• exposed to dog what to do? 07-10

    Have just seen a video that will be exposed annually to highway rest stops about dogs. Even sad something like that, I can not understand what is going on in the people before him totally, because I myself am owner of 2 cats and a dog. Well to my que

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  • Dog vomits! What to do 07-10

    My dog ​​has passed two minutes before ate at 8am what should I do? --answer-- Wait and then it is best not physically straining. If it does not get better after a few days you should then but make a doctor appointment. I would now wait and see a few

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  • Which dog breed is pictured here?

    Which dog breed is pictured here? 07-10

    Can anyone tell me what breeds were crossed here me? Sure, I'm only the shepherd, which is indeed tens are there races .... Is it perhaps a Belgian Sheepdog Boxer Mix? What do you all mean? Thank you so much! --answer-- I would strongly tap Labrador.

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  • Does my dog ​​Astmah? 07-10

    My dog ​​pants so funny, is that bad, and if so what can be done about it. Is this wheezing Astmah? --answer-- not judge can iwr. It is possibly a kennel cough or do you have a very kurzschnauzige hunderasse? google please animal clinics and -tierkli

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  • What can I do if my dog ​​does, despite long walk walking into the apartment? 07-10

    Hello, I have brought my now four year old female from a stall almost a year ago, she was so accustomed to any apartment. This, she throws herself under rapidly, which has become much better. The problem is that they gave me every now and then pees i

    Tags: Animals, Dog, housebreaking, dog + housebreaking
  • How do I get housebroken my 2 year old dog? 07-09

    Hello my dog ​​lady is still not Housebroken :( The TA said because she has a bowel disease and special food needs, the costs just unfortunately 15, -.. 3 kg I suspect she has still but my parents are not ready to pay that . and if they do not will H

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  • How and by whom was Bismarck dog Tyras get its name? 07-09

    Hello, I am interested, where Otto von Bismarck dog Tyras had his name. Who gave him this, and why? Unfortunately, I can find on the Internet, only the Greek colony on the Black Sea Tyras, as well as an old children's novel about a dog with the same

    Tags: Dog, History, historian, Empire, Otto von Bismarck, Empire + history
  • Ideal exercise environment during dog training - what about? 07-09

    Hi, I once again ne question: What is the ideal environment in the dog training from? When should I change it? How about at the beginning, "in the middle" and "end" of? LG and Thanks --answer-- The ideal practice environment consists o

    Tags: Environment, training, Dog, human, human + Training
  • Shelter does not give me my dog ​​!? 07-09

    Hello my dog ​​I was before about 1 month I stole phoned everywhere at the shelter etc. and no one had such a dog described. Now I have come from a stupid accident on the website of an animal shelter in my town and took a picture of my dog ​​found. I

    Tags: Dog, right, shelter, dog + shelter, search dog
  • Dog does not drink much, parents in holiday 07-09

    Hello, I have my parents' dog as they are on vacation for 2 days. The dog drinks in my opinion not enough. I have seen it many times he has been drinking at least. A big bowl With my parents. With me not even half. But he wanted to drink dirty water

    Tags: Dog, Water, dog behavior, dog behavior + Water
  • top 10 of the most important dog commands !? 07-09

    What are the top 10 commands for dogs? --answer-- "Come on," so that he can even walk freely "Off" so you can interrupt unwanted behavior and can relieve him of something if it could be dangerous. to keep him, "Stay" at a cer

    Tags: Education, Animals, Dog, education + dog
  • How can my dog ​​teach trick? 07-09

    Hello ind although I have a 5 month old dog and he can already sitting, space, pfötchen, chek, give loud and küssi but we get simply not "roll" taught .. we practice since almost 3 weeks and the other tricks she has within 2 days confidence. how

    Tags: Dog, role, teach
  • Dog is unmotivated: l 07-08

    Hey, So my mixed breed dog is actually extremely motivated and obedient. Lately it is however quite bagged .. I suppose it is mainly due to the weird weather (it has extreme thunderstorm anxiety). In Obedience you realize it most. She sneaks behind,

    Tags: Sports, Dog
  • my dog ​​(pug) is something wrong 07-08

    So my dog ​​is since yesterday so quiet and do not want to eat it is just who I feed from the hand. UDN it seems to me that her legs hurt dan have I turned to it verify and my mother said, it may be on the long nails dan we have looked at the nails a

    Tags: Dog, pug
  • Exspot with dog 07-08

    Hi, have a nearly 6 months old dog, who now gets Exspot. I've noticed a 2ml unit by a vet. The said that I want to apply at two locations. I did that, but it is still very much left. Should I even apply or cancel? Please answer fast! --answer-- It de

    Tags: Dog, Exspot
  • what does a horse? (Like dog?) 07-08

    Hello, my little sister would like a private. I know you have to regularly feed times, needs a little stable, etc. What does a horse incl. All costs ?? Is it as expensive as keeping dogs ?? --answer-- ACQUISITION COST: By this I mean Horse and access

    Tags: Animals, Horse, Dog, riding, dog + horses
  • Can I let my dog ​​sleep ONLY with baskets on the balcony? 06-24

    My cat is sleeping overnight on the balcony and it comes with the temperature of Good. Therefore, I thought my dog ​​Teddy could on the balcony because it is sometimes very warm in the apartment. He sleeps in the hallway! He is a King charles- cocker

    Tags: Dog, dog + care, animal lovers
  • What to do when my dog ​​anpinselt my stuff? 06-05

    My dog ​​pees on all the time wooden furniture and plastic stuff, Is there any spray that does not piss the dogs there? Please answer, thank you --answer-- Take it easy to brush off. Seriously, it always has a cause. To annoy you, he does not. Possib

    Tags: Dog, dog urine
  • build dog toy? Real quick? 06-04

    Hello, Tomorrow I'm going to my girlfriend, and she has a dog, a Jack Russel mix ... Now I wanted for ihen dog still fast a toy build-not aufwenig wenns only Min. Work ... can you suggest me things? I really do not know what is now fast and easy; / b

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  • Dog ate unknown 06-04

    Hello, I was just with my dog ​​for a walk, as I have just seen that he had something in his mouth from the meadow. My first thought was, of course, a poison bait, having heard that it has cracked in his mouth, I immediately thought of a razor blade.

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