• Why my Chihuahua dog sheds so extreme? 12-04

    Since Montys adolescence he is extremely on hair. I could for hours brush brush brush and at the end would still hair fligen through the air and when I reach him through the coat I can get him out of there bushel. In my Chihuahua dog Lucy is quite di

    Tags: Hair, Dog, fur, fur + dog, haart, loses fur
  • Labrador haart strong do what? 08-30

    Hi I have a 2 year old black Labrador cross. I own him since he is a few months old. But he sheds very strong. The whole house is on the floor full of hair and we suck each to every 2 day. What can you do about it ? --answer-- The best brushes regula

    Tags: Hair, fur, Labrador, haart, fur + Labrador



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