grief + ritzen

  • Probably!?.!?.!?. 01-10

    Can crevices to addiction are? So if you are forced to feel at scoring? --answer-- A clear Yes. 1. When SVV one is busy and you do not think about the other bad things. 2. One can drown a pain with another pain. Do you hurt your hand and you hurt you

    Tags: depression, scratch, sorrow, grief + ritzen
  • I have a problem / heartache :( is important 07-22

    Hey, so I'm feeling at the moment just failed ** e .... I had not come nearly a guiten friend of mine together ... but we are together about 2 months ago because I me then but I n so sure was ... I knew that he had previously scored once before and s

    Tags: Friends, scratch, sorrow, grief + ritzen



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