• Dog buy three cats 05-27

    Hello my mom and I want us adopt a dog and it all fits but I can have a dog when we have three cats --answer-- I do not qualify for your cat, how are we to tell you on this issue something? I have two dogs and a long time two cats, now is only one. T

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  • Find Proper dog food? 05-27

    Hello, seeking a proper dry food for my ca 7 year old dog. He goes for a walk 1-2 times a day and extensively until now had a Bosch dog food Senior. But that tastes it not so we can stop looking. If there are more questions I answer the love and hope

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  • Dogsitting - dog at home or at Sitter? 05-27

    Hello! If the master / mistress is on vacation and a dog sitter takes care of the dog during this time, it is better when the sitter takes the dog to be, or should he be picked for walking of dogs and sleeping alone at home in his territory? Sitters

    Tags: Holiday, Dog, pet sitter, Holiday care, dog sitter + holiday Dogsitting
  • What dog liability can you recommend? 05-27

    Seeking a good liability insurance for my dog. Can you recommend me some? Which I should keep away? Thank you :) --answer-- Hello, THE good dog insurance, there is probably not, any more than there are bad THE insurance. It all depends on what servic

    Tags: Dog, Liability insurance, dogs liability, liability insurance + Dog Liability
  • get dog in the bathtub. 05-26

    Hi, my dog ​​has gewelzt in cow dung all fur is full. How do I get it in the bathtub? You do not want to not even Leckerlie. (We have no garden hose and no shower) How can I now wash refuses to get into the bath? I try already an hour rum. I myself t

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  • buy dog, yes - no? 05-26

    Good day, there are certainly already many threads on this subject, but I want to specifically collect my circumstances, opinions and one probably also advice from experienced dog owners / dog school owners. I know all my life that I'm going to event

    Tags: Dog, decision, buying a dog
  • Dog my girlfriend barks at me 05-26

    Hello :) The dog barks my girlfriend me very loud and aggressive at when I come to it, which is ridiculous because he knows me since he was a puppy and I am never mean or anything about him. I have always very much afraid. That's why I was thinking t

    Tags: Animals, fear, Dog, Angst + dog
  • What is the breed of dog? (From video) 05-20

    I in a youtube video this dog seen and I find the full sweet. 'D like to know how the race is --answer-- Pomeranian although the dogs aussehn way. The dog was taken cope Like a doll. That's not sweet but sad. This is a zwergspitz in which the hair is

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  • Dog home alone? 05-20

    Hi, I once needed your advice unzwar comes at 11.4 a dog to us it is already 10 months old. She knows it well not to remain alone but they will be collected and Monday on a Saturday it's back for me to work (6 hours). How can I do that now, you can g

    Tags: Dog, alone
  • Ideas for dog videos? 05-20

    Hey guys. So I for one year a camera and I take photos and movies of my dog ​​so very happy. Recently, I had the idea, "I might come to create a Youtube video" And now a question for you what topic I should miteinbringen the Youtube video. but I

    Tags: Video, Youtube, Dog, Youtube Video, good question, dog video, dogs Video
  • Help my dog ​​has what 05-20

    suddenly I see something crawling on my little dog. The War black like a spider and perhaps it was a? No idea but got fully angst. I was under panic and got the killed with my hands. My dog ​​did not want to get out pipi well and it's kind of funny.

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  • Name for labrador dog 05-20

    My friend and I got in July a black Labrador dogs and Search URGENT a name for him :-) --answer-- My first dog was a black Labrador German Shepherd Mix and got me the name Shadow (my companion Shadow;)). For me it is important that the dog name has a

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  • Dog eats greedily and everything 05-20

    My Golden Retriever (female, 5 years) eats her feed too fast and when it is morning and evening so far, she runs down the stairs to her napf. She breaks determines again the legs! You may also not be horse droppings to feed so many times I berate als

    Tags: Dog, gluttony
  • How to make my mum persuaded to get a dog? 05-19

    Hey :) So I will persuade my mum I get a puppy beginning of summer vacation ... My dad wants also and my sister do not care as long as they do not have to open the mud .... My mother is also a dog animal lover and we have also animals but my mom said

    Tags: Dog, Mama persuade
  • Is a Halti for the dog owner useful? 05-19

    Hello a question to you because of a Halti. My Dog (Jack Russell Parson mix) is very poor on a leash. This means that he draws constantly. Particularly in districts where he has not been before, one has after Gassigehen long arms ... Today a woman ta

    Tags: Dog, Dog training, dog behavior, halti, dog training + dog behavior
  • Dog food question 05-19

    In dog food often is "with improved taste". Who has tested it? --answer-- They have since simply reingepackt more attractants and flavor enhancers. Tested is something ala Mars Corp in any laboratory dogs. = ( The food that is eaten the most, is

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  • Dog questions Welpenschule / Hundeschule 05-19

    Hi :) I have a few questions because we :) soon get a dog here a few questions: • What do you do in the puppy school • When will you go with the dog in the puppy school • from how many years I can with the dog in the puppy school (as it is mine) • Ho

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  • Nice name for a Shiba Inu puppy? (Female dog) 05-19

    In May, we finally meet us our long awaited wish - a shiba inu puppies we :-) all the time are the superior for a suitable name, but unfortunately we are so unimaginative :-( We found Lia, Summer & Lou pretty Have. you may still ideas? thank you in a

    Tags: Dog, dog + Name
  • Is it bad if my dog ​​always has a dry nose? 05-19

    Have heard that this is not so healthy .. --answer-- Our hangover has also often dry nose, but he will soon be 16 and is healthy. Watch it easy If he has consistently then he might be sick because he hatt warm or hot ears prüf the times Are you sure

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  • Dog looks weak, to whom do I contact? 05-18

    In my neighborhood a sweet Husky lives unfortunately he is always outside in all weathers and has no house In the family where he lives, it is very dirty around the home everything is filthy and the dog very sorry he is very affectionate but shy and

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