• Extreme hair loss help 07-17

    I are a few months extreme hair loss ames gets worse by the day. I'm so afraid that I soon got really thin hair. I feel not comfortable with my hair I find myself ugly if I have I very number of hairs already lost. I was already at Artzt because of m

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  • Who's that? Ssss 07-14

    Moin people Hab times a question and indeed who has youtuber of suicide (is in the video says) Lg mario --answer-- He said Avery J. Lovgren its channel there is I think no longer have only found http: //www

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  • Christmas searched for oneself 07-12

    Hi guys. So I was asked by my parents, I would like for Christmas. They would like to give me a bit, but I just do not know what to ask for. Have you perhaps an idea? I am a girl and I'm 13 years old. Thanks in advance --answer-- Hm, of course I can

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  • Ipad mini forgot password 07-12

    Hi I have an ipad mini and I have long no longer uses it as I have found him today I knew no longer password, now I have it unlocked for an hour ... In the internet is that if you no longer password to know the Komputer stuck but unfortunately the ko

    Tags: Help, Apple, iPad, password, forget, mini, Apple iPad, Apple ipad mini, How to unlock
  • .. My best friend greifft me! 07-12

    ♡ ¤> hey you, my best friend 14 touches me permanently, I sit next to him and he always puts his hand on my thigh and caressing me. In the beginning I liked it but it is jz already grossly. He takes my hand and puts it on his thigh, although I always

    Tags: Help, Friends, friendship, harassment, friends + Friendship
  • What should I tell? Help! 07-11

    Hello, I am writing with a is really nice but sometimes we do not know what we should tell each other .. then he writes just always "tell what" ... tell what am I? reminds me somehow nix ... always when I look at a conversation effort

    Tags: Guys, Chat, Help, Chat + guys
  • GTA 5 Invite Blocks 07-10

    Hello I can since new chat no longer invite online friends'. I would first is the introduction of play to an end but what I have done for a long time .. Help! --answer-- Your friends must all be at least level 4! Check if this is the case :-)

    Tags: PS3, Help, online, gta, Invitation, online + PS3
  • iCloud Acc away at the computer iPhone, the iPhone itself, it shows the acc yet to 07-09

    Hello, I ordered an iPhone on eBay recently. The seller forget to log his iPhone in iCloud. Now he has from his laptop kicked my purchased iPhone in his Acc, but in my iPhone it shows these Acc my seller still on, so I can not restore it. What can I

    Tags: Help, iPhone, iCloud, iCloud iPhone +
  • Problem with iPhone calendar! (IPhone 5S) 03-20

    Hi, I have a few hours ago noticed that my (properly well-stocked) iPhone calendar is completely empty! Except for birthdays and holidays all dates are gone .. I have also made no change to the calendar lately. The last thing I have done is to update

    Tags: Date, Help, Problems, Apple, iPhone, ios, Apple + iPhone, way, Calendar
  • Which mobile phone is worth more? Sony 03-16

    Hey guys wanted me for Christmas a new phone purchase (if I have money). Did I already picked out 2 once the Sony Xperia Z2 and Z3 compact. The Z3C would 50 euros more expensive (415 €) as the Z2 (360 €) .. has committed two functions more ... unfort

    Tags: Technology, Help, Sony, Christmas, opinion, Phone, Art Christmas
  • I'm worried about my dog ​​:(! 03-12

    Hello first :) So I have since 2 years almost 3 a little chihuahua, which I adore - ... Only she yelps again as at the beginning of every morning (for the last two days) and I'm afraid that what is bad: / I do not want to lose even a dog :( If I alwa

    Tags: Help, Love, fear, Dog, chihuahua, help + dog
  • 3.99 shipping for multiple items? 02-28

    I have to pay at rebuy per item 3,99 Versanf, or you can pay for multiple items 3,99 shipping? LG --answer-- Hey CriZiz, the delivery cost of 3.99 € fall once per order - no matter how many items are in your cart :) Best wishes, Kristin from

    Tags: Help, shipping, Rebuy, Rebuy + shipping
  • c: geo - upload multiple images? 02-28

    Hello, actually I write my Geocaching Logs on the PC but I for photographing mostly use my smartphone, I log posts where this includes an image with c: geo. Now I wanted but upload photos today. Goes with c: geo not or I put myself there just too stu

    Tags: Help, GPS, scavenger hunt, geocaching, Geocaching GPS +, treasure hunt, geo c
  • Aid acne sebum 02-25

    Do you know anything that reduces sebum? --answer-- Sports, drink a lot and a healthy diet are the basis. Then also helps healing earth quite well (as a mask and as washing cream for the face). Unfortunately it also depends on your age, if you're in

    Tags: Help, Acne
  • What happens if a dog eats chocolate 02-21

    My dog ​​has eaten chocolate before accidentally and now I do not know if I have the vet --answer-- That depends on whether the chocolate was still in its packaging. If not, nothing happens. If so, may have swallowed the vet because the dog immediate

    Tags: Help
  • Dog bloated belly Help 02-20

    My dog ​​is almost 11 months old and behaves for a few days something anderster than usual today I noticed that his belly is totally bloated Earlier he has broken. Can it be that he has to eat you? Today he has eaten namely more than usual. And it's

    Tags: Help, Dog, Stomach, Veterinarian, dog belly +
  • Small dog has eaten at least half a loaf of bread! what to do? 02-09

    Hello. When I came home an hour ago, I devastated found the dining room. The bread box was on the table, open. The paper of the bread "packaging" lay scattered across the floor, and on the dining table. The bread was gone, except for the second

    Tags: Help, sick, eat, Dog, bread, dog + sick, bloat
  • Which of the two graphics card of both? 01-18

    And I put a oc together and am two Zodac gtx to buy 970 or Zodac gtx 980 amp which wanted so I also refer to 4k monogamous what should I nehemen ..? --answer-- So for 4k is 980 not enough (at least in more complex games) a GTX. So if then you would h

    Tags: Help, graphics card, two, two graphics card +
  • Dog with! 7! attacked stabbed 01-14

    Hello people my dog ​​was with! 7! Stabbed brutally attacked and I wanted to ask if irgenteiner any idea how man can take action against the person a stitch un in the belly of a nearly main artery next to the. Please Please I need your help. I love t

    Tags: Help, animal murder
  • urgently need help! dog 01-10

    I got myself a dog from a shelter, before whom I was indeed warned, as he so aggressive and dangerous is because the owners have vorhgerigen so educated him. I have as I said nevertheless taken him because he something in itself has what I like, now

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