• enormous headache? :( 02-09

    & Although I have been a day unbearable headaches so strong I had really never I lie all the time been quietly in bed but nothing helps (paracetamol, ...) when I had a headache usually only so by jerky movements but this time they are continuously. I

    Tags: Headache, Flu
  • Help what's wrong with my body ?! I do not understand anything anymore... 12-31

    I am w 15 and have greater mental strain. Since Friday to now I'm sick. Friday to Sunday I had 40 degrees fever, abdominal and back pain, and I felt really bad. I felt as if dead. My mother does not worry about me, I'm on my own. Since we have no fev

    Tags: Help, body, ill, Stress, Flu, body + sick
  • Help! Risk of infection? 12-10

    Hey. So the following problem: My Bro has scarlet fever or flu ne! and I do not know I can be infected by it? How can you protect yourself? I live in the same apartment! Yesterday wars with had bad diarrhea had headache and today I had sports at scho

    Tags: School, children, Disease, Kita, infection, Flu, scarlet, children + disease
  • making fever gone? 08-11

    Heii folks I am unfortunately ill and have a fever up to 38.5 tonight I need to on a birthday party (no Disco Party) is a party of my best friend, she is 12 and walks with us in the holiday home until Sunday (I'm 13 ) My mother wants but not I go wit

    Tags: Health, sick, birthday, party, Birthday party, Flu, pyrexia
  • sorry to annoy again, you can magnesium 80gm / what helps otherwise the batting on ear + else where? 03-16

    take although one had taken asperin plus c 400mg? because the batting is intolerable to the ear. vv --answer-- Can you take, including vitamins, aspirin is not optimal, rather take ibuprofen, but not simultaneously with magnesium. Get the best view y

    Tags: tablets, cold, magnesium, Flu, aspirin, twitching, flu tablets +
  • What helps against cold / flu? (GOOD HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS) 03-16

    Have a cold, my throat tuht bit sore when swallowing, headache, no diarrhea and no fever (37.8 ° C) need very good home remedy must quickly get better !! Thank you very much --answer-- That always helps us: - Inhalation with chamomile - Nasal irrigat

    Tags: Health, Colds, Flu, Cold flu
  • Flu - to the doctor? 03-14

    Hello, when I think to have the real flu should I as a doctor (so now not only for the sick note) or you can just as easily recuperate so at home? Bin neither old nor I have another underlying disease. greeting --answer-- For a doctor, I would of def

    Tags: Doctor, cold, Flu, influenza, Cold flu
  • Two days headache, chills, cough? 03-13

    Hi Guys, two nights ago it started: a sudden, severe headache and nausea. I threw up a few times. The nausea was gone the next day and has not come back. I did not sleep well the night. The next day fever. My situation has improved in the meantime an

    Tags: travel, Disease, medical, Headache, Flu, chills, sickness + Travel
  • Cough or sneeze, and a feeling of pressure in the chest 03-09

    Hello my dears! I have since Christmas a dry cough which is now and then to eject is what sometimes is greenish. In addition, a dry throat / larynx, colds with one hand, nasal congestion and since today a kind of feeling of pressure in the chest or r

    Tags: Health, chest, Flu, bronchitis, coughs, flu + cough
  • Toothache during flu 03-08

    Hello! I got the flu on Sunday and I hattedie last 4 days fever, headache and common cold, the usual stuff. Since yesterday but do me on both sides of my entire back teeth when it chew totoal hurt. Is that part of the infection? Thanks in advance ! :

    Tags: sick, Flu, Toothache, flu + toothache
  • Flu? :-( 03-01

    Hey! :-( I'm doing today garnicht well undzwar I feel weak and somehow lustlos..ich have a slight headache and sore throat, especially when swallowing .. it could be the flu? :-( .. --answer-- That's about 98% a flu infection, please do not take imme

    Tags: Help, Flu
  • Fever despite Paracetamol and amoxicillin? 03-01

    My mom last night not feeling well (flu) and is this morning to the doctor and has prescribed amoxicillin and paracetamol. At 9 am she has the first tablets taken then by 17 pm. The next are only running late. The problem: Her fever is not going down

    Tags: cold, Flu, antibiotics, paracetamol, Mama, sick mother, amoxicillin, cold + mother
  • Antibiotic does not work what to do? 02-28

    I have since 2 weeks a bacterial infection and influenza had but antibiotic take it affects not although I take them regularly now everything has become worse and my mucus is green what can I do? --answer-- You should again go to your doctor, otherwi

    Tags: bacteria, Flu
  • Flu or cold? I 02-27

    Hello, Am I loud symptoms flu or a cold? So: -Nase To -Husten and sore throat -Gelenkschmerzen -starkes (especially in the legs) -Headaches -Müde sweating -can not sleep And I got the symptoms suddenly overnight. (I was outside, it was cold and raine

    Tags: sick, Doctor, medicine, cold, Disease, winter, Doctor + illness, Flu
  • Flu. Again the doctor? 02-25

    Yesterday I was at the doctor and I said have a mild flu. Except for a bit uncomfortable, cough and slight breathing problems, I was fine. Should some rest and that's what I have. Lag almost all day in bed and slept or dozed. But thus I felt suddenly

    Tags: Health, ill, Flu, flu sick +
  • Do I really have flu? 02-23

    When I woke up on Friday with 39.4 I have directly brought a doctor appointment. The doctor said it's flu influenza. I then got up medications. From yesterday to now my temperature is, however, never rose 37.5 I was up to last night still on 36.7. Ab

    Tags: Health, Flu
  • Flu .. Problem 02-18

    Hello, Property since last Saturday the flu with all the trimmings. Fever, cough or sneeze. Now, my fever has calmed down and it's only the rest left. My problem is that my breathing is difficult. I have very often deep breathing. I read that if you

    Tags: Flu, pulmonary
  • Flu and disc pain 02-17

    Hey, I have, unfortunately, this flu, and since even disc pain. ... Because there's a connection? Liege For 4 days in bed Greeting --answer-- Maybe, maybe not. perhaps you are lying too long in bed maybe you have a bad and / or old mattress might hur

    Tags: Pain, Flu
  • Back and knee pain through much are ... 02-17

    Hi, I have a flu and was therefore the last 4 days in bed and was all the time. I always lie most of the time on his back, somehow that happens automatically. Anyway, doing my whole back hurts now. And I had the problem that my knees are still so swo

    Tags: Health, Pain, Disease, Flu, disease + pain
  • Help! Blood sugar does not fall easily! 02-16

    Hello, I'm lying in bed with flu and as if not bad enough snaps my blood sugar just totally. Have 12 years type 1 diabetes and know that it is higher for influenza than usual and that I have to inject more of what I do. Since yesterday but I can do w

    Tags: sick, Doctor, Disease, insulin, Diabetes, sugar, Flu, syringe, blood sugar, physician + sick



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