• What can eat my dog? 08-11

    Hello. I have a 6-month old french bulldog. I fed normal canned food in the first time, she has but iwann no longer tolerated. Then I switched to fresh fodder, I have her always fed raw, it also has good eating. For several weeks she eats it just sea

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  • Which dog food is better and why? Meradog junior 1 or Josera Minis best 04-26

    French bulldog --answer-- Let the dog decide which he prefers! The manufacturer, if it does not come even from the same household, are controlled, and give also trouble, but they want the whole dog's life to sell you their product. Puppy food is prob

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  • My dog ​​is too thin 09-29

    Hello. So our problem is that our Pomeranian dog is very thin. You actually eat quite a lot and is completely healthy and remains simply extremely thin. The vet told us to try it with other feed varieties, but unfortunately all this has brought nothi

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  • How much feeding her your dog? 09-23

    Hello Hello! I am since yesterday proud Bestizerin a Volpino Italiano dog (5kg) and I am little unsure with the right amount of food. I Barfe him (ie feed raw meat), he has also assumed direct well. is on the side where I herhole the meat that small

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  • dog incite to eat? 08-24

    My dog ​​is 4 years old. I have it are two months and he does not eat dry food. The vet says his teeth are in order. If I mix wet and dry food he licks down the wet feed and spits out dry food. If I eat him today only dry food offering it a maximum o

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  • How much oats for this Endmaßpony? 07-20

    Hello, ve already googled but think unfortunately not precise. How much oats (besides mineral feed) would you recommend for the following horse described situation? Endmaßpony 12 Years Old schwerfuttrig Mix of Welsh and American Quarter Horse 3-4x a

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  • Employment for my dog? Help 01-12

    Hello :) I would like to deal with my dog ​​anymore because I have a feeling that it sometimes is totally boring. My dog ​​is unfortunately fodder jealous or happy defends his toys and food Does anyone know a game that you can play to employment in t

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  • Welpenmix..Labrador, Bernese Mountain Dog ... too big? 11-29

    My puppy is now almost 4 months old, he is now 53cm high already at the withers and weighs 26 kg. I now slowly puppy food converted to Regular, since it contains less proteins. Is growth still be called normal? --answer-- Hi Tom in 2015, which is ent

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  • When dog is seen ripping 09-07

    I hane a staffmix approx 1 year. Have you recently brought from sem animal shelter and I find it is much too thin. (17 kg) she had in the beginning often diarrhea and the vet said she drumm was so thin So now my question what you feed and what should

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  • Dog Food Fit + Fun 08-14

    Hii I searched the internet for dog food and then I went to Fit + Fun gestoßen.Ist it good or too much grain? Would be great if you could help me and propose good dog food could ^^ Oh yes we would then Fit + Fun Mix take Lg --answer-- No cereals, low

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  • feed dog correct, what food? 12-31

    I've never thought about whether the food is good, so I'll ask. She is a Yorskhire Terrier (Maybe Mini, we do not know they have the shelter) and is now 3 years old. She gets 1x per day wet food. The wet food is of the same brand as the dry food :) A

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  • Can a dog (puppy) eat the skin of a cooked chicken leg? 08-24

    Question is above. And I do not mean with skin bone. I know that dogs can not eat any poultry bones. Thank you for your answers! --answer-- The skin is too oily, rather then what type of the cooked meat, mix possibly a little cooked rice underneath.

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  • Which cereal is in 03-13

    Aldi-Süd-dry cat food Senior High Premium? Please just answer the question ... no further ado, I know myself well. Thank you ;-)) --answer-- if not exactly on the package on the outside, which is cereal contained, but only in general crop is on it, t

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  • What make when moving into the apartment 03-12

    Hi, here is a small summary about my living situation and then go to the actual question. I got me about 3 years ago bought a small condo, this was already rented and I because nothing changed. Now the tenant wants to move out and wrote a denunciatio

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  • Hey guys I need time a major rat of you here ... 03-06

    Hey guys, I want to ask because I want to buy a horse to me and I also sometimes the internet for watched as much as a horse costs and there are different prices there are horses that cost as about 500 euros or more or Weinger and yes I want now time

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  • starve fish? 02-24

    Hi I have to feed the fish from my sister. There are guppies. On Sunday they were last fed and I have to go forgotten. Is it enough if I then do feed tomorrow ?? --answer-- Hello, pity that you do not take so seriously your responsibility towards ani

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  • let rabbit grazing in winter 02-24

    Hello, my rabbits should always use the whole garden. Slowly the snow goes away everywhere and the old grass comes the fore for. I've already seen a couple of times during the nibble. Can the eat the grass under the snow? Or is it harmful? They eat i

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  • Turtle starved! 02-19

    Although I spoil them with exquisite turtle food. Before I should capture the Freßnapf she's gone! --answer-- a healthy animal will not starve and you have it does not bring to the bowls, which seeks their feed it myself. Seeking fresh dandelion and

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  • Grass for rabbits. 02-19

    Hi, I feed my rabbits in summer mainly with grass. Is this somehow bad? Because unfortunately is deceased me one last summer. But it was only 2 years old. Was it on grass or on something else? --answer-- Grass itself will certainly not be the problem

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  • Can you eat only fruit? 02-08

    So therefore it is so enormously hot for me I have absolutely no famine and ess days since only one bowl fruit with bananas, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries that is healthy or is it bad for the body? : - / --answer-- If you want to

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