• Where can I purchase the mullet from "The Yes Man" (Circus Halligalli)? I mean the Joko 11-10

    In one episode they are on the Cologne Carnival, Klaas comes as Harry Potter and Joko carries an extremely ugly mullet. I find quite funny for Carnival and wanted to ask where I can buy the? Have not found him yet. --answer--

    Tags: Cologne, Hair, buy, hairstyle, Carnival, Circus Halli Galli, Mullet Hairstyle + buy jokoklaas
  • One question: How do you get to wait so long healthy and long hair without? 11-06

    Hello Hello. I had soo beautiful long hair and cut it and regret it so hot. How do you get fast, healthy hair? --answer-- Ultimately, you can not really affect the hair growth. Apart from a healthy diet, plenty of water ... and generally a fairly hea

    Tags: Hair, hair care
  • Fringes on the side but high up!?! 10-21

    I know you heading sounds weird but I have a problem I was before as a dear doll brown long hair bla bla good marks Have my hair now dark red and let me soon make piercings doing now but nothing to the point I my hair not likely to be cut Habs I made

    Tags: Hair, Scene
  • hair look so good .. 10-13

    Often after showering are my hair still wet course. I never dry with fem hand tusch .. I let them prefer self-drying .. WHILE my hair is wet .. they look good .. as if I had smeared with NEM money .. and I find the hairstyle looks good .. but holding

    Tags: Hair, center
  • hair glue at the wash I are natural shampoos use 10-04

    I switched completely to natural cosmetics and already nearly 1 month. I have tried 4 different natural shampoos but it's all the same. my hair sticking when washed together total I come with the fingers no longer correct through the tops flush out t

    Tags: Hair, Beauty, hairstyle, beauty + Hairstyle
  • What is a non-shedding dog forming

    What is a non-shedding dog forming 09-24

    We had a Labrador and have a pug - but the next dog should hair defintif less. Does anyone have an idea? --answer-- Poodle (need to Barber or you scheerst itself) A poodle can indeed look after "normal dog" That depends nunmal of the "Hairs

    Tags: Hair, Dog
  • make hair like? shdudjrhdjybe 07-26

    Hey have to have a haircut like the picture in front of me, now my question is how I is my hair so style must on the picture are indeed not smooth but not curly hair, I have very curly hair, but if I smooth down it is indeed evil smooth logically

    Tags: Hair, Beauty
  • sell hair? As the... 07-16

    Hiya together. :) My name is Sylvio and I let my hair always grow long. Now before short I found out that you can also sell his hair well ?! Exactly how and especially where does such a thing? Thanks for your answers; D --answer-- Look here purely, h

    Tags: Hair, hair purchase
  • Hair Masks & hair treatments! 03-13

    Come hair masks / cures now in the tips or distributed it on the entire hair ?? I ask because I always read what else. --answer-- I do it always so ... I take little and spread it roughly in her hair and then I take a comb or brush and spread it well

    Tags: Hair, Care, looks, appearance + Care
  • Scream hair 12-15

    What is the haircut of CS Pro Players Scream?

    Tags: Hair
  • thereby losing dog hair? 10-20

    our dog loses quite a lot of hair can be due to that we give him to eat too many people to eat? how can you reduce the hair loss? --answer-- Yes, this may be because a dog should get a dog food with lots of meat content. SO more meat content the bett

    Tags: Hair, eat, Dog, fur, eat + dog
  • Scalp scaly and itchy not wash for a long time 10-09

    Hi Community, as the title suggests, begins my scalp to itch and flake when I have not washed my long time the hair with shampoo (as from the 4th day). I constantly thought of all hairdressers that rarely washing is good for the hair and scalp. can I

    Tags: Health, Hair, hairdresser, Scalp, skin + skin
  • How to wash hair faster 09-17

    So I would like to have more I want always but whenever I went to the hairdresser I let myself be persuaded and they cut a little :( but at the moment just want a little longer have if it is only 5cm would not care but a little longer would be great

    Tags: Hair
  • Haaaaaaree! 09-06

    So, when I was little, I had very light hair (white / brown). Over the years, they were always dark! Currently I have dark blond to light brown hair. I always wanted to have brown hair. Can it be that they are still getting darker and I in a few year

    Tags: Hair, Beauty
  • What to do in rabbits against hairballs in the stomach? 03-16

    Hello, my doe was removed the uterus. The doctor also found a hairball in the stomach. She's a lion head rabbit and has their entire hair belly. Just because you dressing up also prefer. You can drag reluctant and even less like combs. Even if I she

    Tags: Hair, Rabbits, hares, moulting, Hare + rabbit hairballs Malzpaste
  • With 22 no pubic hair yet 03-16

    Hello I am 22 years 1,87m have large but full beard had nochnie pubic hair do not trust me to ask the doctor is that what people so bad there like me? or is that normal --answer-- Is it well, then you do not shave;) I would do in your shoes not worri

    Tags: Hair, Hair growth
  • What can I do about that feel the hair funny? 03-16

    I shower every day, but wash my hair every other day. My hair I blow dry anyway every day and my hair feels just like straw on. And as if they were not so full, as if they were little hair! What can you do? Anyway, I'm male and teenager. --answer-- I

    Tags: Hair, men
  • Grow hair if you pflechted? 03-16

    So I hear or read the hair grow if you pflechted true? --answer-- Only through the lichens do not grow hair. Hair grows in> section 1 cm per month. This is genetic. No. Unfortunately not. It's plat ,, ". Hair always grow.

    Tags: Hair, Hair growth
  • use Axe Mature for hair 03-16

    Can I Axe Mature shower gel use wash also for hair? --answer-- Shower gel and shampoo do not differ so much - try it out, will work out. Ne let'd better could perhaps your hair turn characterized !!

    Tags: Health, Hair, Mature, Axe, body wash +, Shower Gel + hair
  • Good oil for the hair!?!? --- 03-16

    Looking for the best oil for the care of my hair! Seeking a product from the drugstore. I've heard of Alverde coconut oil should be good ?! Do you know any good oils? --answer-- Hello pink8, There are several good hair oils commercially, I recommend

    Tags: Hair, Beauty, Beauty + oil



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