• Dog has panic on Silvester 07-28

    My dog ​​has very great panic when starts the pounding at New Year. It makes the apartment, breaking trembles hächelt and just want to arm. I have some fear they will Fainting me. Now my vet gave a paste which she is going to sleep well. But I am sti

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  • Dog on strikes 03-11

    The dog should guard the house and yard. If you say, "he suggests," what does that mean concretely dannn if burglars were at the house? Barking or? Should we then let him out to chase away the intruder? --answer-- If a dog strikes then he barks.

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  • 35kw remove motorcycle throttle, itself possible or not? 03-07

    Hi, I have a Kawasaki Er6n 2009 Bj. And so I jetz a 35 kW reactor in it, I want this but next season again remove because I no longer have to drive throttled. now my question I must then again to typify or reichts when I rausbaue themselves and the a

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  • Dog gift for Christmas 03-03

    What do you give a dog for Christmas ,? one pays anything at all? # And if so, what. ? --answer-- I honestly would on principle give nothing, also because I though animals like very much, but I am against a humanization of animals - especially dogs t

    Tags: Leisure, Gift, Pets, Christmas, Dog, Gift + dog
  • Costume for the dog 01-20

    I want my dog ​​(Bichon Maltais) buy a costume. And there are those costumes that the dog wearing only the head and front legs and when the dog is running then it looks as was the costume leben (white otherwise not know how to explain it: p). Do not

    Tags: Leisure, Animals, Pets, Dog, clothes, dog + Animals pet clothing
  • Änliche animes like Busou shinki 01-07

    Seeking an anime is as Busou shinki. One where so little people. Whether human or robot but so small mänschen were already good. --answer-- sora no otoshimono

    Tags: Leisure, Anime, robots, robot anime
  • Guinea pigs hilfee! 12-07

    We have a farm and meet many tiere.Es be constantly guinea babies born and the problem is that I can not take care of me or not ... it is understood nähmlich so that my parents separated and I just in a month I can bin.da 12 times with my dad me just

    Tags: Leisure, Animals, Guinea pigs, Farm, guinea pigs + animals
  • From VRR to VRS? 12-04

    Hello. :) Undzwar, I have a SchokoTicket and needs from Gelsenkirchen to Linz drive and after a few days of Hennef to Gelsenkirchen because ch sleep with someone. Do I have to buy a supplementary ticket Gelsenkirche churches to Linz? We much does it

    Tags: Leisure, Cologne, VRR, chocolate ticket, vrs, railway, additional ticket, Gelsenkirchen, web + Cologne
  • blocks running with ball 11-18

    Hello softair fans Today I wanted with my desert eagle (battery) rumba preparers to a ball (6mm BB) has blocked the barrel I do not get out What can I do ? Thank you in advance ! --answer-- So here is already described, however, I would recommend you

    Tags: Leisure, Airsoft, Airsoft Airsoft +, ball, desert eagle
  • How does a dog on Blinkis? 10-21

    In the darkness one should take Blinkis when walking the dog, so that drivers can see one, there are some who flashing back and forth in shrill colors. Can a dog tolerated when a Blinki is secured on a leash? --answer-- This could also irritate or ev

    Tags: Leisure, boredom
  • Beautiful twin boy and girl names? 10-01

    I'm looking for beautiful girls and young double names --answer-- Here some nice double name: Eleonora Yasmin, Xenia Noel, .. boy "; Elias Jaden, Luca Rafaelle, Mike Damian .. How about Mayan Sarai? Perhaps even spelled differently. Or Tim-Niklas or

    Tags: Leisure, Name, Baby names, name search, name + Name Search
  • Fifa15 ps3 emotions 09-27

    I cry then a little bit rum. How can you advertise for a product which is all new with emotions and thus, also for PS3 see youtube trailer Fifa15 PS3 and that game you can buy just simply because the realism Engine finally what is good and then notes

    Tags: Games, Leisure, Games + Games, Trailer
  • The crew or Forza Horizon 2? xbox one, with GROUNDS! 09-26

    --answer-- If you all America Map of The Crew is important then I would take The Crew. But if you want Realistic gameplay and seeeehr many cars, then take Horizon. 2 Mfg blablaxp Horizon will have more licensed cars and a more realistic gameplay. For

    Tags: Games, Leisure, Games + Games, xbox, crew
  • PS4 and parents 09-23

    Hey guys, I've got a question I currently have the ps3 and many games .... but I want to upgrade to the ps4 because they simply Geiler is ... I once recalculated and although I would only around 90 euros for ps4 + gtaV (€ 399) paid I would still make

    Tags: Games, Technology, Leisure, Games + Games, PS4
  • instagram account was gesperrt..wegen app? instalike / get likes 09-14

    Hii So I have a problem ... I have an app tried to say get the likes you have to register with the insta account and since you have pictures liken to likes to get ... and apparently I was too fast and now my the I had the app abused and have men acco

    Tags: Leisure, instagram
  • Search background music from Ali Tells 09-12

    Seeking the music from the video. The music is short but I hope someone can help me. I thank you already times in advance Link to the video: https: //www.youtube.com/watch v = N1N7DMcA4mM & list = UUfeNmPbGRF6dkPt04HIl25A & am ...? The music runs

    Tags: Music, Leisure, Youtube, Leisure + Youtube
  • Things you have to do once in a lifetime 08-28

    Hello, what are things for you that you should have done it once in your life? Can you give me mention here some stuff ?! --answer-- I've made as a target, as long as it goes to work and before I die to have seen almost the whole world and made an AI

    Tags: Leisure, life, Hobby, Hobby + Life
  • Tomörchen the dog! 08-24

    Hi I have a bitch she has many tomörchen In the belly. I is 10 years old, the vet said Man you need twice the belly cut open but the risk is that they the two interventions on grounds of age could not survive .. I need urgent help there other ways to

    Tags: Leisure, boredom
  • Dog tricks :) :) :) 08-24

    Hello :) I have a 6 year old very sporting golden retriver. He may very many tricks and agility. I would like more in bringing him because it makes him much more fun to learn something new but it occurs to me nothing more. Vlt someone has an idea tha

    Tags: Leisure, Sport, Dog, Tricks, fun, dog + Sport
  • I can prove it? 03-16

    Good morning .. and although I have a problem my friend he thinks would be a small Pe nis and therefore takes me always befriedi with a di ldo gen. Just like it better when he sleeps with me. I have so often spoken to him about it but he said repeate

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