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  • Fever, sore throat, runny nose, bit evil 11-07

    Hi folks I feel at the moment so funny this morning I had a sore throat and my nose running and ca goes at 10:30 was me totally warm and foul And at the moment I tremble a bit and I know remote diagnostics not but I also somehow no presumption what I

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  • Should I to school or not? 03-10

    Hi Guys! I have a cold ... today it is so bad that I could hardly get air and my voice is completely adjusted. And I have some sore throat. Should I stay home or go to school? --answer-- Please go first to a doctor who can give you then issue the cer

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  • I'm very worried about my mother, who can help me? 03-04

    --answer-- I would in the family help get me because the way you need it describe your mothers help and a lot of love Talk to her and was much for her tell her because you love her You should go into more detail and enlighten us about what you're wor

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  • Can you help me - Should I go or stay? 02-23

    Hey, I wanted today to a party and I felt quite well, but before about half an hour I got diarrhea. The stupid is, I was so happy, have already taken a tablet, but am afraid that I get again. Shall I go now or should I stay home? (Had 3 bowel movemen

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  • Do as I soon can recover their tips? 02-18

    I need to be healthy wueder on Monday! There I go namely with my class for a week away .. I sore throat, earache a bit and my nose is a bit congested ... Do you have tips how I can recover quickly? It's me that is very important that I mitfahre .. It

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  • Sore throat What should I do dagenen merely? 02-13

    Hi I have a sore throat since yesterday morning and that means (to me) that I get sick. Wass can I do that it is not as far comes. , , , danke MFG --answer-- Hello Karl4StarU, Of course this is ugly, but everyone can times be sick, I know a good home

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  • What is wrong with me? Real weird: / 01-18

    Hello, I'm almost 16 and male. about 5 weeks ago, it started with a slight cough. He was getting worse and rhinitis came also. It came when coughing and green phlegm and it was green mucus in the nose. In the last week I felt really bad. I was consta

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  • Friend is sick: / 01-16

    Hi Unfortunately my friend is a bad cold since yesterday but we are tomorrow agreed .... Therefore, I wanted him possibly bring something with which either the cold counteracts or something :) with a speedy recovery saying someone has an idea possibl

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  • As I will not be healthy although I have to take medicine? 01-14

    I next week with the class a "school trip" in a home where I have to sleep 5 days and stay only as conform and not make me move freely, unfortunately'm sick this week so a week early. I would not go there because I'm somewhere not well I do not

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  • What should I do? I do not !? Can you give me advice? 01-08

    Hello. I really do not know why I always. I was only a cold even at different doctors and everything. I have slightly increased fever have cough or sneeze a thick and degrees catch ears ache to. not to mention the headaches completely. But I have to

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  • I can not anymore. Do I need help? 12-24

    Hello everyone first, I try using to describe my problem. I am 25 years, doing an apprenticeship as a retail clerk in net, live with my 65 year old father and my 16 year old brother. The problem? Well, I do not remember where my head is. Every day I

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  • Should I see a doctor? Gastrointestinal 12-08

    Today I woke up at 5 tomorrow and sat once around with relatively strong stomach pains. Eventually I had to repeatedly successively choke. Something broken I did not. That is recovered sih once. Now ih noh slept 3 hours magendarmtee drunk. The pain i

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  • Bin're sick Wednesday ... 12-02

    Hey I'm silk Wednesday voted cold snuff and strong cough seizures, have been drinking tea with honey but not taken any medication since my father and his wife say, this does not help drug ... What can I do there vlt but medication against cough help

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  • am very sick and need help. what to do? 11-27

    Hello. I have a cold and very bad need as quickly as possible to answer or help. My nose is too, thanks to the cold completely. My tonsils have also become very large and breathe reminds me so very difficult. I really have very strong and noisy breat

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  • One friend it is at the moment not good - what can I do? 11-09

    Since 2 weeks plaguing a friend of mine that she's really bad. Your is Dizzy and bad she pukes every day, eating and drinking what little. If they will stand up to her to black out they can barely stand and today it is already 2 times fainted. She re

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  • Life-threatening, arterial occlusion? 10-09

    Since about 1 hour I feel a pressure on the left under the left temple and I wonder what this could be, it feels like there inside a bubble and that is why I can not sleep all the time because I'm afraid that it is something bad could be --answer-- H

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  • but reduce fever like. // 09-18

    Bin alone at home and have a fever and it torments me formally I can not sleep, it brings me to last sigh of sheer fröteln. What can I tuen it? --answer-- First of the fever is not necessarily bad, it means that your body fights an infection. If it i

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  • to know someone, need advice? 09-13

    hey people, have since 2 days abdominal pain, diarrhea and slight nausea ... next 2 hours I got my period .. can be related to? sorry Emetophobia and fear of stomach intestinal flu ... --answer-- Perhaps you have a gastrointestinal flu. Since help te

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  • Pale, dark circles, chills, fatigue ... 08-18

    Hello, For a long time I always cold (cold fingers, nose, toes and creeps), am actually also constantly tired'm deathly pale and had to do black eye circles. Often I am also really tired and listless. I've been to the doctor, with me everything is fi

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  • Laryngitis help painful 08-18

    How to Get a throat inflammation? How long is something hab on Tuesday test must hitherto be healthy again? And I have pain in the neck, all the while coughing and itching what can I machrn. And since you get a fever? --answer-- You get it by a virus

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