• Hearing impairment by pine cracking 04-12

    I cracked on Friday with my jaw. Through this crack can iwie affects hearing. As I have done before, I was able to hear a few minutes more, but since Friday I hear in his left ear very little. When I wake up it's first time away, but then comes back

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  • My dog ​​has trouble shaking ?! 04-03

    For about 2 days it falls my dog ​​hard to shake right because he has something on or in the right ear. already looked Hab, a tick is not visible, fleas are also absent. If I tickle his right ear, he stämmt also right against my hand. And shake as al

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  • Ear infection. How can I ease the pain? 12-09

    Hello everybody! Since 4 days I sometimes excruciating earache. A stinging. Also, my ear is very swollen and is even starting. Listen am I doing as good as nothing more. Times by the way: My ears produce too much ear wax, so I'm every few months at E

    Tags: Doctor, Earache, medicine, ear, ENT doctor Ear +, ear drops
  • Water in the ear - Who Council? 12-08

    Hi, since yesterday I have the problem that I have water in the ear. The doctor said it will come by itself, and I will stop by again after some days, if not better. Water also flows out in small amounts but that has been going on since yesterday tha

    Tags: Water, ear
  • Dog (age 2 years) has ridiculous rag behind the ears 08-27

    Hello you, I added the same images, so that you know is what thing :) Our dog has certainly already hanging for a year behind the ears each a "lobules" that one would prefer not to remove. It looks as if they belong to him. And it is also hard t

    Tags: ear, overlap, Dog pictures, photos + Ear
  • lying Dog Ear 05-06

    Sometimes it happens that my dog ​​his ear should not prepare and it hangs suddenly and permanently it scrapes as if something in it that he wants out. This happened suddenly and disappear again as quickly Does anyone know what this could be thank yo

    Tags: Dog, ear
  • After an ear irrigation tinnitus? 03-23

    Hello everyone, I was on Tuesday with my ENT, because I had severe ear pain, feeling of pressure and noise in the left ear. After everything was gone also. However, I had the next day every now and then a whistle on the ear, and I also have the feeli

    Tags: ear, tinnitus, ear irrigation
  • ignited fresh stung ear hole? 02-19

    Hello, on Saturday I get stung me earrings and also do regular disinfection drop it and move the plug. However, the right ear hole hurts a bit and is a bit swollen, the right ear is the way the ear on the I sleep, can have anything to do? What can I

    Tags: Health, Piercing, ear, ear piercing
  • Dog has a thing on the ear 01-10

    So .. Our dog has been adding a kind of pimple on the ear and when we realized that, we are sure gone, that there is no tick is. So now it's been a few months and we have forgotten the thing. However I just noticed that it has grown and has become su

    Tags: Dog, ear
  • Earache workplace 10-27

    Hello, I need your opinion. at work in my office is a refrigerator that hums almost constantly. by App measured with me at the table about 45 db. For some weeks now I have a little ear pain in the right ear (fridge is right next to me), the typical f

    Tags: Pain, Noise, ear, noise ear +
  • Dog can not move right ear 09-09

    My puppy, 3 months old & female, raises his left ear but that right is always down, so feel dogs in the ears what? I purely pinched times to see if she has no feeling in it, it has not even when others do not also but standing up, ALWAYS, the other i

    Tags: Dog, moving, ear, worried, React, ear + worry
  • ears clean the dog 11-08

    our dog Tequila a Yorkshire Chihuahua mix constantly has ears dirty. (Schmantig) How to clean gently. --answer-- A gentle, yet good cleaning you can do with animal Balistol. Just a few tropical give ear, which dissolves the wax and the dog then shake

    Tags: Care, Dog, ear, ear + Care
  • Tinnitus sometimes there and sometimes away 10-29

    I am 13 years old and had before about a year ,, moderate "cold. In these weeks I had this continuous beep in the ear. What but most were so far away, now it's back. You have to say the I am a slight cold which is probably the reason for it. But if I

    Tags: ear, tinnitus
  • My ears always feels numb 03-16

    Her people for a few months I have especially after showering in between the feeling that my ear is deaf ... it all started before about 3 months since I have evening showered and ears made dry so as always cleaned as true also everything ok .... but

    Tags: ear, deaf, deafness, deaf deafness +
  • long hair hairstyle, male (14), protruding ears 03-15

    Yes what suggestions you have ??? For my standard hairstyle annoys slowly --answer-- Then you let times by a hairdresser, or one of your Friends -Major or family members advised. Those who see you yes - and could you there more help. In your place I

    Tags: hairstyle, ear
  • We I get my water after 5 hours at last from the ear? 03-15

    War in the pool and have nunu for 5 hours, water in the ear, and it just goes nciht raus.Mit ear rod tuts just hurt and happening nichts.ich consider it all the time on the website, it does not come out. I will not again ne middle ear inflammation HO

    Tags: Water, ear
  • what he has the ear? 03-15

    Have the found image. What has the person at ear? --answer-- Either a plug, said it too would be on the edge, who are central in the earlobe, or lacks a piece of ear. to be a bite Seems Hmm .. I think he was wearing a earring and he is somewhere on i

    Tags: ear, strange
  • Ear is misting 03-14

    Hi I have in my ear something like wen water but pure running before Days Support --answer-- Go to the doctor.

    Tags: ear, fogging
  • How to avoid ear pain on a flight? 03-12

    Hey I have often flown, but in the last 2 times I got extreme earache who held to 5 hours after the flight and my ears were completely. I also gum chewed and so but it did not work .. Monday I fly again, someone has tips for me how I can avoid this t

    Tags: Pain, flight, aircraft, ear, flying, airplane ear +
  • Eardrums hurt by ear plugs? 03-12

    Question for a girlfriend: She has now used earplugs Classic tomorrow. when rausnehmen it briefly in ear engraved (too fast away ??). hear now the pain is no longer on or they get worse with pressure-distinguished, for example, if you take the train

    Tags: Pain, ear, eardrum, ent, ENT + ear earplugs



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