• Is there any film a premiere party? 09-06

    Hello, I have a question: Is there for each film at the cinema a premiere party as in the Nanny or honey in the head? --answer-- Ne decides cinema ... If it's a blockbuster then yes because the cost is charged partly cinema but if there were so celeb

    Tags: Film, celebration, Premiere, cinema, Actor, Cinema + actor
  • anime movie with dog wanted! 08-22

    So I saw a long time ago nen anime movie ... It was about a group of children in the forest NEN injured dog (the dog was Potschi or so), the children used it and it turned out that the dog was a kind Alien ... more I know no longer exactly ... they f

    Tags: Film, Anime
  • Good WW2 Movies / Good WW2 films? 08-14

    Does anyone know some good 2. Welkriegsfilme? Movies or series like. Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. I look forward to your answers ^^ --answer-- "War in the Pacific" "Heart au steel" "Starlingrad" "Enemie at th

    Tags: Film, WW2
  • Does anyone know this quote from a movie? "How often do they want to kill my dog ​​yet." 08-11

    thanks for the answer --answer-- This is a film quotation from a relatively new and very good "Sherlock Holmes" movie. I do not mean the series, but the movie. That tells Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes, because he constantly tried new poisons and

    Tags: Film, movie
  • Film - Man turns into dog 08-07

    Can you tell me how the movie is? is about a man who, I think, but not a lot of animals on the hat has one day is bitten by something or something not that transforms itself to him in a dog. There are in the film researchers, torture animals. More I

    Tags: men, Film, Dog, Dog + Men
  • Anime film in German 08-02

    Does anyone of you is a good anime film in German and where I could see the? Thank you :) --answer-- Actually any known anime film is in German :-). YouTube streaming or Netflix, sky, watch ever, max cathedrals ... Elfen Lied is highly recommended (1

    Tags: German, Film, Anime, Anime + German
  • What can happen because movie4k and 07-29

    What can happen if I have looked at only 5 minutes at movie4k and a movie and what the chance is getting caught or I have never looked at in the pages Movies --answer-- That depends on the movie. Has the film criminally relevant content, so

    Tags: Internet, Film, cinema, punishment, Film + Cinema, movie4k Kinox
  • Films like "Dead Poets Society" and "The Riot Club"? 07-29

    Hello, I'm looking for films that are so similar to the two above. People who have come to the edge of their psyche. Freak out. At the end of their borders. Thanks in advance. --answer-- how about me the machinist or goodwill hunting

    Tags: lifestyle, Film, television, psychology, cinema, TV + psychology
  • almost furious and 7 song? 07-22 2:10 in the movie the spot where letty & dome arrive there any song runs does anyone know what that is? So NOT the song from the trailer now but the song which runs throughout the film, as the two because (

    Tags: Car, Film
  • Old school movies! Recommendations? 07-13

    --answer-- No idea if that than oldschool - film one but: Once Upon a Time in America Really oldschool or what? Here, everything from about 1940-1970 Ben Hur Casablanca once upon a Time in the West Sinbad the Sailor The birds The Godfather James Bond

    Tags: School, Film, old, old school
  • which the best 3D movies on Blu-ray 07-06

    Hello, what Blu-rays in 3D worth more? Not from the action, but on the level of the 3D display. --answer-- In my opinion: Avatar, Pacific Rim, Dredd, Cars 2, Resident Evil 4, ParaNorman, I, Despicable 2, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The I found al

    Tags: Video, Film, DVD + Video, DVD, Blu-ray
  • Film wanted, but only one scene in my head ... 07-01

    Hey guys, I have some time with my family a Diskussi running a film we have seen time running: D Sorry, I can only remember one scene and so far could give me any help to find out to what movie is ... It was as far as I can remember, a thriller in wh

    Tags: Film, crime, Film Title wanted
  • Sasuke Uchia 06-30

    Can me some jemmand say follow in Wolcher or in what season Sasuke gets its "eternal mangekyou sharingan" and send a link? --answer-- Is now perhaps a little late, but that's resulted in 141 "The truth about Itachi Uchiha (2)" :) http:

    Tags: Leisure, Film, Series, Anime, Naruto, Anime + Film
  • What movie with his girlfriend? 06-28

    What movie I'm good with my girlfriend watching the not too romantic? --answer-- "I am Sam" is good! Will certainly like your girlfriend. Is not Romantic but sad. It is about a mentally handicapped who has a daughter, this is to be taken from hi

    Tags: girlfriend, Film
  • Cinecitta: Where do the tickets with reservations? 06-15

    Hi, So my friends and I want tomorrow to the cinema and I hold today ever get places reserviert.Hab an e-mail where I confirm my reservation musste.Jetzt my question but how can the tickets I bekomme.Kriege to checkout? Do I have to print irgenwas? T

    Tags: Film, cinema, Ticket, Nuremberg, Cinecitta, Checkout, reservation, Cinema Ticket +
  • Urlaubsfilm free Create- Beginner Level 06-14

    Hello, I have long asked you no question and thought I nerve you again with a problem. This would: We want to create a small pretty FIlm with pretty intro from our vacation pictures. However, when it comes to computer to listen to our Latin. We want

    Tags: Holiday, Film
  • Thrilling film 06-05

    Hello people I'm looking for a movie of a really grabs for example maze runner or the guardian of the blush were such movies can someone help me further --answer-- Hunger Games / souls / determination / Harry Potter / The Fault in Our Stars The Hunge

    Tags: Film, enthralling
  • Cream bottle with cavity as in jurassic park?!? 04-03

    I'm looking for as a cream bottle with a hidden cavity like in jurrasic park where the fat so that the spermatozoon is to steal dinos ^^

    Tags: cream, Film, Jurrassic Park
  • Good films wanted ?! Fast 03-10

    Hey guys I need quick ideas I can look for NEN film is best not with love and nothing with horror --answer-- Crank Parts 1 and 2, Harry Potter all parts, White House Down, Cop Out-unloading and Entsichert, Hangover all parts, Hansel & Gretel: Witch H

    Tags: Film, humor
  • What Reghthaben authors do not? 03-07

    hi :) So if a book is selling well, and to be made into three movies, what rights the authors have then? I so choose my actors and so? Interested me anyway .. :) --answer-- You have many rights, so there would be a very large contract. The film is a

    Tags: Film, law, rights, Author, Legal Rights



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