• Dog has constipation important 11-12

    Hello, we have a small spitz who often clog my father gives him just wet feed is the maybe it or waran it may be? --answer-- Wet food is better than dry food definitely. This is right on the wet food I do not think so, but what gets the little dog to

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  • Dog - How can I convince my parents? 11-12

    Hello first;) I wish already looooong long a dog have already experiences with them <3 Now it is so, we live in a house with a large garden, more rural. A dog would also fit well in our everyday life ... although there were 2 problems because of the

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  • I mourning for my dog 11-12

    Hello my dog ​​Nando died on 03/12/2015 Yesterday I was just in the supermarket than I was awarded my mother's call Nando was dead she has brought into the vet because he was ill, he had cancer and was 17 years old when I was in then looked in the bo

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  • Killing a police dog 11-12

    If a suspect a police dog - with what punishment he has to reckon that? A dog is legally speaking an object. Is that something else, because the dog "in service" was? --answer-- I think that counts as criminal damage, in doubt even as obstructio

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  • Would remember her child the mother dog? 11-12

    Have bought years ago ca 3 my dog ​​as a puppy and not seen since that time her mother. Would now like her mother buy because the owner sold it. If one of the two recall that? At least the mother? --answer-- I do not know how it is when the have neve

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  • Gel for chemotherapy (dog) 11-11

    Hello everyone, unfortunately, has confirmed yesterday when my 5 year old Maltese dog suspected lymphoma. Today we go to the vet No.4 to just do it again to be sure, what about it. All veterinarians believe that although the cancer came quickly and r

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  • Does anyone know this black dog? 11-11

    Hello! what kind of dog's breed is it? I think it is a watchdog. But it looks too muscular for a Hovawart, right? Thank you! --answer-- This may well be a strong Hovawartrüde. I know a Newfoundland-Rottweiler mix of looks similar I tnediere also mean

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  • My dog ​​is cuddly and will not let me in silence without whine what to do? 11-11

    My dog ​​comes from romania and we saved her from a death-stadium. I know they had something not before and I know never had but love, I they are 3 weeks and she whines whenever I go to loo or in the kitchen or out of my room (she sleeps in my room)

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  • Therapy and Tournament dog? 11-11

    Can it be with a dog agree to do on a rail therapy (animal assisted therapy) and in Leisure Tournament Sport (Agility, Obdience ...)? Do you have experience? :) Thank you in advance: D --answer-- If you do "quiet, stress-free" sports with him, I

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  • Dog in the garden on canvas binding, right? 11-11

    Hello, I have a problem I have actually not so much to do with it, but my father and my sister tie the dog outside in the garden for ne certain time may be that it is too long, then howls full often, it is a Kangal 3 months old but what's the point w

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  • My dog ​​runs alone homecoming?!?!? 11-11

    At the dog professionals, unfortunately I have never found this case ... My 6 year old bitch runs Jäcky- recently home alone when I'm in the stable working. It is a way of nearly one kilometer through the town along the road, I'm never gone with her

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  • initial dog 11-11

    Hi My friend has her bitch puppies get on Tuesday everything went from fairly straightforward. She has all 4 adopted. However, as of today it is very focused on their besi and stares at her but can caress and everything. You do not want no treats wal

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  • Spare pet for a dog! 11-11

    We had a dog and I would like another animal, the only problem is I do not know what there is still so (dog konnt not ask). It would also be an animal which is not too difficult because we have to transport it to our boat --answer-- Because, unfortun

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  • Dog has abscess 11-10

    Hello. We have a Doberman and were today at the vet. Now has fortunately been found, it was an abscess. Definitely wurd said, standing in the internet also so that the abscess must mature before to operate. When we got home is out flowed since shortl

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, abscess, doberman, dog + vet pus
  • which dog breed is the (with kristen stewart) 11-10

    --answer-- Looks to me for a half-breed. Hard to say what's in there. Possibly a kind Sheepdog + still something with gestromtem fur. Phew. But what Kristen Stewart has to do with it? The still looks young. Mongrel I would say Where did you get the p

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  • Amounted to? - Make person find - dog! 11-10

    Hello my dears, it is about the following problem: We bought a Labrador bitch of a person (Bekanntin our acquaintances) in October 2014. We have before the mandatory purchase made first to get to know the person and the dog. The person sitting in the

    Tags: Dog, fraud, Advertisement, ad + fraud, wildlife protection agreement, people finding
  • Dog Pregnant? HELP! 11-10

    Hey, I need drigend Hilfe.Meine bitch is between 11 (months) -1 (year) alt.Sie ​​has never been in heat and yesterday with 7 dogs in a meadow gespielt.4 males you are permanently chased and have growled at each other. .. We thought nothing bei.Bis on

    Tags: pregnant, Dog, mating, ruede pregnant + pregnant
  • My dog ​​is snoring extremely loud 11-10

    Hello ^^ As it is already above my dog ​​snoring extremely loud ... No matter how he is, he sawed the trees off .. Can it be that it has a health cause? Thank you in advance :) --answer-- snores my dog ​​extremely loud Many dogs snore loudly, so is n

    Tags: Health, Dog
  • What is this dog? (Image) 11-10

    Hello, as is the breed of the dog in the picture? Thank you very much LG8 --answer-- This could be a Welsh Corgi of the figure and color here. The picture is extremely bad, but it could be a ph

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  • Ideally daily routine dog 11-10

    Hi, wanted to know: What is the ideal daily routine for a dog from? How much sleep as much training as much cuddling, etc. As I designed the walks interesting except Leckerlie etc.? LG --answer-- The ideal daily routine is the dog dependent. Some nee

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