• Bloat with my dog 06-02

    Hey guys my dog ​​had bloat today and was Operates it's all good now run it is with heart rhythm disturbances in the wake room I'm making huge worry if she manages has anyone experience with something and everything went well with you? :( --answer--

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  • How do you get a dog at verfressendem tricks? 06-01

    Want my parents a few tricks show at Easter with my Nacho Baby !! --answer-- Staring you here eg: If your dog can motivate with food it is of course easier and quicker time but needs it anyway to a dog tricks can. Until East

    Tags: Dog, Tricks, surprise, Easter, Easter + Tricks
  • Dog has bright gums and tongue 06-01

    Hello, My 15 months old dog has been days very bright gums. Sunday night he cried vomited bile and before 2x break. Was then abgecheckt everything the doctor has given him an injection for nausea and meant the yelp was because of the acid in vomit bi

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  • What will happen to a dog if the owner has to go to a nursing home or even dies? 06-01

    In the neighborhood an elderly man is first, then come to the hospital to the nursing home. The dog is now unhappy alone on the Mietgrundstück and audibly. The adult children feed alternately, when they first come times a day to fetch things. Neither

    Tags: Animals, Dog, law, dog + Animals
  • But people wanted to buy dog ​​do not come, and things are gone, what to do? 06-01

    Yes so we wanted our Chihuahua but sell a woman came and reported and said that on 31 Buy wants it, we have it in advance all dog stuff given feed, passport, vaccination certificate, toys now they did not contact. What to do in this case? Can you rec

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  • What a pet except dog or cat? 06-01

    Hey, so I have long will have a pet, but do not know which. I once had budgies, but I found it boring. I would also like to have a cat, but my mother does not like the dogs and before I'm afraid. So you maybe would have proposals which are fun and in

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Pets, Dog, turtles, cat, dog + cat, creatures
  • Dog ate 100g of chocolate! 06-01

    Hello. My Great Pyrenees (45kg) has just about 100g "noble cream chocolate almond" eaten. Is this dangerous? --answer-- Hi Faby do not drive yourself crazy ... even if it were 100 grams, your dog will not happen much. It was Rahmschokolade. Dang

    Tags: Dog, chocolate
  • Can I at the storm my dog ​​free in a meadow running? 06-01

    It may sound crazy, is not really my dog ​​but my mother, but I have to worry about the currently small. It is not really hard, is medium in size and a shepherd dog-collimix. I want a bit on the lawn so that she gets her run with it, but when the sto

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  • Can the landlord not allow me a dog although I have three cats ?! 05-31

    Hey, question stands above it can therefore forbid me a dog or what can happen to me when I grow me a dog. Lg --answer-- Hello Cecce05, Unfortunately he can forbid you that. There is a so-called partial ban of animal husbandry, which can be obtained

    Tags: Dog, Tenancy
  • Breed / Spain dog 05-31

    Does anyone know about what is in this dog breeds on it? He is from spain --answer-- Hi, so I have a well ... The breed is called Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz. There were probably crossed Fox / and Toy Terrier in the original Spanish dog. Purebred dogs

    Tags: Dog, Dog breed
  • Help! Nachberin neglected their dog! 05-31

    Hello! Where can I go / report it if I'm feeling that a Nachberin their dog neglected? Mir is noticed when their dog began to limp, and nothing was done about it. What can I do so that the dog will not be neglected? Thank you. sloh1 ... end --answer-

    Tags: Dog, neglect
  • first dog 05-31

    Hello dear I want to fulfill my long-awaited dream of a dog ... My mother is why we live in a nice big house with a huge garden .... near is also a huge piece unbeflektes country ... herlich to let off steam ... I would like to buy a medium-sized dog

    Tags: Care, Dog, first-dog
  • Dog aggressive towards others 05-31

    Hello, I have a 7 year old German shepherd. My problem is, that's totally aggressive it towards other dogs. I have 2 little Maltese, but which are not a problem. He has never been bitten until he was about 3, I was with him at a dog park. I can, howe

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • dog anxious 05-31

    Hey my dog ​​is a mini he chihuahua is now 3 months old have small 2 weeks long now and the small has always afraid whom am I standing or who I rum run Did he fear that the no longer get away hope normal can you give me help LG justin --answer-- Litt

    Tags: Dog, Mini Chihuahua, Is Afraid
  • Dog feeding raw meat? 05-31

    Hey, I once in a dog show saw (I think it was), in the felt, as the trainer has her pack hides the seizure in the form of meat in the garden. She has taken flesh, unfortunately I could not tell whether raw or cooked, and it hides in its large garden.

    Tags: diet, Dog, meat, Barfen, meat + dog
  • Breed wanted! Which breed of dog this dog belongs? 05-31

    Hey, I think one of the dogs from the Simfinity advertising so cute and would now like to know what breed it is ... (see picture) Thanks in advance! MfG Coco :) --answer-- This is probably either a very pretty half-caste or maybe a Kooikerhoondje. De

    Tags: advertising, Dog, Breed, Dog breed, Simfinity, racial + Advertising
  • Dog teach to jump on his back 05-30

    Hello, I am 15 years, and I want my 2 year old mix dog tricks teach .they can already: turn around -Do males -Give paw -Wave your hand game death -Kriech -By Legs -Hopp (On walls / stones) -Fang (Ball or treat) And now I want to teach her, she jumps

    Tags: Dog, Dog + Tricks
  • dog has fear of storm noises in the apartment 05-30

    Hi guys. my bitch (dsh-mix, 4 years) is afraid if it has a fantastic outside the window and whistles. it acts very uncertain, does not come to rest, and do not know where to go smell. night which is quite annoying because it sits half every 5 minutes

    Tags: fear, Dog, wind, Angst + Wind
  • Dog breed for active seniors wanted! 05-30

    But no small breed of dog, about knee high --answer-- I want to recommend a Tibetan Terrier. A Tibetan Terrier Mix or a Tibetan Spaniel (not knee high but Grosser dog in to small fur) out of the question.

    Tags: Dog, seniors
  • If the dog has anxiety? 05-30

    Hi dear community! So, the thing is: I have a dog, a sweet little. He HATES it when someone is loud or loud music playing, then he pulls a cock and wants to get away. Sometimes it happens that my mother is noisy because they eg scolds me or my sister

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