• Amounted to? - Make person find - dog! 11-10

    Hello my dears, it is about the following problem: We bought a Labrador bitch of a person (Bekanntin our acquaintances) in October 2014. We have before the mandatory purchase made first to get to know the person and the dog. The person sitting in the

    Tags: Dog, fraud, Advertisement, ad + fraud, wildlife protection agreement, people finding
  • Dog Pregnant? HELP! 11-10

    Hey, I need drigend Hilfe.Meine bitch is between 11 (months) -1 (year) alt.Sie ​​has never been in heat and yesterday with 7 dogs in a meadow gespielt.4 males you are permanently chased and have growled at each other. .. We thought nothing bei.Bis on

    Tags: pregnant, Dog, mating, ruede pregnant + pregnant
  • My dog ​​is snoring extremely loud 11-10

    Hello ^^ As it is already above my dog ​​snoring extremely loud ... No matter how he is, he sawed the trees off .. Can it be that it has a health cause? Thank you in advance :) --answer-- snores my dog ​​extremely loud Many dogs snore loudly, so is n

    Tags: Health, Dog
  • What is this dog? (Image) 11-10

    Hello, as is the breed of the dog in the picture? Thank you very much LG8 --answer-- This could be a Welsh Corgi of the figure and color here. The picture is extremely bad, but it could be a ph

    Tags: Name, Dog, Breed, name + race
  • Ideally daily routine dog 11-10

    Hi, wanted to know: What is the ideal daily routine for a dog from? How much sleep as much training as much cuddling, etc. As I designed the walks interesting except Leckerlie etc.? LG --answer-- The ideal daily routine is the dog dependent. Some nee

    Tags: training, Dog, daily routine
  • problems with our dog 11-10

    Our bitch australian shepherd shepherd dog mix ruins everything when she's alone. She is 7 months old and we have brought them from the shelter 5 weeks before. I believe that it is not due to the utilization. We go in the morning with her two hours o

    Tags: Pets, Dog, Dog training, pets + Hundeerziehung
  • Does anyone know this dog? 11-10

    I have discovered the Internet in search of small breeds this dog but when I got the picture ladete not breed there, otherwise I on my Internet search no similar dog found. Does anyone know this breed? Thanks for your answers your Always Blue --answe

    Tags: Dog, small, Breed, small + race
  • Is my dog ​​depression fallen victim? 11-09

    Our pride always consisted of 4 dogs - a 12 year old Golden Retriever, a 9-year-old mix, a 3 year old Border Collie and a further mix of 1 1/2 years. A week ago we had a heavy heart of the 12-year-old leader Rudel goodbye which unfortunately lost the

    Tags: Dog, depression, death, depression + death
  • What dog forums are there? 11-09

    Hello dear members! I would be interested times what dogs Forums her so knows and what can you recommend something? --answer-- Depends on whether you are looking for something ne particular breed or sport / training or rather what general. I am in Po

    Tags: Dog, Forum + pet forum, dog forum
  • Is this good or bad for the dog? 11-09

    Hi. I wanted to ask you whether I with my 10 year old dog can still walk by bike or is not good for the dog? --answer-- Traben is even very easy on the joints. Respectively all uniform motion. My dog ​​has a little HD and problems with the knee. But

    Tags: bike, Dog, walk, bike + walk
  • With dog wandering 11-09

    How can I, as safely as possible, keep aggressive farm dogs when I go with my little dog wandering? LG, Clapa --answer-- Farm dogs should be locked up in the yard, other aggressive dogs be kept on a leash. So do not worry and merrily go. If a too sas

    Tags: Animals, Dog, wandering
  • free bring to Germany dog ​​from abroad 11-08

    Hello, people I would like to bring my dog ​​from abroad (Turkey) over here to Germany. What all do it and pay I need because my grandparents just to take care of him and I fly this summer go there I want him here ... bring mfG --answer-- You're 14!

    Tags: Dog, password, Countries, password abroad +
  • Newfoundland young dog fur / growth 11-08

    Hi, have a question. When getting Newfoundland actually her real long coat? Our dog is now 7 months old, she has on the front legs and tail already relatively long fur, just missing the rest :-) Is it true that Newfoundland / large breeds only shoot

    Tags: Animals, Dog, fur, fur + dog, Newfoundland
  • What is this dog in the picture :)? 11-08

    --answer-- Could be a Chow Flockii he is

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Breed, Dog breed
  • Dog feeding What and Why? 11-08

    Hello , I would be interested what you feed your dogs (Barf, wet food or dry food) and why? What do you think of the other types of feed? If you wet food or dry food feeding, I would be glad if you write the mark it! Thank you and best regards !:) --

    Tags: food, Dog, dog food, dog food fodder +
  • Shelter / Lab Dog 11-08

    What reputable shelter conveys ?? Lab Dog --answer-- to the dog / beagle be for you or look for your unreasonable friend again? https: //www./frage/lungenentzuendung-beim-hund-und-warm-halten foun ...? A reputable and therefore recommended the organi

    Tags: Animals, Dog, animal shelter, dog + shelter, laboratory Beagle
  • Dog and parquet floor? 11-08

    Hello, our daughter wants so much a small dog or a cat. But we have the whole house new parquet floor - waxed oiled! Cats can indeed move their claws, what about the dogs? Scratching the not the parquet? Friends of ours have laminate (but sealed) and

    Tags: scratches, Dog, house, cat, parquet, ground, house + Cats
  • Sweet dog, but what breed? 11-07

    Can anyone tell me, to what dog breed this sweet dog belongs .. Thanks in advance;) --answer-- Pomerianian Pomeranian belongs to that breed these cute dog Pomeranian in microformat. Maximum life expectancy four years! Constantly and repeatedly asked

    Tags: Dog, small, sweet, fluffy, small sweet +
  • Dog without a tail, cons? 11-07

    We have a dog from Italy, where the tail was missing because he was supposed to serve as a hunting dog. Nobody wanted him because he had no tail, and having my parents heart broken because it is really beautiful and young. (My parents have bought him

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • dog return due to lack of vaccination 11-04

    Hi, I have to separate myself from my last bitch professional reasons, because I will not meet her. When the girl arrived yesterday we made a contract where I deny the return. She took the little velvet animal shelter ID card. This morning she wrote

    Tags: Contract, Dog, purchase agreement, lack, purchase contract + contract



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