• Confidence in a dog 11-30

    Hey .. I want for a friend his dog form .. The problem is, and is 2 years old and has not enjoyed in no respect education. Pomeranian! Will always supported and is very anxious. Was already 2 times completely okay with it on the dog place .. Was she

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  • Dog with herniated disc! Euthanasia? 11-30

    Hi everybody, my dog ​​is this May 8 years old. For a few months she has severe back problems .... us much at first only on that she made pure again, and we could not explain ... we have a 1.5 year old daughter and thought at first that it only jealo

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, herniated disc, euthanize pets + dog
  • Puppy training (walking the dog, etc.) 11-29

    Hello everyone, it's about my 11 week old puppies, I have brought to me yesterday. He is a very sweet but understandably more anxious and insecure. But we have already established a good bond. Well today I did not go to the same dog school because I

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, exercise, puppy, Dog training, education + dog
  • Dog rips chicken outside the property 11-29

    Hello community :) Today we had afternoon the incident that our dog has torn a chicken. The chicken was outside the fenced in the middle of the forest road and we saw it too late. Dog quickly ... We are directly at the house, unfortunately, no one wa

    Tags: Dog, right, chicken, chicken + dog
  • Dog trained in Rolli- make how and what to consider? 11-29

    Hi, I'm sitting in a wheelchair but can walk a bit with props. Later I would like a shelter dog fetch me anyway (Labrador o. Golden Retriever). I have a few questions as I u with the training to the make Rolli:. How do I bring the dog's feet running

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  • What a dog instead ruff up do? 11-29

    my dog ​​has been spayed on Friday and got a ruff so that he, the threads not rausreisst. but he can not handle, do not eat and do not sleep with it. some they thought their dog have something else done up, but we have no idea. you know maybe what? K

    Tags: Dog, castration, replacement, neutering
  • Where it is better to buy a dog? 11-29

    Is it better a dog at the breeder to buy at the shelter or in an animal protection station in Spain? The old is aged one year too much but it should no longer Puppy therefore be what is better? --answer-- You should repays on a budget - if a chihuahu

    Tags: Dog, shelter, Breeder, shelter + Breeder
  • As "educates" is a dog right? 11-29

    Hi Guys, I currently have a dog for three weeks "guest". It is my mother's dog and a very sweet, mostly well behaved animal. (I would like to please not hear about beatings or totally kicks.) It's like this: we have no problems basically. In the

    Tags: Education, training, Dog, walkies, whine, education + training
  • Was bitten by own dog. Who pays the medical expenses? 11-28

    When playing me has the own dog gebissen.Wer now pays the medical expenses? --answer-- bit me of your own dog. before 2 hrs. was your question Your dog bit your mother. https://www./frage/mein-hund-hat-meine-mutter-in-den-arm-gebissenhu...\_overview

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  • My dog ​​does not tolerate Treats 11-28

    My dog ​​6 years (Shepherd) always gets in treats diarrhea and I have really been many different ways tried but at the slightest bit where he he eats the next day diarrhea What can I do here or treats to make you know any recipes themselves ? Thanks

    Tags: Animals, Dog, treats, dog + treats
  • My Dog Has my mother in the arm gebissen.Hund uninsured 11-28

    My dog ​​has tweaked my mother in the arm .Vorsichtshalber we .she the hospital was treated there had to overnight there bleiben.Wer pays the whole. # The dog was at that time not yet assured because I had him only a few days. --answer-- Hello First

    Tags: Dog
  • Dog eats grass 11-28

    Hi, what does it mean when my dog ​​their food does not touch, but a lot of grass has eaten on the morning round? So far, it has neither diarrhea nor constipation, but loud abdominal noises. LG, Clapa --answer-- Hello. Make vieke. My makes it and it'

    Tags: anorexia, Dog
  • Cruciate ligament dog 11-28

    My dog ​​(7 years old) was diagnosed rear left in Sept. 2014, a cruciate ligament injury! The doctor advised a Op, which should cost about € 1,500 plus treatment! Unfortunately that is not possible with this award for me, so I decided to Hundephysiot

    Tags: Dog, cruciate ligament tear
  • My dog ​​scratches himself all the time 11-28

    Hey My dog ​​scratches himself all the time we do not know what he has my parents have investigated as early as the Internet is just that we should not ignore him but that is permanent and not a solution! LG ;-) --answer-- The following factors may b

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • My dog ​​barks whenever he does not get 11-28

    What should I do --answer-- Your dog is not trained! You should give much more expertise for dealing with dogs learn. A dog school would be a good address for you both. If you have no idea when dealing with dogs, a any tips continue to help much. One

    Tags: Education, Dog
  • My dog ​​always barks at children! What can I do? 11-27

    If my dog ​​sees children he is mesmerized and runs back and barks at them. Although he does not bite, but small children quickly get scared. Does anyone have experience or tips? Thank you! --answer-- as long as he barks at children, you need to leas

    Tags: Education, children, Dog, education + dog
  • Futterneid the dog 11-27

    As the title suggests, I have quite a problem with my dog: It is kind of extreme fodder jealous. He has his box, where he is always drinne in the kitchen. If you have food prepared, or be empty bowl still faces the box and someone (whether human or d

    Tags: Dog, Futterneid
  • How teach the dog the basic position? 11-27

    Hi, I have a question about the basic position and how I can teach my dog ​​(10 months old). She is a Yorki Mix and very much alive. Normal it always does everything totally behaved in the dog school. Only when the basic position where to pass the tr

    Tags: Dog, Dog training
  • Are all breed dog breeds over? 11-27

    I want to buy a Bobtail and wanted to ask whether a Bobtail breed dog is heavily over-bred. So have such problems, such as the Pug, which does not breathe properly, etc. Does anyone know whether the Bobtail also has such strong problems? LG Tierschut

    Tags: Dog, ueberzuechtet breed dogs
  • Name of dog wanted l 11-26

    We want to buy us a dog, but can look forward to some no name, what name would you give him.?. Male, Labrador Redriver, blond --answer-- marvin if you have the Lütten at home, then you know how you ought to call him Sammy, Sandy, Franz Esco, Lorence,

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