• Beach holidays in April, dog and child 04-02

    Hello! I want to woman, child and dog mid April go away / fly one week. The best in a place with warm sandy beach. Yesterday we went to a travel agency and they said it come only the Canary Islands in question. However, no package deals we were there

    Tags: beach, children, Dog, April, holidays, dog + holiday
  • Dog does not like to cuddle 04-02

    Hello! Since the end of the summer holidays we have a Pomeranian in the family. He has now settled in and gets along well with all family members. Nevertheless, he never wants to cuddle properly. I know dogs are not stuffed animals, but other dogs do

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, cuddling, pets + dog affection
  • Seeking a liquid, the smell of dog dirt (pippi) it neutralisiert.das not report. 04-02

    Dogs frlüssigkeit --answer-- When it comes to prevent the dog because hinmacht again, it's about or ne "Rüdenpissecke" outside where dissolves the whole neighborhood we have had very good experiences with BIODOR Animal. Our Lienchen was years in

    Tags: Dog, liquid, urine odor, smell urine +
  • missing dog 04-02

    I had 2 years ago a dog for few months, the hatt where my center back away because he was too big and it was too tiring. she was my dog ​​so my darling, we wanted to know where she goes but the people have never been reported. I am very attached to h

    Tags: Dog, sad
  • Is there a dog swimming in Germany (Hessen)? 04-02

    I have a dog and would love to swim with him gehen.Ich find on the Internet but only pools where the dog and man do not swim together but only the dog alone it schwimmt.Gibt a swimming pool for dogs where you can swim with dogs. --answer-- Something

    Tags: Dog, Pool
  • Does my dog ​​bellyache? 04-01

    Hi I'm degree with my dog ​​outside because he has whined all the time, and his stomach is too hard I think he has abdominal pain and I wanted to know whether he has abdominal pain or whether it is something else, because I do not want now 1 hour wal

    Tags: Dog, sick animals, dog + sick
  • Need help with my dog ​​parasites? 04-01

    I have a 8 week old puppies and have the following problem. My dog ​​has passed from the first day when we got him regularly. Now I had after I saw in the passed so white chunks that all collected and am the vet. The said it would tapeworms. After my

    Tags: Help, parasites, Dog, tapeworm, deworming, dog + parasites, worm treatment
  • New dog Buy yes or no 04-01

    Custom urgently a council. We have until 6 months two Berner Sennen had both died of cancer, was very bad for my friend (were his dogs) Now I know that he likes to again have one, but the problem he has ne company and works 12 hours every day. The do

    Tags: Dog, purchase
  • How to find work inactive people time for your dog? 04-01

    Dear Community, I have very often wondered how it find dog owners who work time for their dog. I often hear that dogs can not be alone long, need training, 3 times a day to walk the dog. The usual. But I know people who work and still have dogs. Have

    Tags: Leisure, Pets, people, Dog, Time, working, work + dog
  • Dog does not like visitors! 04-01

    Hello, I have a Tibetan Terrier bitch is now 4 years old. We can do with it all and it does not interfere too but once visitors arrive she barks at them and when the want to touch it can grab. Or I was once in the village of the separations've looked

    Tags: Dog, assistance dog +
  • Jogging with young dog 03-31

    Hi, I have a husky dog ​​who is now 6 months. I want to go in summer jogging or cycling, that is, they would be in the summer in July 9 months, and in October 10 months in Septemper 11 months and on 9 October it will be a year. Do you think I can bec

    Tags: Dog, jogging, Husky
  • Dog scored syringe ... side effects ?! 03-31

    Today my chihuahua bitch got her 2 vaccination and was gechipt..schön and good but now she trembles as she would freeze (have a feeling reinforced on the side where it was seeded vlt even imagination) I have to be worried or are the harmless side eff

    Tags: Health, Dog
  • Samoyed dog acquisition 03-31

    Hi We wanted a dog for quite some time. But it was at that time in a rented apartment never possible. The time has come and we may want to purchase a samoyed. Short to us: family of 4, two sons 17 & 6 We know that the dog needs a lot of discharge, wh

    Tags: Dog, entertainment, outlet, samoyed, spout + entertainment
  • dog with child illness fast growth 03-31

    moin what schmermittel I can give him more. 500X 2 in the morning and abents paracetamol-ratiopharm per day ;;;;;; splashing aids from the vet will help him not verschlümmern the puppy only more so hurt more 1 year old ..... old German shepherd dog o

    Tags: Pain, Dog, quick help, dog + quick help
  • Dog from my friend makes me mentally ready. 03-31

    Hi, I do not go on what to do yet ?! I am with my boyfriend for a year now together for 4 months we live together in a 60 square meter apartment. He has a rather large dog is not a dog for an apartment in my opinion. Well, he goes only once a walk wi

    Tags: Relationship, Friends, Dog, nervous, psychic, friends + dog terrorized
  • My father longing for his old dog! How can I help? 03-31

    Hello, I'll tell the whole story first. My father used to have a dog, they grew up together back then to small, they were something like best friends. He noticed every time my father was not feeling well. That told me my father like that. But today l

    Tags: father, Pain, Dog, sad, Longing, crying, mourning, proposed, dog + sad
  • What's this? (Dog) 03-31

    On the belly of süsssssseeeen pug? The bellybutton? Thanks in advance! <3 lg --answer-- yes, that is the navel in the middle. On the small black dot was once off the umbilical cord. This dries out after a few days and then decreases. Is this a small

    Tags: Animals, Dog, pug dog pug +
  • Dog vomits often, bad? 03-30

    Hello! Our dog has vomited times already 6, 1 times a noodle, 4 times yellow, and 2 times their "lunch", nuggets and wet food. The lining has then eaten again. Is that what serious? I'm worried! She is 13 years old and is a Labrador mixed breed.

    Tags: Dog, Vomiting
  • Dog sick, listless 03-28

    Hello you. We have a 9 month old Bernese Mountain dog males. Since yesterday he's bad, he is running slow, gentle always alternating legs and is verkuschelt unusual, does not run as usual like crazy gardening rum .. Yesterday afternoon we were now at

    Tags: sick, Pain, Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, dog diseases, dog + pain, Bernese mountain dog
  • keep dog just outside? 03-28

    Hello, we have a German Shepherd 9 months old. We want to buy us a house with large garden, can the dog then only in the garden keep in the kennel (warm)? --answer-- Of course you can a dog exclusively in the garden if you want to. I had a dog (also

    Tags: Dog, animal husbandry



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