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  • Grammar German -0 01-10

    "The first and the second verse IS or BESTEHEB from four verses? --answer-- In lists, the verb is plural. composed or: both the first and the second consists of ...

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  • Text - correct grammar 02-22

    Hi, I'm new in Germany and wanted to let you pray read the text and possible grammar to correct errors. thank you in advance The focus of the cartoon 'energy shortages of the future' is the director and his 4 employees, the workers have a Plakatte ob

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  • take sb get the Schlafittchen, use properly 10-01

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how to use this expression. Does the sentence: The media have reported about how Muammer El Gadafi was gefassen and umgebarcht by the rebels during Schlafittchen. Thank you in advance! --answer-- So you can not f

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  • How is it correct? M or N? 03-09

    Hey :) I was just wondering how the sentence is correct: I'm trying my year-old child what to say or I'm trying my one-year child what to say? Thanks for your help --answer-- Hello, make the question sample in order to identify the cases: Case 1 / no

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  • How requested a set of attributes? 03-09

    How requested a set of attributes? thank you --answer-- The question can be put in the record if the attribute exists. As long as the subordinate clause is present, it recognizes the type of the subordinate clause, - usually a relative clause. "The g

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  • Grammar (vocabulary) 03-07

    Can anyone tell me what is meant by lexis or what it is? Have already searched the internet but found nothing :( --answer-- These are the words of a language. It has something to do with dictionaries, encyclopedia, reading, so literature and knowledg

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  • Singular or plural? Seh the forest for the trees! 03-06

    "The people like / like in addition to the green color and the colorful polka dots." The set is so (in other words ^^) in my homework and somehow I just do not get along. It says "Thank people like ... or like ...."? Have just simply a

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  • ?! Grammar question "Are you doing (,) the (s) I ..." 03-01

    "Are you doing (,) the (s) I ..." If the above sentence with a comma and double 's' written Thank you in advance! --answer-- "I" passes here a subordinate clause. "Are you doing (,) that I ..." is correct. Whether you write a

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  • Position of the subordinate clause 02-25

    Which form is correct? My dream job is Artz, because I want to earn a lot of money and help people? OR My dream job is Artz, because I want to earn a lot of money and want to help people? (Must See "wants" to use once or twice?) --answer-- Hyvää

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  • Which stylistic devices behind it? 02-24

    Hi can you help me? Do you know what style means to ,, if I were a bird "is behind the poem / song? Thanks in advance. --answer-- This is NOT a stylistic device, but a "perfectly ordinary" Future 2 which expresses an unattainable desire (c.

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  • Can anyone help with upper and lower case maybe with examples or learning to do me? 02-24

    --answer-- In canoonet you will also find the little trickier cases explains: http: // MENUI ...? Large letters can be particularly noted the fact that an item previously is whether d

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  • woman look at to show interest in her 02-23

    Hello everybody, I sit very often in the university library. A girl I like very much. I want to show her that I have feelings for her. A friend told me that I should look at them while they smile. I'm very shy and I am also against this behavior beca

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  • Grammar - large or Kelin? 02-22

    How is it correct? the longer we discuss, the more uncertain we are: Is the car to buy? (Small k) or is the car to buy? (Large k) Thank you very much!! --answer-- During the Orthografiediskussion there were times capitalize "For Sale" the trend,

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  • What is the difference between "The same" & "The same"? 02-21

    Confusing. --answer-- If I want to wear the same shirt as you need to, you take it off :-) When I'm wearing the same thing, we both have a shirt, what we probably independently found totally good and bought it. DC says a copy of what the other has. T

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  • Does it enjoy most about your job or have fun in your job? 02-20

    --answer-- Both are possible, but the meaning is different: much love of the job have = the profession itself is fun (more to say but probably "fun at work" = therefore the ideal profession) have fun at work have often = It's funny at work on or

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  • Do you know any good tips to write a poem interpretation? Need help! Please 02-15

    I write a poem soon interpretation and urgently need help !! Do you know any good sites that I can prepare for it? I would do me something of help! Thank you in advance !! --answer-- Hello Kosova, Here is an extremely good site for tips (analysis of

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  • Why it is written small 02-13

    My question is why live in to live that is written in lower case --answer-- Here it is not about the noun "life", but rather "live" verb. Example: It is my pleasure to live near a forest. But good friends are part of life. ( "For&

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  • who or what? 02-09

    It comes at the end: Difficulties may be in a suicide attempt in which ** ** we try .... or what? for me sounds better former. --answer-- THE even try. So WHAT. about THE even attempt one would say what but that is not so :) Hello! "Which" is co

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  • What can I use? 02-08

    If there are no cars, you can protect the environment. Also reduces accidents and traffic jams. Can I "the" use? Nevertheless, the / a car is a practical means of transport. The or a? --answer-- If there are no cars, you can protect the environm

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  • German Grammar - Future 2 02-05

    Hello dear, White one of you LZ 6) (see picture) --answer-- As for the 6 uses, I would now also uncertain with. Commonly, there are these two known types: Use as a conditional form in the strict sense: if I went, I would be gone. Reported speech: he

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