, DEFA, DDR + dog
  • Dog has scalded 12-16

    Hello, I've just something terrible happened: I wanted to make a cup of tea and as I have taken down the pot I tripped over a ball of our puppies (dachshund). I'm like, the water rumgespritzt everywhere and the dog got something on his head. I immedi

    Tags: Dog, injury
  • Dog obsessed with a teddy 12-06

    Seeking advice because my dog ​​is obsessed with her Teddy. It brings everywhere, even if I lead a walk. I can not take away the Teddy and if I do that actually, they weep and howl. What should I do? It's a bit annoying, especially because I can not

    Tags: Pets, Dog
  • How do I persuade parents to a dog? 12-05

    Hi, has anyone an idea how I can persuade my parents to a dog? You mean a dog will not fit into our lives, but I think he already does. We have experience with dogs and would be enough for him at home. Have you perhaps good reasons for a dog? --answe

    Tags: parents, Dog, persuade parents + persuade
  • What does my dog? You know advice? 12-05

    Hi, do you know what our Woof? He: eats his food not, is (only treat) much, drinks little, is very affectionate and often licking the genital area. and that is damp and cool but since this morning .... nose. Normally it will be an attentive, affectio

    Tags: Health, Animals, Pets, Dog, dog + Animals, Dogs
  • Frozen pomees dog 12-05

    Hi I was just outside and forgot to close the kitchen door and now have my dog ​​found when rummaging through the garbage can. the two have weggeschmissene frozen fries (was not thawed) eaten and wanted to ask whether it is dangerous --answer-- Your

    Tags: Pets, Dog, french
  • take dog for holidays to Bosnia? 12-05

    Hello. Our Lady Dackelmix we would like to take during the Easter holidays with Croatia / Bosnia. She came in October 2014 from Croatia to us and we do not know whether they still need any vaccinations etc or whether they need to be refreshed to hire

    Tags: travel, Dog, Boston, Boston + Travel
  • My dog ​​feces on time! 12-05

    My dog ​​is now 2 year old. Unfortunately, he did several months ago started to eat his own excrement. I had read this cheap food from Edeka. can I just then time computer store for assistance and was told that he gets well enough calcium through the

    Tags: Animals, Dog, dog food, dog + dog food
  • Parents convince for a dog? 12-05

    but hey guys, I would like to have a dog my parents, you know how to convince them? I got the much said that I would take care of it and everything else, the only argument of which was that the stink "critters" and anyway no one will take care o

    Tags: parents, Dog, experiences, arguments, persuade parents + experiences
  • Dog buy despite perhaps the start of training? 12-04

    Hello my dears, In the shelter there is a dog with whom I have a couple of times was a walk now and I would like to take him with me .... But it looks like I soon get a training place and I'm really not sure whether it would be right if I no longer h

    Tags: training, Dog
  • Takes me a dog health insurance despite herniated disc? 12-04

    Hello everybody, my little mixed breed dog Mila (3 years) is in tierärtzlichen treatment in February, 2015. Diagnosis: herniated She has now received a Schmerztherapier and be decided in the coming weeks must, if she needs surgery. I would because of

    Tags: Health, Animals, Dog, dog health
  • As "educate" I have a dog right? PART 2 12-04

    Hello Leut, the other day I asked myself how it is going with the Gassi (how long, how far, how many times). Your answers helped me, since I consider it is much better. For who do not know me: I currently have a dog to visit. (She comes once a year f

    Tags: Education, Dog, Dog training, walkies, leash, education + dog training, at foot, guest dog Gassi Gang
  • Pouncing, a dog run prohibited? 12-01

    Huhu. If a playful dog starts someone without damage to property which is contrary then against something. And if a dog, for example, suddenly drags to a child and the child then or similar scares or falls, it is therefore contrary to any applicable

    Tags: Dog, right Pouncing Pouncing + dog
  • provide a home to a dog? 12-01

    I want to offer a home to a dog. have by dog-sit experience in handling and feeding education. I would have space for a midsize to dog. I live in a small town in a 55 sqm apartment and work Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day. I go out a lot and may th

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Attitude, attitude + dog
  • Is my dog ​​sick? 12-01

    My dog ​​goes for a few days in a circle to rotate in a full circle every 2 minutes. Is this a disease or is this normal? --answer-- So some dogs are just so and from the crater and just want to play so it's nothing bad:) I unfortunately do not know

    Tags: Dog, sick animals, dog + sick
  • Can my landlord prohibit a dog to me now? 11-30

    My owner had dogs in the apartment and now I live in an apartment and have a dog and now my landlord wants the ban. what funny is we have also hunderasse still the same so say my dog ​​would be too large, it can not ... So he can give me a dog in the

    Tags: Pets, Dog, rent, apartment, pets + Apartment
  • Dog defecates blood :( 11-30

    I read means kidneys fail, the blood feces of dogs and my mother will only tomorrow with the doctor and he has days since 2! I'm afraid ! To my dog! Is it morning already too late? --answer-- Mother wants tomorrow with the doctor and he has days sinc

    Tags: Dog, Blood, feces, blood + Kot
  • Confidence in a dog 11-30

    Hey .. I want for a friend his dog form .. The problem is, and is 2 years old and has not enjoyed in no respect education. Pomeranian! Will always supported and is very anxious. Was already 2 times completely okay with it on the dog place .. Was she

    Tags: Education, Dog, Confidence, income, education + Trust
  • Dog with herniated disc! Euthanasia? 11-30

    Hi everybody, my dog ​​is this May 8 years old. For a few months she has severe back problems .... us much at first only on that she made pure again, and we could not explain ... we have a 1.5 year old daughter and thought at first that it only jealo

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, herniated disc, euthanize pets + dog



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