• Big emotions for "Elastic Heart" by Sia 09-08

    Hello everybody, I do not know how to begin. All this will think I listen stupid and weird. Can me not explain. Have such strong emotions when I the new song of Sia and / or the video for "Elastic heart" listen to or look at me. I can feel the p

    Tags: Music, Emotions
  • be psyched help 05-25

    Hello :) I wanted to know how to turn on itself. I mean without drugs / alcohol. simply that one is lively and funny. thank you --answer-- To be psyched you do not have to once be tired. Cola or other caffeinated beverages can help if they are not us

    Tags: Emotions, Instructions
  • When you realize that you're in love? 05-21

    I can somehow not judge because I've never been --answer-- Well I would say if you are very shy to the guy over. You not necessarily the person maid waxed to address. If you have palpitations. If you are the person they always observe everywhere look

    Tags: Love, Emotions
  • Younger girl appeal ?! - Strange situation 11-25

    Hi folks, I (18) am in a pretty stupid moral conflict. Now I'm doing my A-levels in almost 2 months and then get out of school, so I run away the time. I have feelings for a girl that goes in the 8th grade. Yes, that's crazy! But I can honestly say t

    Tags: Girl, Love, advice, despair, Emotions, feelings girl +
  • Girlfriend looking of marriage proposal ... what to do? 08-04

    Moin;) my girlfriend has found out where / when I wanted to make her a marriage proposal ... women have for irgentwie n 7 reasonable .. Well as it was intended in our vacation, they already setting then of course directly what is going on when we tra

    Tags: fear, Paris, Resolution, marry, Emotions, ethics, Ethics + Emotions
  • Dog is afraid to Silvester! 08-16

    My dog ​​has huge fear of Büller. Dueses year we go to a different place and I want and will bleiden with him in the car! Now my question knows her tips as I can calm him down? Thanks in advance LG Acaro2003 --answer-- Hello Acaro why you want to jus

    Tags: Car, Animals, fear, Dog, New Year, Emotions, Dog + animals pop
  • It's about a girl ... (feelings) 12-21

    So, finally, I met a girl. I am in love with the girl. Unfortunately, I do not know if she has the girl in love with me. How do I get the out (without appeal and without friends) And if it has not fallen as I can then bring this xD ?? Only serious an

    Tags: Girl, Emotions
  • Featured songs dream about and / or emotions 12-12

    Seeking a hip modern songs about dreams and / or feelings. English German .... never mind Thanks Is love greetings --answer-- Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love human- christeina perry, of meaning tagträumer, Something like that? :) There's a song by the Cr

    Tags: Music, song, Dream, song + song, Emotions
  • When you're in puberty has to be trouble-personality? 03-16

    Bin in puberty I weep degree Grundlos so I mean it get degree simply tear why? --answer-- Depends on. Is there anything that's bothering you? Heartache, stress at home or whatever? If not are just completely normal adolescent mood swings, just sit ba

    Tags: Puberty, Emotions, cry, cry + puberty
  • as I suppress love ... 03-16

    I love someone, it will not because it is so or so not I want to go well würde.Deswegen suppress my feelings. I repeatedly so what needs to snuggle up to him, or so he was.Wenn me in between contacts or fun anmachet it is very difficult. I can not do

    Tags: Love, Emotions
  • Wa is good against stage fright? How do I get over emotions? 03-15

    Hey; I have to march in a French solo singing on a fixed the school at which they are all there, and now knows that I will be mega excited. This I will tremble and all will point to me as I am nervösm. How can I play that? And how do I get over durin

    Tags: Emotions, fright
  • portraits draw help! 03-14

    we have to draw for school portraits, should be somewhat comically. I thought I draw a sweet young and have already a sketch. but unfortunately to my people always erwas creepy or verängstigent from. what and where should I add something that they ac

    Tags: School, art, painting, Puberty, sad, Portrait, Emotions, drawing, character style, Art + puberty
  • Why had I never been in love? Bin 17 03-14

    Hello, I'm 17 and have never been in love. My parents find that too funny who thought should actually from an early age already "love" (actually raving) yes everyone. But I've never loved a. I do not know either. And when someone comes along wit

    Tags: Relationship, Girl, Help, Love, men, heartbreak, advice, women, boy, relationship + Help, Emotions
  • Am I in love or I adore just for him? 03-13

    Hello, There is such a boy. I think he is mega cool. He is very nice and pretty. Sometimes when we talk on Skype and he's gone I miss his voice full. Sometimes before I sleep I think about him. , Am I in love or swarms I just for him? Now already tim

    Tags: Love, Emotions
  • What kind of a funny feeling? 0 03-12

    Volley, I've been around for over a week, the permanent feeling that something is not right at, or in other words, that everything should be different than it is. Subconsciously I think for whatever reason, that has turned to something bad, what have

    Tags: people, Emotions
  • Do you know that too? Why is that? 03-12

    Do you know that when one is without reason just totally depressed and does not want to see. Then to handle every level and every photo ... Why is that ?? --answer-- the feeling I had somehow in all my life yet! So: no - this is not normal! Located o

    Tags: Health, Leisure, depression, Emotions, feelings + Health
  • How do I know it's true love? 03-11

    I am mid 20s and female. Had 16-18 a friend whom I loved but not then. I had him just like more than a good friend, but it was more in the end but also not. I was long with him because he was really a great kid. But at some point we both realized tha

    Tags: Love, Emotions
  • I miss him but when I see him I feel nothing? 03-10

    I do not know if I'm in love. Whenever I "him" do not see, I think of him. Will necessarily know what he is doing and talk to him. When I am a long time does not answer sad and play with the idea of ​​how I should confess my love. But when I see

    Tags: Love, Emotions
  • How do you get back feelings? 03-09

    Hello. :) For a few days I have almost no feelings. This actually began with the fact that my friend has very injured 8 days ago and I had to constantly think about his actions. (Not anymore.) He has me still injured with many other things that I som

    Tags: Help, Love, fear, Emotions, anxiety + Help
  • Criticism of the Sturm und Drang 03-09

    I will keep in a German AFL / JRC about the epoch of Sturm und Drang. Part of it should be criticisms of the Sturm und Drang, which therefore was not "good". I've found that too many emotions are a point that in the works never a solution to the

    Tags: German, Drama, Emotions, gfs, criticism, storm-and-penetrated, afl



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