• dog in the garden and do 10-30

    A neighbor's dog comes every day in our garden but the neighbors are on vacation and I do not know who will take care of the dog, but what should I do with the dog then? --answer-- Look for me, whether it is someone at home. Then the animal put at le

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  • My dog ​​is thrown up! : ((( 10-30

    Hi folks, I am 14 years old and yesterday my Goldenn Retriever Sammy (15 years old) died ... So I start at the best times from the beginning .I'm home yesterday afternoon from my internship place gekommen.Danach I saw my dog in the garden un was very

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  • Diarrhea, Antibiotiukum the dog 10-30

    Hello, my dog ​​has since last week diarrhea, which I'm then gegeangen after 3 days to the vet, this is first treated him to flu, but it did not get better, the diarrhea was very bad and with blood, then I am to another gone veterinarian who made a s

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  • Dog in bus and train? 10-30

    Hey people my question is how big can a dog when I take him to the ground or in bus? and it takes me an extra ticket? --answer-- Usually, it is allowed, dogs alike take their size. Except in the conditions of carriage which is excluded, then usually

    Tags: Dog, Train, drive, bus, theme, tags
  • Stube Reiner dog makes toward 10-30

    Hello... I have now for 3 years my dog ​​we still have 2 more dogs but s7nd night in the bedroom of my parents. At night I got my door open before I go to sleep, I go with my dog ​​again gassi but if we all go to sleep my dog ​​down un makes recently

    Tags: Animals, Dog, pets + dog, housebroken
  • Owner forbids me a dog hold 10-30

    Hi My landlord forbids me a dog (small) but has a different mieterrin allowed a small dog hold. As my daughter would like to have a dog and he said that's enough, a dog in the house and I would like to change his mind is my question: How can I agree

    Tags: Dog, apartment for rent, tenancy law, rental law + apartment
  • Our little dog breaks often. 10-30

    My little dog Cancels see several times yesterday and drinking period not obvol me were at the vet yesterday. What can I do mfg.Sebek --answer-- Then today go to a veterinary clinic or to a veterinarian de emergency duty, out. This would have you act

    Tags: Pets, Dog, outbreak
  • The dog has to go. What's this? 10-29

    Hello I see desöfteren pages take stuff items like: dogs out. Stops Überhundung in Europe, etc. Can an exactly tell me? What's with this dog design on it? I mean, since you can probably not real dogs think that are kept as pets, right? --answer-- In

    Tags: Dog, out, dogs out
  • Where can you buy a dog like that? 10-29

    Do you think such a dog's at the shelter? Or do you experience where you can buy such dogs? --answer-- This is a Pomeranian, also called Pomeranian, which is cut like a toy. No, the shelter you will not find, but certainly from a breeder. On www.deut

    Tags: buy, Dog
  • I would sooo like a dog! 10-29

    Hi, I am 14 years old and would like to see for a long time a dog. Just because I like to be outside and enjoy walking. But my parents are completely against a dog. They say we have a cat and that's enough. One of the biggest arguments against a dog

    Tags: Dog, Desire
  • My dog ​​is dead! I am destroyed on the ground! 10-29

    Hello, so I'm now 13 years old and my dog ​​was euthanized today due to tumor (15j) I know him since I was born, for me it is as if a brother died, and at the same time a best friend. what shall I do? I'm devastated:!, (I have all the time crying He

    Tags: Dog, dead
  • Which dog suits us or me? 10-29

    Hello people, My friend has a dog that suits you (a labrador) the race I think is great, unfortunately I do not know which breed is right for me. I'll start times: We like to walk but we also want to have a dog with you have to walk kilometers. We do

    Tags: Dog, character
  • dog retrieves not .. 123 10-29

    hey, my ruede refuses to retrieve and respected toy anyway not much, our dog retrieves and runs always kuscheltier at stock after yesterday in the dog school is extremely noticed also the trainer, and thought that there are breeds so .. the character

    Tags: Dog, mixed breed
  • I need help with my dog 10-29

    Dog runs with linen genial but without where he wants to do what? --answer-- Clicker training and reward when it comes to you Towline off and practice. on the road, the dog should be on a leash, no matter how well he plays, he just needs time to get

    Tags: Help, Dog
  • where can I get a dog ago BOXER 10-29

    Tach people, I have want to buy me a dog so midsize NEN. However, I do not know where I get a forth. I had been thinking a boxer to take it where I can get the well-bred ago. --answer-- Hello, I can only advise you first usw.umzuschauen in shelters!

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  • Neighbor's dog has jumped me and made my pants NEW broken! 10-27

    Hello, I wanted to just go flat out and got on the elevator waiting in my house when suddenly a neighbor with his little dog came out from the lift and the dog with suddenly leapt. I've since really full fear get in front of this little dog. Now I've

    Tags: life, Dog, clothes, new, pants, broke, attack, neighbor, clothes + Life
  • Dog stealing food and acknowledges the garbage out. 10-27

    Hello everybody. Recently, we have a 2-year-old bitch SDH, which is absolutely greedy. Due to an HD we have to keep their weight under control, but the vet said last week, it was optimal as it is. So far so good. As long as one of the family is prese

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  • Dog howls at 0.00 am suddenly 10-27

    Hello, we have a little Bolonka, 4 years. Last night (full moon), we are woken by a typical Wolfsjaulen. 2x. We are then but looked at our dog us totally oversleeping. someone of his dog knows? I know that only when our dog after anesthesia was awake

    Tags: Animals, Dog
  • Do I with my dog ​​to the vet? 10-27

    So, first anticipated, I'm already on the verge of going to the vet, who is anyway just around the corner. My Yorkie dog (15 years) is just tripped and fell off a small step, it now runs though quite normal but their licks a front paw tirelessly - we

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Veterinarian, dog + Vet, paw
  • Have a question about my dog 10-27

    My dog ​​is dead what should I do best now? --answer-- I am very sorry about that. I know unfortunately how bad it is. My dog ​​died in mid-December. What do you mean by your question? shalt What do you make yourself, as you grieve or if you bury or

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