• Dog in the DB 05-30

    Hello everyone, I'm leaving tomorrow by train route. We normally have Tickets.wir but our dog mitnehmen.sie is about 1 year old and about 40 cm high. My question is, can I take them just like that or I have to pay or do I do it in a pet carrying bag

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  • Dog cucumber (generally raw vegetables) dangerous? 05-30

    Hello my 10 year old Jack Russel Terrier loves pickles and sour pickles and boiled carrots and beans to eat, even though he has hated in his "young" years and my question is whether this is harmful. Yes I know Sour cucumbers are not so good (I g

    Tags: Dog, eating
  • Dog 1 years - is out of nowhere snappy 05-30

    Hello, I have the following problem .. my dog ​​(a mongrel ... suspect Labrador Shepherd, know but not exactly) is actually a totally sociable and friendly dog ​​towards people. He is now in March became 1 year old. He's from Poland. I saw him only s

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  • About GTA 5 (dog) 05-29

    Hello, a Bekanter from my dad for me my GTA 5 played through or really many Misionen done, so I now have about 5.5 million: D However I made whatever reason (I believe that the dog at igm died or so is: /) no longer :( this Rottweiler named Chop Can

    Tags: Games, gta-5, Dog, GTA V, gta-5 + dog
  • How to pay a dog? 05-29

    Hi If you want to purchase a dog one must indeed first worry about the financing. A healthy puppy from a reputable breeder often cost you 800 euros if not much more. But how you pay for the dog usually? I have to pay the money immediately? He so assu

    Tags: Dog, puppies, buying guides Dogs Buy, Buy consultancy + puppies
  • Dog is afraid, like relaxing? 05-29

    Hi, for me it is very windy and loud before my dog ​​is scared and now lies beside me on the sofa Dithers. Sometimes he lies down again but if it gets louder goes his head again and he's scared. I have tried it already with Bob Marley and relaxing mu

    Tags: fear, Dog
  • Dog Treats for liver disease dogs, recipes 05-29

    Hey, my dog ​​has a liver damage and gets therefore special feed (royal canin hepatic) I would like to give now and then treats him just when he has done something good, I wanted to ask here if anyone knows a recipe that is safe, I'd love itself baki

    Tags: recipe, liver, food, Dog, treats, food recipe +
  • Is my dog ​​bill Pregnant? 05-29

    Hey, I have a 9 (almost 10) months old Havanese dog. She was (or is) in heat and now I noticed that it is swollen to its teat around a bit. But I am 1,000% sure that it was not covered because I was there the whole time and I had only on a leash. We

    Tags: Dog, Havanese, translucent pregnancy
  • Does my dog-induced disease ticks? 05-29

    Hello! My dog ​​had again today a tick, which is actually nichs new. My problem now is that my dog ​​is often passed 1-2 days time, he had diarrhea also. He is also a lot more 'lazy' than usual. I now fear that my dog ​​has a transmitted from the tic

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  • Game biting in dogs and dog license ^^ 05-29

    Hey people to keep together the question of yesterday, whether it would be easily possible dog and cat, we have today actually equal brought a small bundle of energy in the morning xD there ^^ problems not really between the two, the cat was pretty i

    Tags: Animals, Dog, house, cat, house dog +
  • Blog name for my dog? Ideas? 05-28

    Hey guys. I love to fotografiern my dog. There is already an Instagram page of my dog, but unfortunately I have not Instagram on mobile phone. And I thought, I'll hald the blog (at blogspot) If you have any other ideas, please write! And the actual p

    Tags: Name, Dog, Blog, website, Blogspot, npage, Homepage + Name
  • Search homeopathic agents for my dog ​​with ear mites 05-28

    My dog ​​probably has ear mites and there have been a few veterinarians turn versucht.Nun I wanted to to know if because the possibility of a homeopathic treatment gibt.Vielen you for your help --answer-- ... Here is a review with instructions: http:

    Tags: Dog, homeopathy, ear mites
  • Dog just leave you alone ?! 05-28

    So I will take something from me baker is about 3 minutes so go in Back Route I need about less than 10 minutes. We have since Saturday a dog (5 months) was with him shortly before 7 and at 10 am there later my mother goes with him again. She is now

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • Dog suddenly engages other people and dogs .. 05-28

    Hello, We have a 7 year old Ridgeback mix. He has always been totally loving and rather pretty quiet - in the family. But when it comes to strangers or men, it is totally aggressive and attacking them. Otherwise he's just always just gone into the at

    Tags: Dog, aggressive, ruede aggressive + ruede
  • Dog on bike path - accident. Who to blame? 05-28

    I rode my bike in NRW am Rhein on the completely separate from footpath (footpath above the Rhine embankment, bike path right on the Rhine) Fahhradweg. On bike path so is a kind of square with banks, where some people sat and grilled. Suddenly a big

    Tags: accident, Dog, leash
  • Friend has preferences for dog 05-28

    Anticipation, it is not a troll, joke, or the like. I was once so NEM types from my KLasse home because I went directly to him after school because I had about my conformation in its n meeting. Because we still had time to had we to take, we have to

    Tags: Dog, sex with a dog
  • Who can keep the dog ?! 05-28

    The dog of my friend got a puppy. With a well-known the mother of my friend the friend was discussed that the dog would come to him. The father of the puppies is the dog from the aunt of the famous. The puppy is now 3 months old the puppy should actu

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  • is the dogo argentino a list dog in rlp 05-28

    Hello ask is above and is just out of interest :) --answer-- Hi in Rheinland Pfalz, there is the well-shortest race list: American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pit Bull Terrier more I have not found ..... it is therefore not cover

    Tags: Dog, dogs list
  • Moving large Aquarium and Big Dog 05-28

    Hello, we draw 700km to continue and are 3 people. We have reserved a 7.5-ton and drive it to our new home. Having your own car, we have not. We have a large aquarium and a large dog (and transport box). What must be observed when loading from dog an

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  • Good wolf or dog book 05-28

    Hi, anyone knows of you a good dog or wolf book in which it rotates about wolves or dogs? For children aged 13 years? Thanks in advance LG Slenderman --answer-- The dances with Wolves yes exactly Survival Dogs I also read all of which I found so grea

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