• Bender touched after 3 weeks and 2 days back slowly making sport that's ok? 03-17

    Have 3 weeks and 2 days before my Bender had touched now a bandage for sports and wanted to ask if it's okay if I now again quiet commencement Football Games? And it is after 3 weeks completely cured? --answer-- Pick sports where the foot is not full

    Tags: Health, Sports, injury, sports injury, torn ligaments
  • Collision between legs! 03-01

    Is something embarrassing while but am only recently, as I was about to go out of the shower slipped and fell right between the legs on the edge of the bathtub. The impact was just below the testicles. but I still had a lot of pain and sat back in th

    Tags: Pain, injury
  • touched Injury Length outer band? 02-22

    I got me on Saturday when play basketball right ankle outer band touched because I am bent over. The doctor thinks I can do sport again until 6 weeks! I can stand at present hardly occur only in the foot is loaded. I get a collar and stability nor st

    Tags: Doctor, injury, medical, doctor + injury, outer wall
  • fingernail help ...? 01-31

    how long it takes until a bruise under the nail is gone? --answer-- I do not know but I have heard that the nail a week to grow a mm. So fingernails. Perhaps the bruise is growing out then yes. For me it was so ... My sister has been for 10 years a b

    Tags: injury, finger
  • Dog has scalded 12-16

    Hello, I've just something terrible happened: I wanted to make a cup of tea and as I have taken down the pot I tripped over a ball of our puppies (dachshund). I'm like, the water rumgespritzt everywhere and the dog got something on his head. I immedi

    Tags: Dog, injury
  • dog probably injured his hip, vet ?! 11-14

    Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with h

    Tags: Animals, Pets, Dog, injury, pets + dog
  • Dog limps sometimes 10-26

    My dog ​​started last night to limp. He kept his face always go up in and sit. We have the paw looked at directly and scanned carefully and moved. That seemed Milow but no matter sein..als he would thereby no pain. This morning the whole improved som

    Tags: Animals, Dog, injury, vet, dog + injury
  • Comical soft part of the body on the belly of the cat? Heart? :( 08-16

    Mir has recently noticed that when you pet my cat on the abdomen, so you can feel a soft part of the body. In my other cat that is not so. It is under the left paw. So where in people's heart is. I know this is not normal is that the body part out ex

    Tags: body, injury, heart, cat, body parts, cat + injury
  • How long does the healing it? 08-07

    Hey :) I scratched myself accidentally at night next to the nose and there abgescharpt skin. I wanted to ask how long it takes until it is healed and whether zinc ointment or antiseptic + burn ointment is better? I hope you answer! Thanks :) PS .: in

    Tags: Nose, injury, healing salve, healing + nose
  • We long I have to do sports break? 06-12

    Hello :) I am 16 years old and play intensively and for my life like football. We had training on Friday and Saturday and Sunday an indoor tournament and I've caught a groin strain, now I get morethan ultrasound and must again in a week to the doctor

    Tags: Sports, football, injury, Football + injury
  • Dog has been injured paw 05-02

    Shall we order to the vet or anything else and now engaged merely not immediately (in advance at an earlier question happened.)? I hope you can recognize it, if not then I can still take a picture. FYI is a Jack Russel. Thank Lws11 --answer-- So I re

    Tags: Animals, Dog, injury, vet, dog + injury
  • Shoulder and arm hurt 04-24

    Have volleyball workout on Monday had. Wanted on a ball hit only once cracking my shoulder and I ache just have two more balls played it no longer was. Have then cooled executed directs ind and kept quiet. On Tuesday morning, I could barely move my a

    Tags: Doctor, injury
  • Permanent subliminal lower back pain 03-29

    Hi, I have lower back for about 4 weeks (lower back) pain. Where exactly: When I'm on my tailbone, then ~ 8cm spine go up and then ausschwärme left and right. The pain is not superficial, special I realize that is a little deeper in the body there. C

    Tags: Sports, injury, ill, Back, doctor + sick, back pain, Physician
  • Help with itchy hands! 02-25

    Hi dear people !! I need your help please dringgend! I can not find anything on the internet .. I on Saturday (was drunk) done a nail polish on the skin a rather large spot and the. At hand I've just because I was so drunk the not settled and it left

    Tags: injury, medical, medicine + injury
  • incurred dog in pet store dog from the owner 01-27

    Hello, the following is the story: I was a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and my dog ​​in a pet store, because we wanted to buy something for our aquarium. When we entered the shop was a lady phoning behind the counter and a West Highland Terrier ca

    Tags: Animals, Dog, law, injury, dog + Animals, bite, vet, attack, denial, pet store, Ordnungsamt attacks
  • the eye get paw of dog pain what to do? 11-16

    Hey! I have the paw of my dog ​​get on the eye, reflexively shut immediately, but still a bit sore now tuts above the eyelid ... I see still the same as before, but pressed stop bit, I should view the blank from the doctor or simply wait that has Goo

    Tags: Dog, Eyes, injury, Ophthalmologist, paw, eye injury +
  • Finger injury? Keratinization? 10-23

    Hello my dears. A while ago I injured my nail bed. Nervousness, turn rumgefummelt, zack, bloody up the rear, one knows. This is then healed again, but I have even now, months later, a kind of keratinization or something. At first I thought that would

    Tags: Doctor, injury, medical, finger injury doctor +
  • Would need help because. My dog! 03-02

    Hi hope you can help me and that it comes to my dog ​​I was with him today outside and when I came in again I bloodstains seen on the ground have Dan looked and found nothing Dan I saw that bleeds his left hind paw and got Dan also seen that he has t

    Tags: Dog, injury
  • Almost blind dog - what to consider? 01-19

    Hello! I myself have been now about 20 years in the dog house. Currently I have a German shepherd. I often go to the shelter and bring food donations and go for a walk there with other dogs. You have new dogs from Italy and there is a very young Mini

    Tags: Dog, Eyes, injury, blind, dog keeping, eye injury + vision
  • mysterious, out-of-nothing coming scratch! 10-08

    Hi. is as above, I suddenly get a scratch. I sat in bed. was handy. all the time .. so 20 min. suddenly burning my hand. I looked at my hand. I saw a scratch. he was 2 cm. He came out of nowhere. just because. how can that be? I really have not done

    Tags: injury, scratch, illness, scratch + injury



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