• My dog ​​always barks at children! What can I do? 11-27

    If my dog ​​sees children he is mesmerized and runs back and barks at them. Although he does not bite, but small children quickly get scared. Does anyone have experience or tips? Thank you! --answer-- as long as he barks at children, you need to leas

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  • Futterneid the dog 11-27

    As the title suggests, I have quite a problem with my dog: It is kind of extreme fodder jealous. He has his box, where he is always drinne in the kitchen. If you have food prepared, or be empty bowl still faces the box and someone (whether human or d

    Tags: Dog, Futterneid
  • How teach the dog the basic position? 11-27

    Hi, I have a question about the basic position and how I can teach my dog ​​(10 months old). She is a Yorki Mix and very much alive. Normal it always does everything totally behaved in the dog school. Only when the basic position where to pass the tr

    Tags: Dog, Dog training
  • Are all breed dog breeds over? 11-27

    I want to buy a Bobtail and wanted to ask whether a Bobtail breed dog is heavily over-bred. So have such problems, such as the Pug, which does not breathe properly, etc. Does anyone know whether the Bobtail also has such strong problems? LG Tierschut

    Tags: Dog, ueberzuechtet breed dogs
  • Name of dog wanted l 11-26

    We want to buy us a dog, but can look forward to some no name, what name would you give him.?. Male, Labrador Redriver, blond --answer-- marvin if you have the Lütten at home, then you know how you ought to call him Sammy, Sandy, Franz Esco, Lorence,

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  • dog trick to teach with a ball and treats? 11-22

    Will my dog ​​teach he umschmeisst the ball so that he treats out but gets I do not know what to do so he got it --answer-- You have to fill the ball when it is and it looks a little, you can Add him .. then let the ball roll himself on the ground ..

    Tags: Dog, Tricks
  • is a rottweiler \ kangal hybrid one or no list dog in brandenburg 11-22

    I have a question is a rottweiler \ kangal mischling a list dog because the is no kangal and the rottweiler one in Brandenburg. --answer-- The regulations and laws define hybrids of at least one listed race also as a list dogs. But since it is a hybr

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  • As I get used from my dog, extremely to jump me when greeting? 11-22

    When I connect my Pitbul 2-3 hours. I left alone at home and then come back, he jumps me several minutes to joy. Often I get scratches or my glasses falls down. Of course I am happy that my dog ​​missed me, but how can I break him of that or stop it?

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  • Coconut oil for the dog? 11-22

    Can I my Yorkshire Terrier do einbisschen organic coconut oil after bathing in the coat? For us yes istdas well. --answer-- You can do the fur the dog daily. Is not only good, but also protects against ticks. Our gets it on in summer before Gassi go

    Tags: Dog, bathing, coconut oil, Yorkshire
  • Which dog breed is (on the attaching frame)? 11-14

    I would like to buy me a slightly smaller dog and have searched the Internet for images. This image I find extremely sweet, so someone has a clue what breed is it? Thanks in advance. --answer-- This is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. However,

    Tags: Dog, puppy
  • I can not think a dog name 11-14

    Hey dear, my family and I have after many years finally consideration for a dog it entschlossen.?am29.03ist extent then comes the little French bulldog, a rude, but next week is the vaccination certificate filled out and the name has already are fixe

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  • Dog runs barking at other dogs or people. What training to sluggish leash? 11-14

    My dog, terrier mix, 1 year. Hear otherwise Super when it is off and no one is nearby. So he comes right at the first call and so on. Has actually afraid of strangers, especially in front of men. but be recently is the problem if it is on a leash, he

    Tags: training, Dog
  • Problem with dog keeper in the neighborhood 11-14

    Ask the dog owners with appropriate experience or vlt. even a legal background. The whole thing has a story that I try to represent shortly. I live in a small settlement near the forest, consisting of 12 households. Of which there are 7 households do

    Tags: Car, urine, Dog, private grounds, dog urine
  • dog probably injured his hip, vet ?! 11-14

    Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with h

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, injury, pets + dog
  • to detach dog? As? 11-14

    Hello. I have an 8 - year old lady dog. It is quite thick and can only pull up the mountain, I'm afraid of losing it. What can I do that it decreases? You do not want to run (it must nevertheless). --answer-- A dog can only eat what is given to him,

    Tags: slimming, Dog
  • Why is my dog ​​like that? - 11-14

    Hey, I do not know if this is normal but whenever my dog ​​he is encountered with this a dog really hyperactive and the other dog yelps ever to come to my and my captures in recent times however so on I do not know if this is normal like the too much

    Tags: Love, Animals, Dog, behavior, dog + Animals, puppies
  • dog leave .. But involuntarily 11-14

    Hi Guys. And although I am again drew back in my hometown half a year in NRW usual again in Hessen. My dog ​​was in the care of my Mutter..Sie has just issued I was pretty shocked because it was my and they should take care of him and she said yes an

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  • Dog is afraid Help 11-13

    Hey My dog ​​is four years old, which is a yorkshire terrier & she afraid of other dogs. If a dog is because it sniffs briefly and then hides behind me. Every day I go 4 times with her and each time she responded that way. We have been 3 days the dog

    Tags: Help, Love, Animals, Dog, puppies, Help Animals
  • My grandma is rude to my dog 11-13

    Whenever I am or if it is with me at my grandma, she's always so rude to my dog. That is, it pulls on the leash or collar on, I remember that she has given her time one or two slaps and pushes them around, if it does not fit her where she sits or lie

    Tags: Dog, grandma, pull, scold, tug, roughly treated bad
  • Our dog is behaving funny with young children ... 11-13

    Hey, we have a mixed breed dog (almost 1 1/2 years old). Normally it is (with people they know well) super nice and can really do anything with it. But it is in other very suspicious. Last night I was with her. When my 3 year old cousin who is very w

    Tags: fear, Dog, suspicion, grab, attacking, Angst + distrust



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