• Dog sleeps with us Help: (((((((((( 03-14

    So my girlfriend for few days on holiday and while their dog is with us my problem he is missing you very much and is always in front of the balcony windows in hope that she comes, he does not eat much and is sad have no experience with dogs my imagi

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  • Dog vomiting! HELP 03-12

    Hello, I have 2 boys, one 6 months and the other 1.5 years. Then a female which is 2 years old and scored puppies are now 8 weeks old. Now the problem, it began with the 6-month dog. He has little eaten and was only in his basket and has not moved fo

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  • Overnight? 03-11

    I've always used napkins night over and during the day an OB and I'm afraid that the when I sleep somehow further goes in when I do at night meinOB purely because I do my unnecessary thoughts? --answer-- Nee I thought slip too :) Plunging it does not

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  • TV Samsung T24D310ES No Signal? Help! 03-10

    Hi, got myself now for my bedroom following screen: "Samsung T24D310ES". This is indeed in possession of the triple-tuner, so I think: "are you simply the coaxial cable to the connector and pressing on the transmitter seeker, but then it ru

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  • Help! I put pictures into the net? 02-27

    Hi, I have a few pictures want to draw from a class trip to the Pc to a folder over, but I missed the folder and have the images statdessen on the Mozilla Firefox pulled over. I have the images now released ?! Thank you for answers. --answer-- Do not

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  • Quail breed like? 02-25

    1 week ago my father bought 25 quail 2 male and 23 female. Since the eggs have set as 9 eggs now sit no more, it may be that because of the size of the, cage or the lining? Can you please give some tips? Please thank help advance --answer-- May be du

    Tags: Help, breeding, quail, quail breeding +
  • I do not know what to do? scratch 02-24

    I started to scratch me and I'm at the moment simply does not depend on. And I can not really talk to someone about it because there are just people who do not have experience and who do not understand me .. because they were never in this situation.

    Tags: Help, scratch, talk, talk + ritzen
  • In love with a girl from the same class! What to do? 02-18

    Hey guys I am totally in love with a girl from the parallel class. We are both 13 years of age. Problem: I'm totally shy and do not dare to talk to them. We are already writing for a while about Whatsapp and when I anlache she laughs even back what s

    Tags: WhatsApp, Help, Love, class, address, love + WhatsApp, parallel class, thirteen
  • Have you effective tips for losing weight? 15 Kg and up! 02-16

    Good evening, I know that this issue here very often happens, but unfortunately I have not found anything suitable. So I'd love to lose weight, because I'm really overweight. I currently weigh around 86 kg and am about 1.65 m tall and will in the sum

    Tags: Help, Remove, slimming + Tips, healthy living, slimming slimming 10 kg
  • I hurt my tailbone 02-14

    I sit every day about 8 hours on a wooden chair and doing my tailbone hurt so ... Whenever I have to get up get up from her knees as otherwise so strong pain that remains my breath away ... Even though I bend down ... What can one do about it? If I'm

    Tags: Help, Pain, Doctor, doctor + pain, coccyx
  • I do not know what I want .. help 02-14

    Can now choose what to give it for dinner only I do not know what I would like, do you have ideas? Can calm also be more than just sausage sandwich :) --answer-- Meatballs and served with green beans in such bundles with a slice of bacon wrapped [and

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  • Help 2.ter World War? 02-08

    If you owe as a German soldier in World War II? --answer-- And if today war would proclaimed, all would again bravely take up arms and fight, rather than general to fight against those who have instigated the war. The on dry ground ... Hello hauhacs,

    Tags: Help, soldier
  • Opinion need help: / 02-07

    Hey guys, I need help really untrue to write my problem in the teaching of German texts or How to get started with the first set! : / Now we got a homework assignment: "The editor of your school newspaper has asked you to write a review Be an informe

    Tags: Help, Problems, German, German + Problems
  • What should I do after such a number?!?! Cb 02-07

    Hi I really do not know anymore whether they exploited me etc. I ask for help so my girlfriend so we are friends and so she lives so about 45 minutes away from me by bus or train, and yes we met last on 22 January and whenever I ask them when we meet

    Tags: Help, girlfriend, Friends, friends + girlfriend
  • Must write a poem spring itself need a little help! 02-04

    I have a spring poem itself write about spring have been a little thing but the ideas are left in me. Would be nice if one of you has a few sentences that rhyme with respect to the spring. PS: An idea that could rhyme with the phrase "fresh clear air

    Tags: Help, rhyme, Poem, spring, Set, poem + set write itself
  • Own horse, I would like that? 01-31

    Hey, at the stable where I ride is a horse for sale, a 5 year old gelding. My parents made me an offer that I could get him. Actually, I want that, too always and I know the horse so well, but he's just very clever, sensitive and temperamental. I hav

    Tags: Help, Horse + riding, decision, own-horse, yes or no, Horses & riding
  • what is "420 Blaze it"? 01-30

    --answer-- 420 = Ritual of any students then think on Harward because at 4:20 PM (16:20) komsumierten always the first bag (Joint).

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  • off home, 18 years old, high school 01-30

    Good day dear GF community, I turn to you because I have a very urgent matter and that I will in three days 18, since I home a lot of problems with my mother did, my parents separated and my 20 year old sister lives with my father that I did not draw

    Tags: Help, high school, 18 years, grants, move out, off school, government grants
  • It knocked on the door ... 01-27

    Hey. I hear there just outside a men and a woman Agreed. Although can not understand what they say, but you want something. The man has just 2 knocked times. Do you think I should open? I am alone at home and have now somehow o_o fear --answer-- Knoc

    Tags: Help, alone, Home, alone at home, DAA
  • Help, self-confidence 01-24

    Every person must be self-confident, which is very important! Well .. but I would not write if I were confidently. , In many situations I could use it. Can you help me? Do you have any tips? Thank you in advance:) --answer-- I have the problem that I

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