• poisoned dog?!? What to do? 04-17

    In brief: my dog ​​ran ne hour long winselnt through the area and has now laid. Was he poisoned? Can we help him? The next outstanding veterinarian is 2-3 hrs away thanks schonma --answer-- That with the 2-3 hours is either devised or not researched

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  • Dog licking disinfectant 04-16

    Hello, My dog ​​has taken about 1-2ml Desinfiktionsmittel to be. Is it harmful for him? What should I do? --answer-- Immediately, call today veterinarian with emergency service. Bottle of disinfectant, the rights for the vet and keep the information

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  • Feel a dog something like separation's pain? 04-16

    So I assumed would give my dog ​​.. he feels something like separation's pain? So can miss a dog? --answer-- Hello, Yes, a dog feels separation from the pack as a very "painful" and he will miss "his" people very. We have withdrawn som

    Tags: Help, Dog
  • Dog in a rented apartment, for 2 times 04-16

    Hi, so I and my family now live in a rented apartment for about 5 years. When we moved in here, we had a dog (Golden Retriever, so no little dog). Unfortunately this has died 2 years ago. Now we would like to like to buy a new dog. But over the years

    Tags: Dog, Leases, lease, tenant Tenancy + lease
  • Makes a dog confident? 04-16

    Hello, I would like to know if I, if I have a dog berthing me then'm more confident? Now please do not say if I will ever know how much work that makes, yes I know! Nevertheless, what dog would make more confident, which race? Or is all this? Zb and

    Tags: Dog, Confidence
  • I really want to have a dog.! :-) 04-16

    Hey, I wish already ziehmlich long a small dog example a zwergspitz because I do my homework after school, and I feel like it's boring, I have almost never plans and if I had a dog I'd stick VERY deal a lot with him. I live alone with my mom she work

    Tags: Vacation, training, Dog, Train, wait, vacation + Training
  • If there which to me? Ordnungsamt, dog etc. 04-16

    Hey, two weeks ago my dog ​​was bitten in a dog park (Saxony-Anhalt) by another dog, as we were about to enter the degree meadow (the causative dog plunged almost immediately on my). My dog ​​was wearing it a flesh wound that had to be treated by a v

    Tags: police, Animals, Dog, law, dog + animals Ordnungsamt
  • Dog has 15 small tick on the head ?! (+ Image) what to do about it? 04-16

    Hi, my father was yesterday with our 'family dog' in the woods, the dog was allowed to freely run around, etc. and has thereby more than 15 (!!!) tiny black blue ticks brought the increases but also occur on the head at the entire body! My Dog is a F

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Disease, Veterinarian, ticks, veterinary medicine, danger, dog + disease
  • Newfoundland dog, how much space? 04-16

    How much space does a Newfoundland? So we have a total area of ​​121 square meters and a floor space of 390 square meters and we live in a house with garden and about one or two kilometers is a lake Thanks in advance --answer-- As employment takes pl

    Tags: Dog, Square, Newfoundland
  • Dogs cost (dog, small) 04-15

    Hello, Could you list me a list with the cost of a small dog list with final sum? Thank you :) --answer-- a list of people with the cost of a small dog Purchase price with a reputable breeder 1000-1500 EUR. At the shelter you pay 250-300 EUR for a do

    Tags: Dog, small, Cost, list, small + cost
  • My dog ​​is sick but veterinarian finds nothing 04-15

    Hello, It started about 3 weeks ago. My dog ​​wanted overnight awful lot drinking and begging repeatedly thereafter. At first I thought it would be only a phase. food was less and less, and the thirst worse. We are then after about 1 week (because th

    Tags: Health, Animals, Dog, dog + Animals
  • Dog taken away without payment and SPCA incited 04-15

    Dear Community, a very dear - and extremely naive - friend of mine bought a dog on the Internet. This had to due to some inconsistencies with their parents have to sell. As potential buyer came her friend questioned. This then has the dog - taken in

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, Jura, law, animal welfare, dog + Animals
  • Dog language, puts on and takes off paw 04-15

    Whenever sitting in the kitchen is my dog ​​to me and stands me up face height. Puts her paw on my arm or shoulder and holds out her neck contrary to crawl. With her face she tried to come to my height. Does anyone know what that means in the dog lan

    Tags: Dog, language
  • Dog mounts cat - why? 04-15

    Hello, we have a 7.5mm-year-old Husky mix dog and since September also have a cat. The combination of dog and cat was / is not easy because the dog incredibly euphoric responds to the cat and tries to play with her like a dog. As our dog weighs aroun

    Tags: Pets, Dog, cat, pets cat +
  • When the list dog laws in Germany are finally abolished ?! 04-15

    I'm just very angry and frustrated because I with my 14 years in principle, nothing can help ensure that these laws are ill stop once! How can it be that there are laws that state that certain breeds are dangerous, although this is yet disproved clea

    Tags: Dog
  • Dog whines constantly .. What to do? 04-14

    I have a dog brought animal shelter from the first to a day to see how he deals with the cat he understands has not become aggressive does not growl or so ... I left my cat katzenbox only in and the dog on a leash so that they can sniff you first for

    Tags: habituation, Animals, Cats, Dog, cat, dog + cat, animal shelter, whine, hound
  • Dog Collar luminous 04-14

    Hello I have a long hair German Shepherd and I am looking for a luminous collar for dogs longhair, looking someone that I could take as ??? Would be very happy about answers ;-) --answer-- We associates 3 Leuchties on> Start. And ubnser oldest is now

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • What ne dog breed is that? 04-14

    Haallo dear community :) I have this photo here found on the internet: D Does anyone know how the name of this breed is random? Had perhaps thinking of something like a small Münsterländer? best regards --answer-- I would have guessed even a small Mü

    Tags: Dog, Dog breed
  • You know vlt. Which breed of dog that is: | 04-14

    --answer-- This could be an American Staffordshire puppy. Definitely not a Boston Terrier, because the face is round and the ears pointed. Could also be a boxer to be but I think even more of a Staff or pittbul. I'm not sure, agree with the other but

    Tags: Dog, cute, Dog breed, dog breed + sweet
  • My dog ​​scratches itself Doll 04-14

    Hello! Mir is something very close to the heart and that my puppy (a French Bulldog) is itself often scratch very strong on. We have stayed at a veterinarian and the fur has plucked him out and then gave him a drug, which should help. It has its effe

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