• MY DOG CRIES! 05-07

    Accidentally I have my dog ​​shot a Stable small tennis ball into / your eye .... His eye appears tinted red around the pupil .... He gets his eye on easy, it looks like the pupil Währe slipped backwards which is quite illogical sounds ... now my que

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  • What dog breed meets my needs 05-06

    I currently have 2 dogs and go with them every day a large round by bike. Lately I'm so a comic one encounters and now my mother is worried, because it will also have been kidnappings, etc. They wanted me no longer even let go, but now we are in agre

    Tags: Dog, Schutzhund
  • Puppy let alone outside with a first dog !? 05-06

    Hello I get a puppy tomorrow (rude). He is 9 weeks old (soon 10 weeks). I now have 2 weeks off and then I go back to work and then I 7 hours away from home. We also have a first dog, he is a Labrador and 9 years old. He is the whole day there and kno

    Tags: Dog, puppy, second dog, puppy + second dog
  • sell or give dog food 05-06

    I bought food for my puppy from Belcando Puppy. Only she does not tolerate rice in there. The 5kg bag is still as good as full and I do not want to just throw it away. Is there a way to him a bit of money to sell or give him somewhere where it is use

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  • euthanize dog, dog time alone 05-04

    Today I have unfortunately a relatively sad question for you. After communicating with my older bitch to the vet this morning as good as certain that they have leukemia and needs to be put down. My question for you, I have a second dog should be the

    Tags: Dog, death to sleep, a second dog, euthanize + death
  • cost of a dog per month in Switzerland 05-04

    How much does one dog per month in Swiss francs. I would very much like to put me a dog but it was only one time I have to gather a lot more information. It should work with all the trimmings (dishes, leash, bowls, etc.) LG --answer-- The basic equip

    Tags: Animals, Dog, cat, dog + cat
  • Respect because the pack leader? 05-01

    Hello, a person has a puppy for a few weeks and the dog never plays with him, at least not like me or other colleagues. He is extremely jealous strikes the dog with him, never deal so he can then come up with an excuse, saying that he just respect me

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog
  • Dog howls crying 04-30

    Hello, I have a short hair chiwawa (6-7monate old) and our trouble's just when my parents left the house he catch on to whine and cry and after a few minutes he is back to normal but after 10-15 minutes. he catch again, whether my brother or I are ho

    Tags: Animals, Dog, cry, whine, cry + dog
  • socialize from dog & cat? 04-30

    I get to a puppy shi (9 months) soon f. 3 where to care. frauchen was yesterday because sniff with him for mutual, because my cat (6 years) yes would get along with him. first meet was so-so ... dog has never had a cat seen u. my cat never had a dog.

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, socialize, dog + cat
  • control dog 04-30

    Is it true that when a dog's temperament test is only required to pay normal tax --answer-- not quite. For an essential test you just when there is the possibility that an attack dog breed with is. he then this is not to be more control paid as fight

    Tags: Dog, taxes
  • Dog wanted. With these features, 04-30

    Hey Hey, Will soon be 18 and look around just for a dog. I do not know what breed to take. I'd prefer to take a Bernese Mountain Dog. But the dog should also have these characteristics: Cuddly little run, black-brown or black-and-white fur have. He s

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, pets + dog, breeds
  • Roofing in dog fur 04-29

    Hello! Mir is because recently another mess: the filling of a roof sealant my joyful Labrador ran with its tail in the bucket along. Here something has remained stuck to the tail of the crowd. One no longer gets from now! I have already tried with tu

    Tags: Dog, tail, Labrador, turpentine, Malheur
  • Demarcation cattery / commercial breeding (dog) 04-29

    Hello everybody, if someone has an approved kennel name and a license to breed and this already 15 litters had (small dogs, about 3 pups per litter on average). Each year, 2 to 3 litters, about two females and also has its own stud dog ... that's sti

    Tags: Dog, Commercial, hobby breed, Commercial + hobby breed
  • My dog ​​has gekappelt with another! :( 04-29

    I was walking with my dog ​​on. We saw another dog, my dog ​​barked at him. To calm my dog ​​I let them make seat. What else ever worked .. but she moved anyway. And suddenly ... as fast as I could not watch the hinge opened on a leash and my dog ​​r

    Tags: Dog
  • Rash of dog? Dogs squiggle? 04-29

    hello all, and although I have since determined 2 months a rash near the chin. it is many small red pick moose. now do every night Penaten cream on it and it has become even better. However, the redness and a few small pick elchen stay tuned persiste

    Tags: Skin, Dog, Allergy, medical, rash, Allergy + skin
  • Adopting a second dog? 04-29

    Hello, I am for one year in a dog from Hungary smitten. I find them just to bite, her charisma is so friendly and warm. It is also compatible just like my dog. But I'm not sure how the 2 dogs, so I have one. What is your experience with two? Have you

    Tags: Animals, Dog, animal welfare, dog + Animal Welfare
  • dog feces in the forest 04-29

    hallöchen hers! I now had a real annoying conversation with a dog keeper. I work in a forest kindergarten and about 3 meters from our meeting place, has the woman let hinscheissen their dog. I have addressed it, that it's a little inconvenient (it ha

    Tags: Pets, Dog, walkies, forest, dog feces, Pets + Forest
  • Dog fur - Black fur fashion hair? 04-29

    My dog ​​has black / white / brown fur, but when stroking through the coat (against the grain) one realizes that the individual hairs are black only at the tips and the hair is actually mostly white. Why is that? --answer-- Because due to the case. M

    Tags: Dog, Color, Coat, Funnel, color + fur
  • May I take a dog in the dm? 04-29

    Hello has the same shop but does not know whether the dog with pure must .. White also equal to how expensive the bus for a dog? --answer-- in the DM market you must definitely NOT dog with reinnehmen that you have a leash outside ..... The bus / tra

    Tags: Dog, bus
  • how long can dog alone (apartment) 04-28

    I got myself a dog and have a work which takes 5st I can a dog while aleine let thanks for the reply --answer-- You did have to think you BEFORE feeding the dog !!! A puppy you may not have initially alone! Then you have it completely after some time

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