• Bin 19 male and still virgin. had no girlfriend. 05-24

    Hello, I'm 19 and am still a virgin. Had had emulate so far not much with girls and had never got a girlfriend. My good friend has been a lot of experience and was sometimes even in the brothel. I think it's funny that I've never had something, and e

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  • Is still only fumble that? 05-04

    My girlfriend sometimes sits down on top of me and I wanted to know if that means something? --answer-- Maybe times back "grab"? : D Maybe she also wants to be pampered or want to stop more than cuddle! Yeah, sure, you should check respond to wh

    Tags: girlfriend, twiddling
  • Girlfriend has admirers 03-27

    Hello, yesterday my girlfriend got a text message from an unknown person, he just said that he is going to their school and always looks. He sent her a selbsgedichtetes, long love poem. Then he has also called, and they have about 10 minutes. Smallta

    Tags: Relationship, girlfriend
  • What should I do after such a number?!?! Cb 02-07

    Hi I really do not know anymore whether they exploited me etc. I ask for help so my girlfriend so we are friends and so she lives so about 45 minutes away from me by bus or train, and yes we met last on 22 January and whenever I ask them when we meet

    Tags: Help, girlfriend, Friends, friends + girlfriend
  • All the guys love me? 01-05

    My girlfriend is very thick and also not pretty and has a crush on as a so good-looking types and loves me ... and it's always like that introduces me to someone and falling in love with me, now my girlfriend is pissed because I look so good. How can

    Tags: girlfriend, boys
  • Search gift for my girlfriend's 18th birthday! :) 09-18

    Hello, I'm m21 and my girlfriend is mid-April 18. Only I do not know quite what to give her, got a chain for the wrist bestowed with so followers off her last year. I will give you definitely a bouquet, because she loves flowers so;) Only I honestly

    Tags: Love, Gift, girls, girlfriend, Sex, boys, Birthday gift, boys + girls
  • Things for girlfriend and me? 09-16

    Hi Guys, I want to buy my girlfriend a gift. Perfume, bracelet and something we already have. What could I bring her? They may for example, if both parties have so couple things the same shoes. So as unisex can carry things which man and woman. Someo

    Tags: Gift, girlfriend
  • need help with my ex 07-27

    Hi guys, I love my ex, you can not say, because we are now again become good friends and I do not want to risk umbedingt game that now the but. for that I always see them every day and we work a lot and today at work she asked me what it was in my ey

    Tags: Help, girlfriend
  • How can I suggest ?! Why it deletes the images in front of me? 07-26

    We go to the school at the time naked pictures of girls around .. Wednesday comes my flock in to me and we always talk a lot: 'He told me then said that he has a girlfriend) last Wednesday .. but why did he then deletes the pictures of me and wants t

    Tags: girlfriend, nude pictures, girlfriend + Swarm, Girls swarm
  • send Daily Rose 06-11

    Hey, I live with my girlfriend in a long distance relationship, we see every other weekend, unfortunately we can not see on Valentine's Day because only a week between Valentine's Day and our 5th day of the month is, and we would prefer to see us tha

    Tags: Love, girlfriend, delivery, roses, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Girlfriend +
  • A bezieungsproblem 04-17

    I'm in love but there is a problem it is of my mother's friend do the child what to da --answer-- Fits but super then you see yourself meegaaa often unsoo where is the problem? of your mother's girlfriend so has a daughter, when she is your age in ab

    Tags: shy, Relationship, girlfriend, shy girlfriend +
  • 16th birthday of best friend, what gift? 03-19

    My girlfriend will soon be 16 and celebrating in a small group (Ca 6 people). But I have no idea what I could give her .... makeup not happening, so what so do not go .... someone has an idea? I would be very thankful :) --answer-- Photo Gifts. Link

    Tags: birthday, girlfriend
  • Upholstery as a small gift ?! 02-19

    Hi, a question: I want my girlfriend just so, so it has no birth, we do not have the month etc. buy something - And then I yesterday this Whatsapp Smileys seen as a cushion, and since this is my pad (picture) particularly noticed, as we often use it

    Tags: WhatsApp, girlfriend
  • B-Day gift ?! :O 10-30

    So although I know I prop myself would have to know what to give a very good friend's birthday, but I just wanted a few ideas to hearing from you, because I can think of nothing good Creative: / .... to her, you is younger than me (is only 11 ^^), lo

    Tags: birthday, girlfriend
  • Girlfriends bide a friend what to do? 10-17

    and although both have the two in gladbach indeed a friend and I wanted in the Easter holidays 2 weeks back but I can not kip 2 weeks with girlfriend ner when a friend has to know all have a friend what I mean eventually want the time with spend the

    Tags: girlfriend, Friends
  • Girlfriend's floor, I think she is anorexic 10-03

    Hey, so how is already above is you come here to my girlfriend who is mega thin. Her legs and arms are really only bones. You can see it even in the face of how thin she is. I've talked to her about it, the only meant 'no but am not so thin'. Two leg

    Tags: girlfriend, thin, lean, thin skim +
  • Girlfriend accepted my dog ​​nich: P 08-30

    Hey guys -.- and although I have a problem .. I have a dog (rotweiler) are 6 years! .. Just my girlfriend did not come with the clear! She says she would run rumm anxiety before & while this "strange thing" in my apartment Step into not my a

    Tags: girlfriend, Dog
  • You don't like girlfriends of my friend 07-17

    Yes today it is again so far from my friend has a very good friend's birthday and I did not feel like to go there because I do not know e ^^ Would much rather with my boys to spend Saturday night in a pub etc .. , But if I cancel my girlfriend she's

    Tags: birthday, women, girlfriend, celebration, girlfriend birthday +, don't like
  • Gift ideas for bff =) (Weihnachen) 01-10

    Christmas is indeed at the door :) and I wanted to make my girlfriend a gift, as it is completely normal: D alsoo I had an idea .. A photo album of the two of us .. But she already has 2 other girlfriends, so white I do not exactly .. and photo calen

    Tags: Gift, girlfriend, Christmas, Gift ideas, girlfriend + Christmas, bff
  • sony beats headphones battery switch .. 10-09

    how can Sony beats change the battery ..... run the ever with battery ... because I've borrowed from the friend, the beats and suddenly can not hear any more music even though I did not do anything with them ... lg --answer-- sony beats ?? what is th

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