guard dog

  • If a guard dog mitgemischt? 03-12

    Hi, I have noticed for a week that my mixed breed puppy (4 1/2 months), behaves a bit like a guard dog. When he sleeps, for example, and I mean proper deep sleep, then he hears outside someone passes. He then barks this deep adult barking, we think w

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  • Watchful dog? 10-14

    Hello everybody. I need help please. Since almost 2 weeks we have a second dog, whose primary job is to be vigilant. But from the beginning: We, now almost 8 years Goldi dog is super sweet, but a nightcap as it appears in the book. He barks only when

    Tags: Dog, watchdog, guard dog
  • Stube Reiner dog pees when foreign visit to the house (not in reception) 11-19

    My friends have a guard dog. The dog is 2.5 years old and housebroken. When visitors arrive, he would be true and welcomes the people, but is sometime then obediently under the table or in his basket. Now it seemed to 2x that persons he did not know

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  • keep Kangal 02-26

    In my circle of friends, there is a shepherd who has lost several sheep by wolves. Now he asked me to assist him in acquiring and training a Kangal. He himself is not quite inexperienced in dog ownership, but I think that this breed beyond his (and m

    Tags: sheep, guard dog
  • Watchdogs herd behavior 07-26

    Hello, We have 3 watchdogs. The first, Chille we have for 11 years Berna Sennen Mongrel. Second, Shanga 8 years German Shepherd-Canadian Shepherd. The third. Chara for 4 months Belgian Shepherd. All 3 females. The problem is which the small behaves v

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