• Full blown dog learn the barking 10-15

    Hi, I need your help: my dog ​​is now 5 years old, and he can not bark on command. How can I teach him? What do I do best? Thanks for your support. thank you --answer-- Of course it depends on the dog. Some simply do not bark so much as others. I did

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  • Are dog hair is a problem in saltwater aquariums 10-15

    As these pools must indeed remain open, would be interested if entrained dog hair would be a problem ... Has there been anyone experience? thank you --answer-- Hi, comes as always depends. Short hair do not make problems slightly longer able to risk

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  • Is poisoned my dog ​​?? : 0 10-14

    I was on Saturday with my dog ​​(chihuahua rude 1 year old) and a walk in a bush, he then found meat! It was cut and he has not fully swallowed I got it in time out of his mouth. Today I've seen his gums turned white !! What's wrong with him :( --ans

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  • Fur discoloration dog - what does that mean? 10-14

    Hey guys, A few weeks ago my dog ​​has strange discoloration around the mouth. (Russet-red) Covered beginning the come from feed - so that it can be washed off - but that was not the case. Before I go to the vet I wanted to first ask if any of you mi

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  • I will have to offer a care agency a dog the owner know? 10-14

    So hundehalung is prohibited! But one floor up is a woman that a dog has ever since! However, he heard another woman I find it totally unfair that I can not have a small dog and the best no one complains, on the contrary he is caressed by all! And if

    Tags: Dog, tenancy law, foster home
  • new dog growls and bares its teeth 10-14

    Hi, I hope you can help me. We got us on Saturday a nine-month-old dog from the animal shelter. Originally from Romania and came up with four months to the shelter to Germany. They landed already as a puppy with his mother in Romania at the shelter.

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  • Watchful dog? 10-14

    Hello everybody. I need help please. Since almost 2 weeks we have a second dog, whose primary job is to be vigilant. But from the beginning: We, now almost 8 years Goldi dog is super sweet, but a nightcap as it appears in the book. He barks only when

    Tags: Dog, watchdog, guard dog
  • Dog a friend scratched my couch / pays the insurance? 10-14

    Hello! Recently I had a visit from my cousin. She brought a girlfriend and dog. The dog has it scratched my couch. I know that dog owners might provide insurance for such cases have but I hardly know the lady (had no contact from her) I thought that

    Tags: Insurance, Dog, law, liability, Liability insurance, dog + Insurance, household insurance
  • prohibited dog attitude ?! 10-14

    Hello dear it comes to the subject dog attitude. in my Rental Contract is Allowed by arrangement. the lady below me has a dog .. and 2 cats. forbids me the owner of this dog. But is it not so yorkshire not deemed dog but as a small animal? and he mus

    Tags: Pets, Dog, dog ownership, pets + dog ownership
  • Text as dog carers 10-14

    Hello. I signed up on one side looking the animal or dog caregivers. I sometimes take care of a puppy from buddy. So what should I write as "Application text"? can call you not, because it has no phone number. Did someone experience? thank you -

    Tags: work, Animals, Dog, family, social, dog + Animals
  • How do I get my own dog? 10-14

    I am now 12 years old and grew up with a dog (the dog of my grandparents) and I wish therefore always a eigeben dog with us home. I've already talked to my mother about it and if I now anspreche it is stirred to life totally on. What can I do to conv

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  • My Dog Grooming I him enough? 10-13

    Hello. I admit it .. I do not go out so often with my dog ​​and actually have very little time. We showering him 1 times a month because my father thinks you should not shower often him. He had NEN stroke and therefore get a paralyzed tongue. My fath

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  • Therapy dog ​​training 10-13

    HAllo, I now save just my money together for a Therapihunde education. Now I wanted to ask what must be a therapy dog ​​all can ??? or what we can practice until I have the money together ?? So to my dog ​​(my dog ​​trainers he thought would be suita

    Tags: training, children, Dog, therapy, social worker, dog + children
  • Horror with dog in the garden, then come the zombies 10-13

    Search already do all the time to find a horror film with a small group of young people, the holidays in a house and suddenly a dog in the garden is a zombie dog / rabies. Then later appear zombies. And it's definitely not cabin in the woods: D is mo

    Tags: Film, Dog, horror, zombie, Horror + dog
  • Is dog trainer a female profession 10-13

    Is a dog trainer, a typical female profession? --answer-- Dog trainer is of course a woman. But there are also dog trainers = male. Here the ratio is female / male fairly balanced. @derMarcelH, the dog trainer (as neutral name) is not a profession. A

    Tags: job, women, Dog, women + Job
  • Training Course Dog Graz 10-13

    Hi! Does anyone know a large enclosed space / lawn where one can freely buy with his dog training? So of course quite well it would be if it is so large that the dog did not even notice that he can now not run away ... And if possible, it should be a

    Tags: Dog, Dog training, Graz, Hundeplatz
  • Dog wanted: Apartment: Tips? 10-13

    Hello, I'm playing for some time with the idea to buy myself a friend for life (provided the family with play). I like dogs very much just the only problem is the property .. That is probably what I would like the Favorites never expect the Labrador,

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  • Can I sell a list dog to Brandenburg? 10-12

    Hello, I have already informed but that I have not seen in the various regulations. I want to sell a Rottweiler puppy Brandenburg but as far as I read that now is the act forbidden by with list dogs. I myself live but in Mecklenburg where the Rottwei

    Tags: Dog, sale
  • Dog skin peels very strong urgently 10-12

    Hello the dog from my grandma has for half a year scales on the skin it is very bad he suffers and itches all sore. We have stayed at several veterinarians and he has all sorts of feed tested (no not in rapid succession I know that this is not good a

    Tags: Pain, Animals, Skin, Dog, Shed, psychosis, cruelty to animals, stubborn, pain dog +
  • Vaccination in the dog - costs 10-12

    Hi, how much does a primary vaccination in dogs (without rabies) in about? --answer-- Lt. Nobivac vaccine manufacturers are 3 models possible. Primary vaccination 4 weeks, then 8 weeks again with 12 weeks ago - then every 3 years. Primary vaccination

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