• Training Course Dog Graz 10-13

    Hi! Does anyone know a large enclosed space / lawn where one can freely buy with his dog training? So of course quite well it would be if it is so large that the dog did not even notice that he can now not run away ... And if possible, it should be a

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  • Dog wanted: Apartment: Tips? 10-13

    Hello, I'm playing for some time with the idea to buy myself a friend for life (provided the family with play). I like dogs very much just the only problem is the property .. That is probably what I would like the Favorites never expect the Labrador,

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  • Can I sell a list dog to Brandenburg? 10-12

    Hello, I have already informed but that I have not seen in the various regulations. I want to sell a Rottweiler puppy Brandenburg but as far as I read that now is the act forbidden by with list dogs. I myself live but in Mecklenburg where the Rottwei

    Tags: Dog, sale
  • Dog skin peels very strong urgently 10-12

    Hello the dog from my grandma has for half a year scales on the skin it is very bad he suffers and itches all sore. We have stayed at several veterinarians and he has all sorts of feed tested (no not in rapid succession I know that this is not good a

    Tags: Pain, Animals, Skin, Dog, Shed, psychosis, cruelty to animals, stubborn, pain dog +
  • Vaccination in the dog - costs 10-12

    Hi, how much does a primary vaccination in dogs (without rabies) in about? --answer-- Lt. Nobivac vaccine manufacturers are 3 models possible. Primary vaccination 4 weeks, then 8 weeks again with 12 weeks ago - then every 3 years. Primary vaccination

    Tags: Doctor, Dog
  • My dog ​​eats Kaninchenkot! 10-12

    Hey, I have a female dog (she is 9 months old) and she eats the feces of my rabbits. Because it slowly is warmer now, the rabbit may in a run in the garden. When I play with my dog ​​in the garden she finds the feces and eats him. Is that harmful or

    Tags: eat, Dog, rabbit, dog + Rabbit
  • urgently need a dog breed 10-12

    Which is actually a good dog breed suitable for young people? I do not want to buy myself nähmlich nHund and white but what take for one race should ;-) LG your FantasyStoryNr1 Ps: I like Angel ^^ --answer-- If you like Angel, get a beagle or golden

    Tags: Dog, Dog breed, dog + buy
  • Dog in the city? Selection, familiarization etc. 10-12

    Dear potential counselor, I think about 2 years zuzulegen a dog. Had been my first day of life dogs in my life and household. Since it comes from the Toy Poodle to tips about Caucasians and Malinois. Since I am now for about 2 years living in the cit

    Tags: Animals, Dog, house, puppies, Leipzig, dog + apartment, settling samoyed
  • How do I deal with the death of my deceased dog? 10-12

    Hello community, for days occupied me the death of my dog, Jessy. he was a graceful, endearing Irish setters, he had a greater soul than most creatures. I can hardly sleep, lying awake night after night and wonder if my life still makes sense. a neig

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, death, pets + dog
  • What breed of dog is that? Urgently 10-12

    Hello my love. Which one of you can help me. I need to find the breed of dog this dog. She is now 4 months old. I hope you can help me. Would be very grateful for any Helpful Answer. Love from --answer-- What kind of a dog I do not really, but a smal

    Tags: Dog, Breed, breed race +
  • Help! My dog ​​chewed everything! 10-12

    Hello. I have a problem undzwar following: my little dog Tino (9 months, Dachshund Chihuahua mix, neutered male) gnawing on all kinds of textiles such as blankets, pillows and clothes but also to wooden furniture (which, however, very rare) and now h

    Tags: Education, Dog
  • What is the name electric dog file? 10-11

    Hello :) someone knows how to say the electronic dog nail file? Or can someone link me a link? Thank you in advance :) --answer-- why do you need something? Look just at google. So with us, the Mas

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Dog does not stop bein walk 10-11

    My Dog is a Bolonka Zwetna and soon 5 year old. He hears at home pretty good, except when we visit. So, but the walk when we meet a dog, he hears naught to me and gives me no attention. He pulls on the leash, squeaks, growls or barks and ignored me.

    Tags: Dog, walk
  • Dog is aggressive - what to do? 10-10

    The dog of my aunt is now almost 14 months old (as yet not castrated) and actually a nice guy. She has him out of killing abroad. The usual commands like "sit", "space", "permanent" and so the male dominated properly. He also

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Dog training, dog + dog training
  • Tips for walking the dog with the dog 10-10

    Hello;) I'm going soon with the dog of a friend for a walk ... it actually all works quite well, except that they do not come when I call to you;? (Do you have tips how I could manage that, or just general tips for dealing with the dog or go for a wa

    Tags: Dog, walkies
  • My dog ​​jumps on people who take their dog to the arm 10-10

    Hi :) I have also played a Dog (Timo, 1 year 11 months, Golden Retriver), which comes out every day about 6 hours and in the home, is again and made a bit of brainwork. So now to my question .. I'm totally overwhelmed with the situation. My dog ​​Tim

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • ! Dog has diarrhea and bloating ?! 10-09

    My 8 year old bitch has puked before about 30min. Afterwards I realized that she is restless and wanted from her as I got up she peed in the kitchen (something she has never done it is completely housebroken ?!) After I eliminated everything and attr

    Tags: Dog, sick animals, dog + sick
  • Dog Problem Kot 10-09

    What deters dogs or upset them? It may also be harder stuff! Request for urgent response --answer-- One can work with punishment ... But much better is a reward! Instead of trying to scare the dog, reward him when he does something right! Since rich

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Climbing stairs with dog (31kg) 10-09

    Hello everyone "Hündeler"! I have a 3 year old Ridgeback Boxer Mastiff dogs, strong and athletic built and physically very fit. Now I go for a freelance job for 3 months to Barcelona and had a great apartment in prospect. The only problem: the a

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Gastrointestinal - Dog 10-09

    Hello, I have to get a dog in front of me. If a gastrointestinal virus common in dogs o. Similar viruses? If a transmission to humans is possible? MfG --answer-- Hello, Of course, there are diseases that can be transmitted from dog to a man, but if y

    Tags: Dog, Disease, virus, human, Stomach, intestine, dog + people



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