• Gta online heist (PS3) disappeared? 03-02

    Hey I got yesterday at the 5 mission preparations are complete and have since bank robbery repeatedly attempt, got it but failed and then got out made. Today I wanted to carry on but there is nothing more also not displayed after 30 minutes, I can on

    Tags: PS3, online, gta, gta online, GTA5
  • Ps4 crashes at start of gta online 01-09

    My ps4 always turns off if I want to start gta online. Does anyone have any idea what that might be ?? --answer-- Hey do you have now a solution had been found? Because I bought my ps4 only a few months ago and then couple of weeks ago only times the

    Tags: gta, Playstation
  • GTA V Hydra Jet also available offline? 01-02

    Can the Hydra Jet from new Heist Update also play offline? For other updates, it was also so that you could play the new vehicles offline. --answer-- Gta save editor is a super simple modding program for Ps3 and Xbox 360 Yes Can you, you only need a

    Tags: gta
  • GTA 5 help update 11-04

    Hello I wanted to play a few hours gta. 5 When I got there gelffnet came the message that there is an update. I downloaded it and upload it for about 2 hours and ust degree at 62%. I have the installation ever of new gestarteb because it went no furt

    Tags: Update, gta
  • Does my change PS3 IP ?! 07-10

    Hi I need to change because I at the play GTA V (Ps3) was banned .... now it is so I have the program Angry Ip to check ips only how can I now change the ps3 ip without a DNS problem-my PS3 ip having ..... there I always failing nähmlich. I want no m

    Tags: PS3, gta, System, GTA + System
  • Assassins Creed Black Flag or Rogue what is recommendable? 07-05

    Will buy myself one but do not know what I should take ... --answer-- In any case, rogue x) Rogue, although I miss the diving bell :( Black Flag.

    Tags: Video, gta
  • About PS4 Plus membership 06-20

    Hey, I wanted a PS4 with GTA Online buy me and wanted to ask if you have to pay have this Playstation Plus. --answer-- One must generally to play online on derr Ps4 possess Ps +. PlayStation Plus you need only if you want to play online. So goes only

    Tags: gta, PS4
  • GTA 5 story mode weapons store (PS3) 06-01

    One can in GTA Online weapons "throw away" does not want to have one of those annoying yes weapons all get in his Waffenrad with triangle or so ... And through all the updates one also has in Story Mode. How can I make this drop? With triangle o

    Tags: gta, Auto, theft, gta online, GTA5, Grand, gta + GTA5
  • gta 5 story mode Problem with mission 05-27

    hey people'm in the mission of the raid jeweler but after I've done everything and procure eq must I do not get the sms from lester where the van is was even there and got a steal but can not help someone help me? --answer-- What a Van? I have the st

    Tags: gta, Playstation, GTA V, gta + GTA V, x box, Story Mode +
  • GTA 5 hearse Help me 05-22

    Hello. Can someone with me the hearse in GTA 5 Get Online? This calls for a yes, otherwise not spawn the. So who has one and would help me?

    Tags: online, gta
  • GTA 5 xbox 360 ... truck 02-01

    Hello .. if I eg for missions in a truck climb draw me as sometimes other mitspieler out again ... I can but other nich rausziehn ... how do they do that? > :( --answer-- Y hold long. Hold Y

    Tags: gta, xbox
  • password gta 5 pc version 02-01

    Heyho GTA 5 pc version is coming soon and I wanted to get and one can the character take over (I want from ps3 to pc) but I forgot my custom one of to take over or what you need? Social Club I also forgot password did want to reset but I get no email

    Tags: gta
  • GTA 5 Invite Blocks 07-10

    Hello I can since new chat no longer invite online friends'. I would first is the introduction of play to an end but what I have done for a long time .. Help! --answer-- Your friends must all be at least level 4! Check if this is the case :-)

    Tags: PS3, Help, online, gta, Invitation, online + PS3
  • GTA V Pre-Order Bonus Cash not in GTA Online 10-08

    I have the following problem: I pre-ordered mine for the PS4 a few days ago GTA V. As a "reward" were promised (500,000 in single player and 500,000 in GTA Online) 1,000,000 GTA dollars, but I have only the money for the single player but did no

    Tags: gta-5, gta, gta online, GTA V, Playstation 4, Patents, Rockstar Games, playstation store, Playstation network, gta-5 + Patents
  • GTA V on My New Xbox 360 Slim E Can not Be Read, what is the problem? 03-16

    Hello Have 3 Verschidene GTA V Games on My New Xbox 360 Slim E Try Sorry Does not only GTA V game (HAD EVEN it once bought NEW) (when I lay installation disc on Xbox upload it 1-2 minutes then comes; rated game can not will) All other games besides f

    Tags: gta, Xbox 360
  • How can you change Gta online motorcycle helmet? 03-16

    --answer-- Yes, acting under Accessories and rhelm, there would also be a small message under it are like you auswählt.Bei the helmet of Ps3 / 4 it is square Yes in the interaction menu, under Accessories. Do you have to buy you a

    Tags: online, gta
  • is to start GTA IV a sound card required! 03-15

    Hi people have today gta iv instaliert from the CD and then start Wolte Gtaiv.exe and comes at a time then so ne message "to gta iv will launch a sound card is required" And I have a sound card, what should I do? I pack a few times purely pictur

    Tags: Help, Problems, gta, GTA IV, Grand Theft Auto, help + Problems
  • GTA V CD install spite purchased online key? 03-15

    Hi, I have acquired gta v as key for for PC online, but the download takes too long and as a buddy gta v CD Rom me is at your disposal it is perhaps possible to play with because install CDs and I can then enter because key? --answer-- You mean that

    Tags: Games, gta, computer games, Video games, computer games + games, GTA V
  • GTA 5 hotknife online, Carbon RS 03-15

    Hello, I'm from the PS 3 switched to the PS 4, now I have the hotknife to purchase 90 thousand, now would be interested if anyone can buy or just people who have made the switch? --answer-- As far as I know, the each buy what pisses me beastly to. Si

    Tags: gta-5, gta, GTA 5 Online, GTA-5 + GTA 5 Online, hotknife
  • GTA V Online Phoenix find / limitation? 03-15

    My question is whether and where to find the Phoenix and GTA V Online. I have been a but I would have liked a 2nd on the Internet I have already asked but I find it not at the given locations. I did not have to drive one of a mission but went of in t

    Tags: online, gta, Phoenix



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