• help I think I'm a gollum 10-08

    hello dear com. am 12 years old and in august I will 13 am but think since I'm 8 1.52 tall and I did not grow :( my mother is quite small but my real father was very big and I can see the whole face and muscles and everything like my father I always

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  • Am I too small for my age? (With poll) 06-23

    Hello :) I have a question: I am 10 (going in July 11) and am just 1.52 m. Am I too small? :(): --answer-- Hello Anna - fits. I wish you a relaxing, happy and good Easter. Pleasant Holidays. One can not say that, you start you only just developing ..

    Tags: size, large, small, large small
  • am too big :( grows to much? 02-05

    I'm so great'm 1,70cm and 16 female, I always feel so great to Grow 16.5 yet? --answer-- Hello! Usually not much. With 20 or 21, the growth plates (epiphyses) ossify final. In recent years, before growth spurts are rare and usually less. And girls ar

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  • Case-sensitive, it's true? 12-17

    Hi Community, wanted to ask you what is geschreiben big or small of these words, whether it is so written correctly, because I have not found my Duden. ...Practical work... ... Cutting ... ...scientific work... ... Voluntary service .. ... The direct

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  • Am I too large? Can I do about anything? 03-11

    Hey guys, I'm 12 years old and am 1.80 United oO I mean seriously! If no troll or so but I'm serious! I also have shoe size 46! Bin male! I will now be no 2:20! Can I do something? --answer-- Hello Noah! If there is a problem - talk to the doctor. Fo

    Tags: Help, size, large, Puberty, 12 years, 12 years old, size + size
  • I have a normal size? Yes or no 02-26

    Hi I have a question I'm too big for my age, I am 10 years old (soon in June 11) and am 1.49m tall this is normal If not how can I get smaller if so then that's ok LG --answer-- Yes you are a normal size, I am 12 years old and am 1,59m tall so do not

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  • Botox in lips? 02-20

    Hay people, what do you think that you can inject the lips? --answer-- Quite a nonsense. First, it is expensive, secondly, it does not last and third, Botox is a neurotoxin and harmful to the body if you apply it often. You get to the duration of a m

    Tags: large, Lip, beautiful, Botox, large + beautiful
  • How can smaller a shell? 01-26

    Is too large, but wants to keep haha --answer-- Or even a way to really spend money and can make a one of a tailor's. And now comes the big question is how expensive the part was at all and well worth the then still exist? With luck: wash too hot do

    Tags: clothing, large, Schneider
  • 1.66 too big / small? 01-14

    I am 1.66 and wanted to know if that is large or small? --answer-- Age and weight? assuming that you grow ... many men prefer even when the female is slightly smaller ... and the woman can enjoy wearing the shoes of your choice, with no thoughts abou

    Tags: size, large, small, large small
  • Too small, 18, Growth Hormone / syringe? 01-13

    Hello I am 18 years old going 19 male and 162-164 big, my family are all great as I also my friends, my cousins ​​3 years younger than me are 1 foot taller, my doctor said it can grow to 21 and now only 2 cm, of course I'm very happy about every sing

    Tags: growth, large, small, syringe, large small, Growth Hormone, wachstumshormone
  • What is right in this case? 01-05

    If we write: the Deal with your switchboard and supervise the telephone? So take care in this case, large or small? Thank you ;) --answer-- It is a nominalisiertes verb (because of the "the"). So great. Hello! "Care" is very important

    Tags: large, small, grammar, supervisor, big + small
  • Hey how can I grow? 12-31

    Hi, I have since mal ne ask undzwar I feel small (1.58 14y.o.) because my friends are all already 1.65. My thighs are slightly thick but if I would grow if they were not so thick. How can I grow ?? I would like to have much greater because I jzt for

    Tags: Sport, size, growth, large, small, size + small
  • How can you enlarge an image? 12-30

    Will enlarge an image on the desktop --answer-- You mean as a desktop background or what? Just go to the control panel and then to the desktop display. There you will find then several options for stretching, pressing - in general to adjust images to

    Tags: large, pictures
  • grown with 15 12-21

    Hello! I wanted to ask whether it may be that I am already grown by 15? I'm 1.58 cm tall for more than a year. I would not mind a little more to grow. But can there be that is this size? Or I can even grow when I became very long not bigger? thank yo

    Tags: large, small, fully grown
  • From what one hears actually to grow ...? 12-18

    From how many years it stops growing or is that different? --answer-- Hello! That's different. The growth never happens continuously and smoothly but is always done in more or less severe relapses. When these growth spurts take place and how fiercely

    Tags: Age, large, small, growing, growth spurts, small + grow, growth joints
  • darken window Large Round 12-15

    Hello everybody :) I would like is already above darken my living room, unfavorably, it is not easy to design something at the window. The radius is 2.45 meters! the wall is on the inner side from the bottom upwards in the approximately 30 ° angle in

    Tags: Window, large, round, darken, large + round
  • Activity long hair big? 12-02

    Hi, I am 12 years old and already 1.77 large. My hair go me currently to the shoulder and I will let them grow. My mother says but with long hair I act only bigger. but I know net if I can believe it, because it is generally opposed to long hair. Can

    Tags: large, long hair
  • Can clothes 'stretch back'? 12-02

    I stayed with my girlfriend and had thereby no drums. So I've just started my Jumpsuit: D In the morning it was somehow too big and wobbles now fully rum: / is also still can :( my Lieblingsjumpsuit you somehow again make normal? --answer-- The autom

    Tags: clothing, large
  • Online Shop with body-hugging fashion Wanted! 12-01

    Hi Guys, Have the problem that I'm tall 1.96 and no Tshirts find the rest myself on the body because they look like so bags.! However, there is the possibility if I figure-hugging fashion and they buy in xm that they fit on the length. Something I fi

    Tags: large, Tshirt, Eng., Slim Fit
  • New housing or not 11-26

    Hello, I have a question. I buy a new graphics card :) I know my place in the housing is not enough: / It lacks but about 1-2 cm space: / (30.5 cm) So my question is whether I there something can cut away (see picture). Personally I think not, since

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