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  • Solar eclipse on Friday, 03.20.2015 02-10

    Hello it was the Internet that will take 2hours !! eclipse, but what does that mean? 2hours the the planet moving in front of the sun and then is gone again? Or the planet 2h before Sonnr ??? You know well how it is when you go to the school because

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  • Sronnenfinsternis 12-03

    In what must be considered when the eclipse? And when is the exactly on Friday? --answer-- You should buy an extra pair of glasses for eclipse. Because if you look without glasses on it, it can happen that your eyes are damaged. As with so ner specia

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  • Sonnenfinternis on Friday 08-04

    On Friday from 9:30 until 10:30's eclipse .. My question is: Blinded you even if the / the sun / moon only easily seen in corner of eye? --answer-- Hello, Complete darkness is between 9:30 and 11:30. At the time you mentioned it comes to the phase of

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  • March 2015 - Solar Eclipse 11-25

    Hello, I have now experienced this there be a solar eclipse on Friday. What is a partial and a total solar eclipse? And can happen nothing if not the looks in the sun while you are out? What must be considered? Thank you in advance! --answer-- Surely

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  • Happened what if one looks purely at the eclipse? 02-25

    Please quick answer --answer-- Besides the fact that you're ruining your eyes, it would not bring much to look without glasses. Because the enormous brightness of the sun outshines its entire environment so that you (at a partial eclipse only partial

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  • wear Must eyeglasses in eclipse? 10-11

    Friday, it is supposed to be applicable. Must wear glasses? --answer-- Hello, if you have to wear glasses, which all depends on whether or not you want to watch the eclipse or. If you do not want to watch, then you need also no glasses. If you want t

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  • Eclipse (20:03) 05-06

    Hi So on Friday it will indeed be a solar eclipse, knows a Vllt more? not Know me with something unfortunately like this: / So it will take over Germany and what exactly happened there are the moon is just in front of the sun and it is daytime dark .

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  • Is this Friday the 20/03/2015 a solar eclipse? 02-19

    I've learned through Youtube, that it should come as an eclipse to 8:30 on Friday ... not you ?? --answer-- Hello, na da has you Youtube yes what tells - the darkness will begin around 9:30 pm, depending on your location. The phase of the greatest co

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