• I 16 them 12 does this fit? 01-12

    Hey guys I'm 16 years male and had what. With a 12-year-old on the music journey She and I got along from the start and still understand us but my Super freundeskreis is completely against it. With what had I meant only to kiss and cuddle. And she's

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  • May he me? he or interest xd 10-28

    So, I am a long time in love with a boy from my class, he is actually very kind to me! Eg if we have to make girls / guys partner work, he always wants to work with me even if he does not sit next to me, he'hat up jz 2x with boys about "quarreled&quo

    Tags: Love, girls
  • can send someone a few examples of gothic hair? 10-22

    hi ... i am body and soul Gothic and wanted to ask ... who vllt times. a cool idea has ... for a hairstyle ... when it comes with black and red ... LG PS: please Images --answer-- are prop no real gothic hairstyles I find. would not typical emo crest

    Tags: Hair, girls, women, hairstyle, Styling, hairstyle Women +
  • Search gift for my girlfriend's 18th birthday! :) 09-18

    Hello, I'm m21 and my girlfriend is mid-April 18. Only I do not know quite what to give her, got a chain for the wrist bestowed with so followers off her last year. I will give you definitely a bouquet, because she loves flowers so;) Only I honestly

    Tags: Love, Gift, girls, girlfriend, Sex, boys, Birthday gift, boys + girls
  • How much age difference is for you guys in a relationship ok? 08-16

    --answer-- Depends on how old you itself. The older I get, the greater may be the difference. At the moment I have a 4 years. I find depends on the mature and how old is he and how old are you? Find it totally does not matter. The age of a human bein

    Tags: Relationship, girls, boys, guys + girls age difference
  • On boys: what humor should have girls? 08-15

    What humor you like most about girls? How important is it to you? And how can a girl you talk to the type / to be funny convince himself? I would be interested times Thank Lg :) --answer-- If you are a girl appreciates the jubge as it is, simply're a

    Tags: girls, boys, humor, humor + guys
  • socialize after a few weeks contactless lock, new contacts? 08-12

    Hello :-) I have the following problem Since 2 years I was in a girl in love (and I mean really in love.) in the time she had a relationship that struck me very much. This relationship then went to 2 years in the quarries. a few months ago, we have d

    Tags: Relationship, girls
  • get a girl closer. As? Part 2 04-11

    Good evening. Yesterday I already asked a question on this subject. It was about a girl who I have newly met at the math tutoring. I want her to come closer and asked how. The answer was usually, ask for her number. No stupid proposal. Today it was t

    Tags: Relationship, Love, fear, girls, Relationship + girl, social
  • How chat up?

    How chat up? 02-25

    Moin, I do not ask for me today but for an acquaintance. Namely, she wants the man as: appeal. You know the name, age and a two preferences - but do not know how. Hence my / her question, jmd has an idea how to talk to him? (She is 15, he 17) PS, goe

    Tags: Love, girls, boys, boys + girls, people respond
  • rare problem 02-09

    So I have a problem that probably no one else has. So I'm a totally cute young and would have a good chance at girls (which I was told by a female side) have me but until now every day at school adjusted so that no girl in love with me because I want

    Tags: Love, girls
  • Urgent Aid to the girl understanders 01-29

    Emm I just start at times. So I have a girl hello to me on the schule.sie is a class below me. They laughed at me often in the breaks. So I was aware of them. She is very very very sweet. I will then address but are because their friends ... And then

    Tags: Love, girls
  • What should I answer her? love 1234531 11-15

    Hey :) I love a girl in my class .. and she writes very often with me :) Just today about something else. How can I tell you now that I love her? --answer-- This is far too early. People, especially girls / women react with such emotion expressions o

    Tags: Love, girls
  • Film about '' bad boy falls in love with dear girl ''? 11-11

    Hello :) I'm looking for movies where the bad boy in love with the dear girl :) There are many types of something, for example, that the bad guy immediately falls in love with it, or that it takes a while. but I do not want this kitschy Twilight stuf

    Tags: girls, boy, Film, good, boy + girl, romance, Bose
  • Help hdiwnsnskaliwjs 11-03

    Can you get bad air intentional vomiting? Or heart stop? My sister healt an important referat about anorexia, but nowhere is the on the internet, need urgent help, they must submit it tomorrow --answer-- Yes you can choke if they vomit, but also appl

    Tags: Help, Problems, Anxiety, eating disorders, girls, diet, Weight, Angst + girl, breathlessness, heart problems
  • Is that possible? Or later? 10-28

    I make this year my high-school diploma. Prefer after a voluntary social year (fsj) make. However, not abroad, but in here somewhere. My mother but now something talked about it, that you have to make up 18 to either the school or training and this i

    Tags: Girl, School, girls, graduation, FSJ, kindergarten, Statements + girl
  • How to react if you guys dissed? 10-21

    How react boys if a girl she dissed? I mean internally .. or at a removal / if they do not get what they want from the girl? Thank you'd be interested to know --answer-- Depends on who a dissed and how ^^ If you hit, you can already feel offended a n

    Tags: Love, girls, boys, boys + girls
  • Am I stupid or just a lucky guy? 10-20

    Hi I am 14m, and had now sport at school. We should split up, a girl, a boy group. The girls were less than we do, so someone had to go to them (as always I, I think the gym teacher hates me !!) Anyway, I stopped with the girls a Hindernissparcout, 3

    Tags: Love, girls
  • Do guys with girls Mädchengekicher? 09-30

    Hey, so, guys like girls who always giggling about everything these guys say? So a typical Mädchengekicher? I would imagine so, that this is more a sign of insecurity. So what do you say, boys and girls? Thanks in advance. --answer-- Subjectively onl

    Tags: Relationship, girls, boys, guys + girls opinion laugh
  • Sweet lyrics for it ^^ 07-11

    Hey, you know a few cute sayings for your girlfriend? I want to write my girlfriend on WhatsApp something sweet .. But I think of anything .. Please not this tearjerker of the sites or these poems .. I look forward to your answers :) --answer-- So as

    Tags: Love, girls
  • Christmas gift for 14 years of the pink loves! 07-08

    So I have until now all gifts worried for Christmas only 1 missing me for ne good friend (14) she likes pink loves fluffy and also like chocolate but I do not know what to give her. I can not just give her chocolate yes ..... I would be happy about i

    Tags: Gift, girls, Christmas, Pink, Teenager + Christmas



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