• Wattpad injury for FanFiction 10-11

    Hello I am currently on Wattpad to write a football fan fiction. I got the idea to incorporate a violation need a do not take a long time. I've already got the idea bruise or concussion. I know but not so with injury and if you have an idea you could

    Tags: fanfiction, Wattpad, fussballer
  • Mord-Sith wanted maiden name 03-06

    Sorry I jz so nerve, but I've just asked before. I write a fanfic of Legend of the Seeker. And I would need a couple of times first names for Mord-Sith. You must not know I need just names that sound dangerous, sexy or simply mysterious for girls. Th

    Tags: Name, fanfiction
  • How do blog known? (Title exstiert already) 03-04

    Hi everyone! I write (as you know from my last question can) for some time Fanfiktions and released it on my blog page. ( I use not for the reason that you can install any images in the text.) Unfortunately, no one visited my page :( I realize t

    Tags: Blog, Tumblr, fanfiction, notoriety, fanfiction + Tumblr
  • Kpop fanfic who can help? 03-02

    Heyy ^^ alsoo I ne ff started: c and wanted someone to ask if he can help me vllt: 3 not to write with the ff but I vllt him ff chic or Always a chapter and he vllt over it looks whether it's ok ^^ if anyone is interested then I achickt your number s

    Tags: fanfiction, kpop
  • An artist among us? 02-24

    I brown genuine someone who is artistic talented and so kind to me to draw a picture of Harry Styles. I then would use on Wattpad a photo of this image as a cover for my Harry Styles fanfiction. Is there someone who could do this? If not: Does anyone

    Tags: Help, art, One Direction, Cover, History, Portrait, fanfiction, Story, drawing, Wattpad, voluntarily, Harry Styles, history + art
  • Cool FF recommendation in Naruto area? 02-23

    Do you have a cool recommendation for Naruto FFs? --answer-- Would you also yaoi fanfiction read as I might recommend good in the area. You want something to read with Love Story? If so, which pair? I know a lot of good stories.

    Tags: Naruto, fanfiction
  • Fanfiction (Luna Darko and Taddl) 02-22

    Do you know a fanfic on Wattpad going to Luna Darko and Taddl? I think that is strangely no! : c --answer-- Have after a long search but still found: P because it does not let up me that there are allegedly no FF in this area. And that would have bee

    Tags: fanfiction, Taddl, Wattpad, Luna Darko, Taddl + Wattpad
  • How the hell to write a OS? 02-13

    I am in fanfiction area working as an author and have now been given the task to write OS (for a project). The only problem is that I have never written in my life an OS ... Can me because maybe someone help? Telling me how to do it, give me tips? So

    Tags: Help, writing, fanfiction, OS + Letter
  • Can a fanfiction be filmed? 02-08

    Hello So I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Here are over now both trilogies and I started to write a fanfiction about Hdr goes virtually on to the third part. Anyway, I was wondering if you so fanfiction to the director or may send

    Tags: fanfiction, Lord of the Rings
  • Reader on Wattpad? c: 02-06

    Hello! I'm planning a short starting fanfiction [about Dat Adam] to write and wanted to ask for 'n few tips on how to quickly get some readers. If jmnd. of you in my fanfic past will look

    Tags: Tips, fanfiction
  • Search group names in Japanese for a story .. 02-04

    Hey! Seeking a group name in Japanese .. and before you rummotzt right here: It is a fanfic about a Japanese manga;) Since the group are the bad guys, I would like a "negative" meaning and through Google, I learned that for example 4, white, com

    Tags: fantasy, ideas, Japan, History, fanfiction, Ideas + Japan
  • How Gale dissing really? 02-03

    Hi! : D I'm writing on Wattpad a Hunger Games WhatsApp fanfiction and have my readers ever wondered what else they want to chat. My one reader has said that the other Hunger Games characters Gale are times dissing really in a chat. Unfortunately, I h

    Tags: WhatsApp, Chat, fanfiction, Wattpad, Dissen, Hunger Games, Chat + fanfiction
  • Fanfiction - Time Problem 01-24

    Hey dear ones ^^ I have for some time write Fanfiktions and had accordingly (to) a lot of ideas. Currently I have a paused, three ,, current "and two other projects. These numerous fanfics come with other people ^^ ideas I have for three additional F

    Tags: fanfiction, timing
  • Wattpad adds new chapter by itself ?! 01-22

    I write are some time fanfiction on Wattpad. Last I wanted to write the 50th chapter, but then I had there at a time 2 times the 50th chapter. When I then restarted the phone, I had the 50th chapter 3 times and already 5 times. Can I delete the someh

    Tags: fanfiction, Wattpad
  • Fanfiction name? 01-20

    So it does not really matter what a Ff I just need a good name :) Does anyone have ideas? So want to know this: It is a Ff about The Maze Runner Thanks in advance to the answers

    Tags: ideas, fanfiction, names, ideas + names, fanfiction + Ideas
  • Good Niall Horan fanfic on Wattpad or 01-12

    Hey guys, this question is primarily aimed at Directioner.Wie you can already read the title, I'm looking for a good Niall Horan fanfiction, best on Wattpad or They should in German and completed sein.Danke now in advance for your answ

    Tags: One Direction, fanfiction, Niall Horan
  • How to make at links with just one word? 01-12

    I write and read a lot of fanfiction on, so is nice, I noticed that often times, for example, an image is linked, yet not the complete link appears thereof, but only one member elected by the writers word or phrase such as "clothes '(th

    Tags: Link, fanfiction
  • Can anyone recommend Fanfiktions? 01-05

    Which FF's can you me empfeheln in the following categories? Train Your Dragon Die drei ??? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Another thing: I want your love stories! Thanks in advance! lg luluhase --answer-- In TMNT http: //

    Tags: recommendation, fanfiction
  • Levi Rivaille FF? 01-05

    Hi there: D you know vielleich a FF of Attack on Titan where the pairing Levi x Reader? but (Haha good German xD) The FF must be already completely when going or have been about 5 chapters: D Had ultra nice of you if you answer: 3 Eure LeopardenKeks

    Tags: Love, Anime, fanfiction, Attack on Titan, snk, Anime + fanfiction
  • Watty - more readers? 12-25

    How can one at Wattpad 'successful' are and what stories would you recommend me? I 2 accounts and 2 stories on each of the two account's --answer-- Read times "Behind the screen" of 07nia11. I love their history. "She wants a gentleman"

    Tags: success, fanfiction, Wattpad, reader, Watt, Stories, Reads



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