• I am soo dangerous and evil! Hilfee 10-01

    Hey people! So, I am 16 and have a 'problem' namely; who someone is very sad or wircklich finds no way I am for those there, even sometimes for my 'enemies'! I say to those 'I'm here, you're not alone, we can! You are worth it, we come do it together

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  • Is it a number? And if so, what? - BXXMVX 09-19

    BXXMVX --answer-- With a little imagination one could interpret into in BXX "Between Ty". (Be twenty also would or Be to Ex.) There are in the network is also a well-tolerable prominent "Tim Wigs". " "Between TimWigs" wo

    Tags: life, Math, School, Latin, General knowledge, Life + Math
  • How do you estimate a behavior? : D 09-15

    So ... I sometimes seem to myself as if I were a little weird in the presence of other people. : D Sometimes I do not know how I should act in a large crowd. And otherwise I'm funny sometimes. When I sit on the train, then I remember something funny

    Tags: life, Love, School, girls, friendship, social, love + girl
  • Problem with myself! What to do? 09-01

    Hey guys, I have a little problem lately I have a strange feeling as if something is going to happen in inner I tell myself hey others your life I add me often wonder what am I doing here? I am somehow become different, you know what this could be? W

    Tags: life, feeling
  • What still remains to me the money? 08-12

    Hello first, I'm now almost 16 Years Old / young and zusteure for professional life, I ask myself again and again the question what is left at an annual salary of around € 40,000 after the deduction of taxes, food and a car. In addition, I would like

    Tags: work, life, career, job, Money, taxes, Content, work + professional, income
  • find joy in life again 07-26

    Good day, a good friend of mine has recently turned to me. He told me about it that he has pretty much alone and is undglücklich and changed quite a bit. He was pretty bored easily and quickly aggressively. He described to me that he has indeed quite

    Tags: Relationship, life, Friends, LUCK, joy, friends + Life
  • Dog dog NOT buy? 07-23

    Hello, we have a beautiful dog dogs seen, who came from the standard French relief for dogs and was formerly bound in Greece on olive trees and thus should scare the sheep, no idea why they do this stupid, he is castrated vaccinated, chipped. Could s

    Tags: life, Animals, Dog, emergency, creatures, dog + Life
  • why are many parents not honest with their children? 07-22

    Hallo.Ich always notice that there are parents that their children not the truth sagen.zb if I understand what my child is wearing and there is zero him, I tell him but my he meinung.bevor is ridiculed by others or? of other or bullied. that's part o

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  • How do life exciting? : / 07-06

    Hello my dears! First in advance my life is beautiful and it has not given me the full broadside, so stupid reply can you dankee you spareen: * So my life is beautiful in the normal sense, I am 12 a half, have a sister, am a girl who had a best frien

    Tags: life, boredom
  • What we all live? Because God ödet what's the point? 07-05

    What we actually live all? All living things all there is? Some say God is the reason why we live we should serve him, and later when you have done it rewarded with Paradise The other say there is something not you have your life life, waiting else r

    Tags: life, god
  • is because thc srsly indoors? 06-23 can that be real or it is just a hoax --answer-- Zamnesia is fairly safe side ... everything is there is mostly true;) Have there have often shopped ... But I would remain in the good old joint

    Tags: life, drugs
  • Idea that could change the life? 06-13

    Hi folks, I recently had an idea .... And a Schnitzel in donut shape ... Sounds Lesch Erlich but what do you think? Please now knalllt me ​​no insults at ;-). LG Nils --answer-- Sounds really cool and funny, but if that was really a big seller, you c

    Tags: life, eat, change, life change +
  • Who can keep the dog ?! 05-28

    The dog of my friend got a puppy. With a well-known the mother of my friend the friend was discussed that the dog would come to him. The father of the puppies is the dog from the aunt of the famous. The puppy is now 3 months old the puppy should actu

    Tags: life, Things, Animals, Dog, law, Lawyer, Advertisement, Home, trade, keep, dog + Animals
  • cancel a job interview, can only after the Easter holidays 05-08

    How can I formulate best? : / --answer-- Hello Sehers18, if you had already agreed to the appointment, you can only move when something really important and Unverschiebbares has come between him now. If not, just call and ask for shift. Be prepared t

    Tags: work, life, interview, live + interview
  • Why are those who are dishonest and act, always better !? 04-12

    Hello :) I would not complain or now so, but I noticed that somehow always the people with the biggest mouth, those who are most dishonest and those who can best act, are those that the "cup" of carry. Actually, the life seems to be just a game,

    Tags: life, success, honesty, Sparkle
  • Hopelessly can one help me 04-10

    I was supposed to be mature for my age, unfortunately I can not. Family, job, apartment, Friends Not once I get to the number. It is now come so far that I have lost my job so I just sit around at home and life rushes past me. I'll no longer cope, I

    Tags: life, cry for help
  • Altis life map wanted 02-27

    Hey dear community, I have a Bugg with my profile. Therefore, I can not edit the map. I would be glad if someone sends me a page. Lg pt2301 --answer-- Then fix your bug or install the game again - the Altis live map there are not individually ...

    Tags: Server, life, map, Altis, life map
  • What is life after cancer treatment? 11-19

    Will life ever be the same? Will the body can fully regenerate or you have to after that drugs etc take? Will life be normal again sometime? --answer-- It depends on the cancer and its stage in which it is treated. Directly after chemotherapy, many p

    Tags: life, cancer, Disease, chemo, cancer + Life
  • Neighbor's dog has jumped me and made my pants NEW broken! 10-27

    Hello, I wanted to just go flat out and got on the elevator waiting in my house when suddenly a neighbor with his little dog came out from the lift and the dog with suddenly leapt. I've since really full fear get in front of this little dog. Now I've

    Tags: life, Dog, clothes, new, pants, broke, attack, neighbor, clothes + Life
  • Have a question about my dog 10-27

    My dog ​​is dead what should I do best now? --answer-- I am very sorry about that. I know unfortunately how bad it is. My dog ​​died in mid-December. What do you mean by your question? shalt What do you make yourself, as you grieve or if you bury or

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