• Which tripod for my Sony HDR CX320E? 11-15

    Hello, I'm looking for a suitable tripod for my Sony HDR CX320E, as I soon fly to Lanzarote and there would mock plane at the airport. The stand should have a relatively large amount for adjusting have to ensure that the fence does not interfere (1.5

    Tags: Film, Camera, tripod, camera tripod
  • Film about '' bad boy falls in love with dear girl ''? 11-11

    Hello :) I'm looking for movies where the bad boy in love with the dear girl :) There are many types of something, for example, that the bad guy immediately falls in love with it, or that it takes a while. but I do not want this kitschy Twilight stuf

    Tags: girls, boy, Film, good, boy + girl, romance, Bose
  • Filmfreak. 11-05

    Who can help me? Hab in the first program of the East German television film THE OBELISK seen early 80s. Lief as educational television. Acted by adolescents during the war. And it came to a bridge. Locate the net to nothing ... I would be very happy

    Tags: School, Film, television, War, TV + Film, GDR, East German television, educational television
  • Film like Harry Potter 10-21

    Hello. Seeking films that are so similar to Harry Potter. Because I liked them that way. Thank you so much! --answer-- There is nothing that is as good as Harry Potter ...... however the books, not the movies I only know that there is a book is also

    Tags: Film, similarity
  • Come Legend of the Guardians 2

    Come Legend of the Guardians 2 10-15

    comes the movie the legend of the guardians 2 out yet? Thanks for the answers --answer-- Moment, I look just quickly by: unwarscheinlich

    Tags: Film, legend-of-waechter
  • Looking for a dog movie 08-28

    So the film is a dog who dies in the end, and the film is very sad --answer-- Do you think the movie where the owner dies first and the dog every morning waiting for the owner who does not come, then the dog dies Is it just a dog or is the dog a supp

    Tags: Film, Dog
  • Search movie about a dog 08-05

    dear community I'm looking for some time a film. The running time on SuperRTL and I had watched him since I was a child. (So ​​is her rather long and would have to be an older film) in any case it was about a little boy who had been hanging in the op

    Tags: Film, movie, Actor, Movie Actors +
  • Film wanted! (Dog, soldier) 08-05

    So I once a movie about a soldier (?) seen coming back home. somehow separates which dan from his family and lives with his dog in a caravan. the dog is then ill and he lets him in vet (since he has no money he puts it there from). at the end but he

    Tags: Film, Dog, soldier, assistance, vet, Film + dog
  • Moving film ABOUT a dog 07-27

    I know a moving dog movie? Look forward. --answer-- The most moving and saddest movie with / about dogs I have ever seen is definitely "The Plague Dogs". For "non-dog lovers" a must. Visually stunning, with a nice story is still Belle

    Tags: Film, Dog
  • Historical figure of Theatre Practice 07-16

    Hello Hello! :) I have soon a theatrical examination and must prepare for a character. He should be female and a historical figure, with 'historical' need not necessarily mean dead. I hope you can help me something. :) LG --answer-- "Where 'historica

    Tags: School, Film, History, theater, Feminism, historic, Film + History
  • how do I make a movie from the old phone to a new phone? 03-10

    hey I want to get me a new phone but on my old phone is a film plan how I do the to your new phone Thank you in advance lg jassi05wow --answer-- Either send via Bluetooth or on computer and from computer to new phone Bluetooth, dropbox, etc

    Tags: Mobile, Film
  • Film wanted! Dog is Babysitter 03-04

    Seeking a film. I think the there were only on DVD and there was a toy. There was a dog and have been fitted to babies. The opening song went something like .. "twins were so vivid, babysitter ran away. As her parents thought a dog would be quite nic

    Tags: Film, toys
  • Headlight film, what brand? 03-01

    Moin wants Foiling my headlights. Can anyone recommend a brand of already experience with it has? --answer-- *Quote: Together with the GTÜ we took some special parts more closely. It's all about the accessories for everyone. Spotlight films, for exam

    Tags: BMW, Film, recommendation, experience, lights, E46, BMW + experiences
  • Search version of Christmas Carol with woman as the main character 01-16

    Hello, I'm looking for a version of Christmas Carol, by a woman representing the "Scrooge" figure. It is not the film with Tori Spelling and not with Vanessa Williams. The film apparently has to be after about 90s. The woman is the owner or boss

    Tags: Film, christmas carol
  • Film wanted! + actor 12-13

    Hello this is a really stupid question but I'm looking now for a long time on the Internet and will simply not find it. My friends can not help me (probably because I can describe mieserabel and never one knows what I mean) BUT .. Seeking a film. I d

    Tags: Film, television, movie, TV + Movie
  • Help with movie selection! 12-09

    hi people I would like to see now a film look but I can think of none. ye fell slightly proposals. it should have the best nothing to tuhen with cars. best ihrgendwas with fantasy --answer-- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games Maze Runner i

    Tags: Help, Film
  • suitable dog for film and television 11-23

    Hello, A good friend of mine would like to have a dog in order, among other things to go with him to castings for film and television. She has so even experience, but only with horses. Your current dog is old and wants to be left alone. She is very a

    Tags: Pets, Film, Dog, dog + Animals
  • Dog for film login? 11-06

    Hi Guys, we have a dog who is really smart and much employment needs. We would like him ... sign up for Movies / programs /. He can be really a lot and learns quickly and it shows that he has it fun to learn new things. Now my question: Where can the

    Tags: Animals, Film, Dog, application, Casting, Actor, dog + Animals, Sign
  • Film about a dog and children from a home 11-06

    I sometime half saw a film in which it is about two children in a home who have a dog and are then adopted, but keep it a secret that they have brought the dog. The adoptive father has a dog dander and a girl then runs with the dog Chestnart or Jaspe

    Tags: Film, Dog, dog names, movie titles, Children's film, entitled kinderheim, dog + Title
  • Old film with dog 11-05

    For Key Ring from the movie, the dog is bitten by snake and runs into the swamp to the poison to neutralize and comes back. --answer-- Bingo - My friend Bingo

    Tags: Film, with dog



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