• Dog growls when he is asleep 05-30

    Hello, we have the problem that growls our dog, the teeth bares and wants herschnappen when. touched when she is sleeping or when they where located and we touch it And NO, there is no shortage of education because it is the most angelic fall and whe

    Tags: teeth, Husky, growling, fletschen dog
  • Dog before running feed? 05-14

    --answer-- the dog comes js originally from the wolf. These have to hunt to feed, and when their hunger is satisfied, they lie down and resting. Holding it with your dog as well ... first go for a walk and feed nacher so he can digest at rest, and ca

    Tags: Dog, Husky
  • Husky and small dog? 04-22

    Hello, I have a question. One hears from many quarters, that you should not hold individually a Husky, and should take a second to Husky. Is it enough, if you hold the Husky with a small dog (Havanese)? Lg --answer-- what do you want with NEM Husky?

    Tags: Dog, Husky, Havanese, second dog, Husky + second dog
  • Jogging with young dog 03-31

    Hi, I have a husky dog ​​who is now 6 months. I want to go in summer jogging or cycling, that is, they would be in the summer in July 9 months, and in October 10 months in Septemper 11 months and on 9 October it will be a year. Do you think I can bec

    Tags: Dog, jogging, Husky
  • I Love Huskies but a problem 09-26

    As already mentioned above, I love huskies over all that but it is not lawful for me my mother one. to buy Husky (Huskies are dogs) you we do not have a garden, and I would not managed it but I told her that I'm doing anything really all I allesssss

    Tags: parents, Husky, dog request
  • Is my dog ​​shy? 08-07

    Whenever I have more than 3 guests or people get past the my dog ​​does not know is my dog ​​either always outside in the garden hides in another room or getting chills me and welcome does my dog ​​only by anschnuppert it short and wars. otherwise he

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Husky, cow, alaskan-malamute, dog + shy
  • Can I wean my dog ​​to howl while I sing? 08-07

    I have a Alaskan malamute and mostly when I high things (sing otherwise low) or when higher notes are in the song, for example as in chandelier howls my dog ​​sometimes at deeper songs I've mitzuheulen weaned him. can it actually pretty good what he

    Tags: Husky, howl, Dog sing, howl + sing alaskan-malamute
  • Husky dog ​​looking for a name :) 12-02

    How could you call a brown Husky? The Husky is a brown male :) Ps: It should be a name that matches a Husky, so please nothing ordinary as Bello :) --answer-- How about Sparky, Casper, Sky, Diomdo (do not know if that is so written, but is African an

    Tags: Dog, puppy, Husky, Husky puppies +
  • determine what breed of dog 11-29

    Thank ersmal for your answers in the cat question (see my profile / questions I'm now down to business: I wanted to like a dog (although I like cats) since I was a kid but it's a little too late with 33 years one to Own but do not know if I should on

    Tags: Dog, Husky
  • Husky as a first dog? Search your help and opinion! 07-30

    I want my dream fulfilled by a husky (siberian). But for that I would like to ask your opinion about your, first thing to me. I am 15 years old and always wanted beautiful a husky. I know the husky not be suitable as a first dog, but I'm very ambitio

    Tags: Husky, dog ownership
  • Husky puppies memory? 02-24

    I have a husky puppy (8 weeks) from the penitentiary get bzw.abgeholt for me to watch a week later because the actual owner is on vacation and could not pick up. My problem is this I have now so close in heart, have played hours with her daily every

    Tags: Husky
  • Husky Yes / No? 02-21

    I am very interested in the Husky but he needs to do a lot of employment. I Plane zuzulegen in about half a year and a dog as huskies are my absolute favorites among the dogs would be nice it would suit me and my current situation. I read the huskies

    Tags: Dog, Husky
  • Does everyone Husky a hunting instinct? 02-10

    Hello, everyone has a strong hunting instinct Husky? We had bought one, which unfortunately hunted our budgies and he could not be carried out without a leash, because otherwise he would find an animal and that would hunt until he gets it and the bre

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Husky, Hunting, dog Husky +
  • hotter what do ?! 01-26

    Hey, I have this evening absolutely can talk, I can only what I can flüsstern tuhen? --answer-- Then you have a Stimmbandkatarrh. Not whisper that makes it worse, because whispering the vocal cords strained more than soft talking. It's best to speak

    Tags: family, Husky
  • How much is a Husky 12-29

    I want a husky but I do not know how much of a cost --answer-- Pick NEN good breeder and get in touch with the people on. They can tell you that. but have to expect 1000 € upwards. Is ne larger breed and breeders who pay attention to good health, who

    Tags: costs, Husky
  • Nindendogs DS game, when can you get a Husky? 12-24

    Hello, as above shows the question already, I ask here when you can buy Nindendogs the Husky. I'm a total Husky lovers and want to know what we need to have done everything the game until you can get a Husky. Thanks in advance ^^ LG Rikozu --answer--

    Tags: Nintendo DS, Husky, Nintendogs
  • Is that enough to have a Husky? 12-20

    I have every day (Monday-Friday) from 7:30 am to 14am in school. I already Erfarhung with dogs. I want 2 times a day with him on the day to run 10km (afternoon and evening). Is that enough? I could even go 5km in the morning ... I would like to like

    Tags: Dog, Husky
  • 125cc motorcycle proposals 12-07

    Please suggestions of good 125cc bikes: D I have since seen the idea ne Husqvarna Wr 125 :-) --answer-- Husqvarna Wr 125 did not work. This is a pure racing machine you can not drive on the road. moreover, it is still a pretty bad racing device (all

    Tags: Motorcycle, Husqvarna, Husky, Husky + husqvarna
  • Can hold a Husky I under these circumstances and how I can convince my parents? 12-06

    Only once Hello. I wish for several years a Husky. First of all: Yes, I am aware that they need a lot of exercise and space. Therefore, I once my living relationship. For perhaps the one of you have a Husky and could you tell me if that's enough. So

    Tags: Dog, puppy, Husky, go walkies, dog ownership persuade, persuading + puppies
  • Husky understanding in general with cats? 11-24

    --answer-- there are dogs that can have a strong hunting drive. you should know that. huskys are also animals every day want to run a few hours. and I do not mean go but race. and after employment for the head. just so nebenherlaufen in everyday life

    Tags: Animals, Cats, Pets, Dog, dog + cat, Husky



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